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The Gethsemani are near-humans race native to the planet Gethsemane. A non-spacefaring race, they have lived for millennia on their planet in a constant state of civil war between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.


Gethsemani were exceptionally long lived. One Gethsemani year is equal to 14 standard years. Gethsemani aged at a progressively slower rate over time, generally aging as normal until they reach the age of enlightenment (~1 Gethsemani Year or 14 standard years). At that point their aging drastically retarded. Gestation lasted for approximately .1 Gethsemani years (1.4 standard years). The average Gethsemani lived to approximately 90 years old (1260 standard years), though many died before their 3rd birthday (42 standard years) due to the ongoing conflict. Elders in the Gethsemani have lived to over 200 years old (2800-3000 standard years).

Due to the nature of their young, attacking a pre-enlightened citizen is strictly forbidden. Children and childbearing mothers were kept in protected areas that were neutral to the war.


Gethsemani were physically identical to humans, though the average size is above average. Most enlightened males stood at over 190 cm. Females were approximately 5-10% smaller. Gethsemani were of particularly high bone and muscle density. The average 190 cm male weighed between 120 and 150 kg. While maintaining the appearance of an average fit person, they weighed considerably more. A larger, muscular warrior could weigh in excess of 200 kg.

Their skin was particularly robust and could withstand most types of laceration and puncture from all but the sharpest instruments. It had been said that even a lightsaber doesn't quite cleave through a Gethsemani as quickly as you'd expect. In one documented instance, a Sith Apprentice attempted to attack Chapel Rooker with his lightsaber by slashing at his midsection. The weapon struck with force, but slowed to a halt after going into his side approximately 2-3". The Sith was so surprised by this that he failed to see the mass driver Rooker was leveling at his mouth. Rooker was quoted "You should have seen the look on his face before I blew it off." Rooked described the laceration as "that f***ing hurt" but relieved that the lightsaber had cauterized the wound.


Gethsemani were a war focused culture. Though the war was fought with the utmost respect for the planet and the opposing forces. Rules of war were followed as if they were religion. Non-combatants generally lived in shelter towns to protect the women, children and family. New fathers generally spent half a Gethsemani year with their new children, teaching them all they need to know before returning to battle. The culture was split between the Northern Sword and the Southern Shield. Both cultures were heavily clan based and fiercely loyal to their faction.


While they are non-spacefaring, they had been known to conduct business with spacefaring races. Small numbers of Gethsemani had left the planet either by purchasing a ship, slave trade or hijacking of trade vessels.

Prior to 0 ABY, Gethsemani relied on blunt and mass driver weapons. Laser technology was in its infancy and generally added to blunt weapons as a 'hot edge'. Transportation consisted of wheeled and tracked land vehicles and jet powered air and sea vehicles.

Communication technology was far behind. Wireless communication from one part of the world to the other did not exist and news only spread through word of mouth and propaganda leaflets dropped from the air.

As of 8 ABY, the Gethsemani were working with the New Republic to expand their technology. They had installed a global spaceport in Golgotha.

Behind the scenesEdit

Characters and world originally written by Chapel of the Last StarFighters League (LSF) from 1994-2001. The stories have been modified to fit within the canon universe and remove much of the detailed story lines originally used.

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