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Fentek was a wise man, yet also very foolish. Wise because he saw beyond the one-dimensional perceptions of the Force, and foolish because he believed that his lower status in society made him untouchable. Whilst he taught me much when I studied under him, he was too caught up in the bloodbaths of battle to learn that the final blow that would finish him would be delivered by his own apprentice.
Har'esh Volen commenting on his former master

Garnal Fentek was a male Sith Lord who lived during the time of the original Sith Empire. A maverick amongst his kind, Garnal firmly believed in the more mystic natures of the Force. Though an incredibly fierce warrior, Fentek was also a very deep philosopher, whose ideals and teachings would be reflected in his apprentice, the infamous Har'esh Volen. After teaching Volen for many years, Fentek was murdered by his apprentice when he declared his training complete.


Fentek was born at least a century before the Great Hyperspace War, and after his Force-sensitivity was discovered, he eventually became a Sith Lord, ruling over a number of small settlements on Korriban. However, his ascension through Sith society was hindered by his somewhat controversial theories and ideals, and as such, his overall power was relatively minor compared to many other Sith Lords. However, he became a highly feared and respected force in the area he ruled, which he governed with an iron fist.

Eventually, several of the locals related an account of a young child using the Force to crush the body of a wild Tuk'ata. Intrigued by the power this boy allegedly possessed, Fentek eventually learned his name—Har'esh Volen—and sought out the child's family and took him away from them to train him. Taking him as his apprentice, Fentek began imprinting his personal viewpoints on the Force into Volen's mind, whilst shaping him into an exceptionally powerful individual.

When Volen began to surpass all expectations, Fentek decided to take his training further, and took the young apprentice with him on a journey around Sith Space. During one such trip, Fentek abandoned Volen on Malachor V for a month to test him. When he returned to find Volen alive, Fentek applauded his apprentice's strength. After many more years spent traveling, the two returned to Korriban to complete Volen's training. Realizing that his apprentice had the potential to gain the power he never could, Fentek began initializing the final stages to set Volen on the path to becoming a Sith Lord.

One of the final lessons he imparted to Volen was in regards to defeating an opponent by appealing to them as allies, then striking out at them when they least expected it. To this end, he used an exotic hunting bird he had collected during their travels as an example. As part of his final test, Fentek sent Volen to return to his original home to murder his abusive father. His aspiring pupil succeeded, and did the deed without hesitation.

When Volen returned, Fentek proudly declared him a Sith Lord. Feeling it would be better for his own personal development as a lord, Volen killed Fentek after his ascension. However, Volen purposely ensured his master’s death was quick and painless so as to express his gratitude for his efficient teaching.

Personality and traitsEdit

Fentek was a proud and aggressive individual, though one mired with an insight and cunning that was not expected for one so heavily devoted to battle and warfare. He personally believed in many of the most unorthodox theories on the Force, a fact that severely hindered his progression through his race’s culture. Because of this, he very rarely bothered engaging in the numerous power plays and political struggles that occurred throughout the Sith Empire.

Despite being more a warrior than a philosopher, Fentek himself was very intelligent and bore knowledge and ideals that could have made him a respected thinker. In the end, however, he was much more focused on strength through physical combat rather than manipulation, which occasionally put him at odds with his apprentice, Volen. Due to his more battle-orientated mind, Fentek had little to no interest in the social debates of his people.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Sith Lord, Fentek was an incredibly powerful individual who was skilled in many aspects of the dark side. He possessed an impressive degree of skill in the use of Force destruction.

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