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I'm making people killed because they bring me profit. You make them killed for not paying you anything.
—Gedha the Hutt to Jabba the Hutt

Gedha the Hutt was an influential Hutt on Dalnatos.


Early lifeEdit

Gedha was born 86 BBY into a family with relations to the Desilijic family, the family Jabba the Hutt belonged to. His father always wanted him to be a typical Hutt, controlling others to gain profit. Gedha has a "fast yet actionless" childhood, the way he put in, during which he learnt from his father on Dalnatos. He visited many Dalnatosian finals in the arena, observing how things work on his homeland.

By 30 BBY, Gedha became ambitious to take control of the championships, often disobeying his father's orders and not heeding any of this advice. The young Gedha started wandering the galaxy to gain experience business. He worked under Jabba the Hutt, thankfully to his relations with him and his minions. He received melee combat training by one of Jabba's henchmen, the professional Weequay Zah-kun. By 27 BBY Gedha became a good duelist himself. He occassionally returned to Dalnatos during these three years and observed the championships every year. He learned from the mistakes the competitors made which he used against Zah-kun.

Three months after the championships in 26 BBY ended, Gedha started training to partcipate in the championship of 25 BBY as a combatant. He intensified his training by returning to Tatooine and continued to training with Jabba's henchmen. He often received missions from Jabba the Hutt himself to hunt down and eliminate his debtors. During these assignments, he tended to realize that his mastership of melee weapons is inferior to advanced blaster technology, during one such assignment he was shot. The Hutt survived but left wounded long enough that he could not fight in the championship of 25 BBY.

In 24 BBY he once again returned home and assisted his family. He worked as a scout to find new candidates for the Dalnatosian championship. He tested some in a duel with himself. Those who could beat him were taken to the arena and offered entry to the impending tournament. Zah-kun started to envy the mobility of Gedha's life and their friendship broke down. Zah-kun wanted to prove to himself that he was still a better combatant than the now-adult Hutt. He volunteered on more dangerous assignments than before, he return from all of them unwounded. Using the credits he gained under Jabba the Hutt, he moved to Dalnatos to challenge his former friend.

In the championships of 23 BBY, Gedha and the Weequay both entered the tournament. The duel between them never happened as Zah-kun was killed by a Nautolan, Tid Neame, in the fourth round. Gedha and this Nautolan duelled in the next round and the Hutt was defeated. Tid Neame was afraid to finish off the Hutt as he knew he was. Neame dropped both his gaffi sticks and left the arena, leaving the injured Hutt in the middle of the arena. Gedha was spared because of his heritage. The champion of this and three successive years (23 BBY - 19 BBY was Tid Neame.

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