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This article is about the Jedi power. You may be looking for the existence-form.

Ghosting was a special Jedi power that very few individuals had been able to master. Its first known user was the redeemed Revan.

When a Jedi or Sith ghosted, they were able to move themselves and other objects—should they want to—from one place to another. The more familiar one was with one specific area, the better the effect and the timing was lessened.

Nathaniel Kenobi was able to accomplish this feat, when he and Jedi younglings, Ada Fey'lya and Udo Rand were escaping the Raid on the Jedi Temple and when he was trying to transport developing clones to Acclamator-class warships above the planet Kamino. His wife, Abigaile Jade Kenobi, and his daughter, Abigail Kenobi, were not able to produce this technique, but his grandson, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo was able to. He taught his Trandoshan apprentice, Zossk Sadeet, how to do it. Darth Talok, the Sith Lord, was also able to do it, though he never called it that.

The ability to ghost is a trait that has been passed along to every member of the Kenobi Solo family, with one exception, but that was because Imbel Kenobi Solo was not Force-sensitive.

Behind the scenesEdit

NKSCF originally planned for this to explain how Revan and his party were able to get back to the Ebon Hawk, without actually being near it in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (It's in the map part of the menu, but it's not called a Force power.)

There is a similar Force power called Force Travel, but NKSCF did not realize it until after he created the article.


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