I have finally broken your hold over me. No longer will your presence haunt me. No longer will I suffer at your hands. No longer ... no longer will I be your pawn in your mindless game against the Emperor.
—Galen Marek against Darth Vader

Galen Marek was a Human Male. He once was the apprentice of Darth Vader. Born on Kashyyyk as the son of Kento and Mallie Marek, he was a son of two Jedi. Having separated themselves from the Jedi Order during and before the Clone Wars, they lived in peace until Order 66 was enacted by Palpatine.

Having lived for the first nine years on Kashyyyk with his parents, Galen lived in absolute peace during a time where he learned to know a Wookie friend named Aackbarrah. His parents would often forbid him from playing with Aackbarrah as the Wookie came from a family that fought in the Clone Wars on the Confederacy's side. Galen was unaware of the tensions between the Republic and the Confederacy but nevertheless obeyed his parents' request.

When the Confederacy lost the war and news reached Kento Marek of the betrayal of the Clone troops against their Jedi Commanders, Kento Marek swore to never bring his family in danger. Especially his son might be a big danger to the Empire. Galen, at that moment unaware what his potential in the Force is, simply thought his parents would no longer be showing tricks to him. Much changed after the first battle of Kashyyyk would take place where his father was forced into protecting a Wookie family.

As the battle of Kashyyyk raged on Mallie Marek kept Galen safe and away from the danger, however when Darth Vader appeared personally to bring the end to the Marek family, she would stand together with her husband against Vader. Galen, being told to hide, had no idea what would be in store for him. Vader mercilessly slaughtered his parents and then found out about Galen Marek. Galen unknowingly used his Force Potential to disarm Vader, but when Stormtroopers arrived, Vader shielded Galen from their attacks and brought him with him on his personal dreadnought. The last Galen Marek saw of Kashyyyk was Aackbarrah who watched him go in the ship.

Years of training followed. Galen was put through the most unbearable circumstances, fighting against Simulation Droids that perfected their copies of ancient and former Jedi Masters and Sith Lords. Then after fifteen years of training, Vader finally deemed him ready for his first real test. A living Jedi Master, one that survived Order 66, General Rahm Kota. For this mission he was awarded with again a new pilot, the tenth of them all, Captain Juno Eclipse.

Travelling to their first mission objective, Galen Marek, who was code-named Starkiller, entered the space station, a TIE Production Facility, which was attacked by Kota's militia. Having orders to kill both Militia members and Imperial troops, to keep his identity a secret, Galen Marek fought a way through the Station and in the end stood against Rahm Kota. Defeating him after a short fight, in a moment of weakness (after Kota revealed he had seen himself in Starkiller's future), Galen Marek allowed Kota to drop through the glass and disappear into the orbit of Balmorra. Having fulfilled his mission objective he returns to Vader, where he learns of Kazdan Paratus, another Jedi Master.

He travelled on board the Rogue Shadow to Raxus Prime and while they travelled, Juno and Starkiller got more friendly. Entering Raxus Prime's atmosphere, Starkiller invaded the territory of the junk droids Kazdan controlled through the Force and even destroyed Rodian Smugglers. Finally approaching Paratus, it took Starkiller little effort to defeat and kill him. Returning to the Executor, Vader's flagship, he got his next mission, finding and destroying a true Jedi Council Master, Shaak Ti. Travelling to Felucia, Juno briefed Starkiller on the mission target, saying Shaak Ti is of a different caliber then Paratus or Rahm Kota. On Felucia Galen Marek fought his way through Jungle Felucians that were loyal to Master Ti. Before he could approach Master Ti however, three Jungle Felucian Witches attacked him on mounted Rancors. With difficulty he heated them and approached Master Ti. Engaging her in a duel, Starkiller also had to deal with the Sarlacc Pit. Destroying Master Ti finally, Starkiller believed he was ready to face the Emperor side by side with Vader.

When returning to the Executor, Starkiller however found himself betrayed by Vader as the Emperor had arrived and ordered to kill Vader. Six months later, Starkiller woke up and Vader informs him through his droid PROXY that he was kept alive in order to set a plan into motion to defeat and bring down the Emperor. He must gather the Emperor's enemies and form a force strong enough to challenge and defeat the Emperor. Starkiller agreed to this mission, but when being told by PROXY to cut all ties to his past, he refuses to let Juno be killed by dumping the space station into the nearby sun. Saving Juno Eclipse and meeting up with PROXY on the Rogue Shadow, they set course for Bespin where Starkiller believes he can find the one who can help them, Rahm Kota.

Travelling to Bespin, and with Juno Eclipse at his side along with PROXY, Starkiller attempts to figure out how to proceed on. Under strict orders not to tell Juno Eclipse about his true mission, they land on Docking Bay 001 and Starkiller tells Juno to keep the engine running. Finding Rahm Kota on Bespin, Starkiller leads Rahm Kota out of the facility, but being ambushed by Imperial forces. Working his way back to the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller is annoyed by the way Rahm Kota acts. On the Rogue Shadow Starkiller learns Rahm Kota had a contact from within the Senate. The contact would be willing to help, but only if they rescue someone dear to him on Kashyyyk.

Arriving at Kashyyyk, Starkiller makes his way through Imperial installations and finds himself confronted by the hut where he was born. There he meets the Force Ghost of his father, who reminds him of his real name Galen Marek. Leaving with the information, Starkiller, now rechristened as Galen Marek, fights his way through the Imperial Compound and found the one he needed to save, Leia Organa. If she would join him at the Rogue Shadow, he had to take care of the Skyhook. Destroying the Skyhook and defeating Ozzik Sturn. Back on the Rogue Shadow Galen Marek finds out from Kota that his contact has gone dark and his last known location is Felucia.

On Felucia Galen Marek is confronted by Jungle Felucians strong in the Force, but the planet has fallen to the Dark Side after the fall of Master Ti. Fighting his way through the native forces, Galen Marek finally confronts the leader of the Felucians and former apprentice of Shaak Ti, Maris Brood. Galen Marek is confronted by a Jungle Rancor, the pet of Maris Brood. Defeating both, Galen Marek spares Maris Brood, warning that if she ever crosses his path again, he won't be that merciful. This is his first act of redemption.

Seeking a first strike against the Empire, PROXY and Juno deviced a plan to attack the Star Destroyer Shipyard above Raxus Prime. Invading the Imperial facilities was an easy task for Galen Marek. Before he could enter the mainframe of the facilities, he had to take care of a couple of orbital cannons protecting the facility. When he finally did that, Juno reported that PROXY had left the ship without notice. Galen believes he knows what PROXY is doing and thereby engages PROXY on a lower level against his primary function, killing Galen Marek. Galen however overpowers PROXY's various forms and even Darth Maul's simulation and chooses to spare him. However as Galen Marek launches the orbital cannons to destroy the shipyard, one Star Destroyer falls out of the sky and towards the planet, towards Galen. With guidance of Rahm Kota, Galen Marek manages to pull it out of the sky, while simultaneously take down squadrons of TIE Fighters,

Now finally assembled, Bail Organa, Kota's contact, and his various allies prepare to fight the Galactic Empire heads on. However their meeting is interrupted by Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers of the 501st. Galen Marek feels betrayed when Vader tells him he was always a pawn in the game of Vader and the Emperor, only being used to rally the enemies of the Empire to annihilate them at the end. PROXY and Galen Marek attempt to make one final stand against Vader, however he overpowers both, leaving Galen Marek and PROXY for death. Juno eventually picks them up and they trace the delegacy's steps to the Death Star's construction site.

Going in stealthy, Juno manages to maneuver the Rogue Shadow into the proximity of the Death Star, allowing Galen Marek to get in. However this does not go unnoticed as troops have gathered to face Galen Marek heads on. Galen Marek and Juno finally share a kiss together, before he drops in. Fighting his way through the Death Star, Galen Marek eventually encounters Vader before the throne room and fights him. In a vicious battle of Force Powers and lightsaber combat, Galen Marek bests his old master and finally ends up in the throne room.

Darth Sidious attempts to lure him to the Dark Side, by encouraging him to kill Vader, however Galen Marek resists this and refuses to kill him (his second act of redemption). Rahm Kota takes the opportunity to attack Darth Sidious with his own lightsaber. Asked for help by Bail Organa, Galen Marek attacks Darth Sidious as well, but loses the battle. When Juno moves in to get the group out, Darth Sidious attacks one last time, but Galen Marek intercepts, holding him at bay while the group escapes. Finally in an explosion of the Force, Galen Marek dies and gives the rebels a way out. In his honor Bail Organa, Leia Organa and the others use his crest as the symbol of the Rebellion.

Not much later however certain events would lead to Starkiller returning to the Galaxy.

Youth Edit


Friendship with AackbarrahEdit

At the age of 6, Galen Marek would often venture into the forests of Kashyyyk himself, despite being warned by his parents not too, fearing Galen might get lost. Galen however gets himself into trouble when he falls down a ledge and can't get back up. At that point a set of poisonous lizards come at him, and Galen unable to defend himself is frozen to the ground of fear. At the last moment a Wookiee enters the area and kills a few of the lizards before being bitten by the last one. Galen manages to crush the final lizard with a rock. Having learned some of the Wookiee language, Galen attempts to communicate with the young Wookiee, who tells him he is known as Aackbarrah. Being in a lot of pain, Galen helps Aackbarrah up and to his home where he implores his mother to use some of her healing knowledge to help the Wookiee. Aackbarrah, now fully healed, thanks Galen saying he is in debt with Galen now. Galen asks him if they can play again but Aackbarrah explains his family is a proud supporter of the Seperatists, he is not, and he knows they are Jedi and Republic. His family would disown him, even kill him if they knew. He is truely sorry but he has to leave. Sad to see his new friend go, Galen finds care from his parents. 

Galactic Wake Up Call Edit

Kill her and fulfill your role on my side once more.
— Darth Vader against Starkiller

A little to six months after the death of Galen Marek aboard the Death Star, Vader had begun a secret cloning project, to attempt and resurrect the fallen Secret Apprentice, this time without the perks of his former apprentice. Every clone that came from the cloning tanks on Kamino either fell to madness or was slaughtered by Vader himself. Darth Vader urged the Kaminoan scientists to continue doing research on creating a stable clone that will join him at his side.

One day, chief cloner Lama Su contacted Vader with the news that they were succesfull in creating a seemingly stable clone, who has been held in containment for the past 21 days. Returning to Kamino, Vader confronted the clone in the cloning chamber, immediately beginning his first test. Calling him the offspring of a failed man, Vader sought to find out whether the clone had any memories of Galen Marek left. The clone however proved to Vader he was capable of shedding of the perks of Galen Marek and was released.

When Vader however unleashed a group of Holo Droids on him (built like PROXY) who created images of Rebel Soldiers, the clone was given a set of two lightsabers, of which one was the lightsaber Galen Marek previously used and orders to take down the Rebels. As he fought them, being very good in fighting with dual light sabers, the clone encountered an image of Juno Eclipse, starting to get memory flashes from what happened to the real Galen Marek. In the end when Vader commands the clone to kill the droid posing as Juno Eclipse, the clone is unable to because of the memory flashes.

Vader recons the clone a failure as well and goes in for the kill. The clone (henceforth known as Starkiller), however retaliates, stopping Vader and jumping out of the window to his escape. On his way down, Starkiller uses Force Lightning and Force Push to blast TIE Fighters out of the sky, before finally landing in the below area. Easily dispatching the upcoming Imperial forces, Starkiller fights his way through the nearby area's, seeking a way off the planet, haunted by frequent visions of his past life with Juno and Rahm Kota.

Attracted however by a powerfull whisper in the Force, Starkiller searches the facility and ends up in a circular room, where he finds a body hanging in the magnetic chains. It is a body very similar to him. Starkiller realizes that it is in fact Galen Marek, the genetic template from where he was created. Trying to reach into the body's memories, Starkiller however discoveres the information he seeks. He must find Rahm Kota and also learns of his genetic template's attachment to the Wookie warrior Aackbarrah.

Escaping to the platform where Vader's TIE was waiting, Starkiller dispatches the imperial forces waiting for him, destroying even a few incinerator droids and AT-ST's. Vader is unable to prevent Starkiller from escaping from Kamino in his ship and therefore Starkiller plots a course to Cato Neimoida, hoping to find Rahm Kota there. Vader however is joined by a secondary clone of Galen Marek, another perfect but not affected by the memories of the past, the Dark Apprentice. Vader commands the Dark Apprentice to track Starkiller, but not to undertake action against him. He may not realize the truth. The Dark Apprentice agrees and sees how Starkiller leaves the orbit.

Cate Neimoida and the rescue of an old friend Edit

Starkiller plots his course to Cato Neimoida to find and free General Rahm Kota. Once he arrives at the planet, he is confronted by Baron Tarko, who thought he would be meeting Vader here instead of Starkiller. Trying to concieve Tarko by saying he is here on orders by Vader, Baron Tarko however puts him in a string when he asks for the access codes of this sector, which obviously Starkiller doesn't know. Baron Tarko does mention that the Jedi Prisoner is held in the Tarko-se Arena. Dispatching more troops, Baron Tarko leaves and Starkiller is forced to fight his way of the platform.

As he encounters a set of Imperial Saber Guards, after defeating them, Starkiller finds out the Saber Guards are actually like him as well, clones of the original Galen Marek. Starkiller wonders if there are any more perfect clones of Galen Marek and decides to go and find Rahm Kota. Unbeknownst to him however, a second ship lands on a different platform and the Dark Apprentice steps out of it, contacting Darth Vader by holomessage, saying he has arrived on Cato Neimoida.

Starkiller makes his way to the lower level of Cato Neimoida encounters a few former Confederacy Battle Droids in service of Baron Tarko. Destroying them easily he attempts to find out more about the Tarko-se Arena where Rahm Kota is being held by Baron Tarko, but this is to no avail. Continueing on, Starkiller is being pursued by two Nemesis-class gunships, both under orders to prevent Starkiller from reaching the arena at all costs. After destroying the hovertrain on which Starkiller was to get to the arena and thereby slaying many passengers, the Nemesis-class gunships retreat after being severely damaged by Starkiller's display of Force Powers.

After barely making it to the hanging city, Starkiller is tracked by the Dark Apprentice from afar. To get into the arena however, Starkiller must fight his way through the underground casino's. Here he hears chatter of various Rebel losses around the Core. He also learns that Baron Tarko was behind the capture of a Wookie camp, again making Starkiller relive a memory of him assaulting the Kashyyyk skyhook. Finally finding his way out of the casino's, Starkiller finds a way to the arena.

You can sit this one out, general.
— Starkiller against Rahm Kota

There he meets with General Rahm Kota, who is not entirely surprised to see his former apprentice being alive. Rahm Kota, being tired out by the battles he had fought in the arena, is overjoyed and when Baron Tarko orders for the Gorog to be released, despite being warned that the arena is not yet tested for the Gorog, Starkiller takes Kota's place. However at first he is encountered by a Rancor. Believing this is it, Starkiller charges at him, however from the ground a much larger hand grabs the Rancor and slowly the immense Gorog enters the arena.

Starkiller is slammed back by the immense beast but quickly regains his composure as he launches a barrage of lightning at the beast. Rahm Kota supports him by taking down incoming Stormtroopers and informs Starkiller that by restraining Gorog with his magnetic cuffs, he might have a bigger chance of surviving the encounter. Doing so, it indeed gives Starkiller an edge over the Gorog. When he finally had caught them both by the restraints, Starkiller managed to slice off a metal plate on the head of the Gorog, making it even more furious. At that moment one of the supports of the arena gives away and falls halfway. Starkiller pushes the Gorog into destroying the other two, while making it safe to the Baron's box.

Rahm Kota was fighting the Baron and Imperial troops there when Starkiller arrives, dispatching the Imperial troops with ease. When Starkiller was about to assault Baron Tarko, the Gorog broke through the window and grabbed the baron smashing it into the far depth. At that moment by the Imperial fire and Starkiller's force barrage, the Gorog loses control and falls into the depth as well. However as it falls, it takes Rahm Kota with it and Starkiller is forced to go after him in free fall. Using debris and rocks to weaken the Gorog, the Gorog finally releases Kota and Starkiller weakens it enough by Force Lightning to give it a final blow, killing it.

Wondering how they get out of the free fall, Kota signals the stand by Rogue Shadow, who comes to pick them both up in mid flight. Starkiller rushes into the Rogue Shadow's cockpit hoping to find Juno there, however Kota explains to him how Juno was separated from him during a mission, not officially sanctioned by the Rebel Alliance. He then begins about how lucky the Alliance is to have Galen Marek back, but Starkiller tells Kota he is not Galen Marek, he is just a clone.

My dear boy ... a Jedi cannot be cloned.
— Rahm Kota to Starkiller

Starkiller once again tells him he is not Galen Marek. He was born on Kamino. Rahm Kota confirms that he saw Galen Marek disappear in a beacon of light and that the body was left behind, but he remains sure, you cannot clone a Jedi. He believes Starkiller is actually Galen Marek. Rahm Kota says they don't have the time to argue about that. Now is the time to strike and with the one who was the cause of the creation, the Rebel Alliance will have a good chance. Starkiller refuses and says he wants to find himself. Kota yells at him for getting his responsibilities and emotions mixed up, yet he gives Starkiller the idea to find himself in a rather unusual place, Dagobah. Starkiller just needs to drop him off at the spaceport and he'll catch a ride to the Rebel Alliance.

Dagobah and the Former Jedi Master Edit

Starkiller, after an argument with Kota, sets course for Dagobah where he hopes to learn more of his past and the mysteries surrounding his return. Having unknowingly eluded the Dark Apprentice, by dropping Kota at Malastare, Starkiller goes to the planet of Dagobah. He feels a strong presence within the Force there and therefore he lands. Dressing himself in survival gear he sets of in the planet's wilderness, soon finding himself in front of a cave guarded by an ominous green small being.

Brought you here, the galaxy has.
Your path clearly this is.

— Yoda against Starkiller

The being warns him that if Starkiller continues on into this cave, he may not like what he finds. It will show him neither the future nor the answers he seek. Starkiller concludes this cave is shrouded in the Dark Side of the Force. The green being agrees, but Starkiller enters nevertheless. Inside the cave he is confronted by images of himself, being trapped in the webs of Vader and the Emperor. Starkiller closes his mind to it, but then encounters an image of himself destroying Darth Vader and rising at the side of the Emperor.

In the middle of the cave he breaks down because of what he had just seen. He believes he was truly a puppet of Vader and the Emperor. One by one the images of the killing or apparent death of Rahm Kota, Shaak Ti and Kazdan Paratus come past. Starkiller grabs his head in agony, trying to stop the haunting images of the Jedi Masters from invading his mind or turn him into a lunatic. He hears the voices of Vader and an unknown being, representing the dark and the light side of the Force.

Yoda: Death is a natural part of life
Darth Vader: Foolishly you hold to hope for the life you once had
Yoda: Let go of everything you fear to lose, you must
Darth Vader: You think you have a purpose, a destiny...
Yoda: Uncertain and fearful you are
Darth Vader: You are but a shadow of your former self
Yoda: Confused you have become
Darth Vader: Weak and misguided...
Yoda: Hide not from yourself
Darth Vader: Accept the certainty...
Yoda: Confront your fear
Darth Vader: ...that all is lost
Juno Eclipse: Will I ever see you again?

— Darth Vader, Yoda and Juno Eclipse against Starkiller in the Cave

The final voice within the cave breaks the Dark Side's hold over Starkiller. He recognized the voice, the voice that comforted him when they fought the Empire. He also knew that in his beliefs of himself being a clone of the real Galen Marek, might prove to be untrue now. He started to doubt himself and the truth again and therefore the voices started again. There was one bright spot though he kept himself to, Juno.

As he continued through the cave, he found himself facing a hallucination of an armored Sith Warrior that struck innocent people and other sentient beings. That Sith Warrior then changed into himself, before entirely disappearing, making place for something that looked like a bridge of a ship. And there she was, there Starkiller saw Juno Eclipse again. He now fully remembered her. And he saw how she was attacked by shadowy warriors and a bounty hunter Boba Fett. As Juno was struck, Starkiller attempted to reach to her, but she disappeared revealing the illusion.

Uncertain the future is ... what you have seen, not what may happen, it is. The future, always changing, it is.
— Final words of Yoda against Starkiller

Leaving the cave, Starkiller knew this was what he had to do. He had to prevent Juno from falling victim to the bounty hunter and his troops. The green being spoke to him and gave him advice to consider what he had seen to be truth and not just an illusion. Starkiller knew he had to find Juno and for finding Juno and possibly more clues to his past, he would require Rahm Kota for the location of the Rebel fleet.

Reunited with Aackbarrah Edit

After having been involved with former Jedi Grand Master Yoda, Starkiller plans on going back to the fleet and prevent Juno from falling. He is however distracted by a distress signal coming from Kashyyyk. A very familiar distress signal to him, but he can't remember why. The planet calls out to him for reasons unknown to him. Far in his memory he sparks something that makes him remember the name Aackbarrah, his genetic template's Wookie friend.

Arriving on Kashyyk, Starkiller runs into a group of Wookie hunters. He has to stop them in order not to unveil his location to the local Imperial base. Luring the Wookie hunters into a trap, Starkiller is recognized as a member of the former Republic's Jedi representatives. They mistake him for his father. Being trapped by the Wookie hunters now, they plan to deliver him to the Imperial base, as a huge bounty has been set on his head and the Wookies live in slavery under the Empire.

During transport to the Imperial base however, the transport protected by the Wookie hunters, is attacked by a group of rebelling Wookies from the jungles of Kashyyyk. When Galen Marek gets freed by the crash of the transport he manages to subdue the guarding Wookie hunters. Outside the transport however he is surrounded by the Wookie rebels and taken to their camp in the jungles of Kashyyyk. There awaits him his former friend Aackbarrah, who recognizes him, but he doesn't remember him. Aackbarrah asks Starkiller whether he can help them out, attacking the frontal Imperial outpost. Having no choice, since the Rogue Shadow is far away, Starkiller agrees to help them out.

Leading a group of Wookie rebels and Aackbarrah in the way of where the Rogue Shadow is supposed to be, they are ambushed by an Imperial patrol. Several Imperial Saberguards find themselves victim at the end of Starkiller's lightsabers, but also various Wookie rebels die as a result, leaving only Starkiller, Aackbarrah and 3 other Wookies behind. As Starkiller was cut off directly from the Rogue Shadow, he and Aackbarrah and the three Wookies were forced to find a way around the ambush site.

As they travel Aackbarrah reflects back on the past he and Starkiller share and Starkiller tells him he remembers next to nothing from his past. Starkiller refuses to reveal in fact that the real Galen Marek died. Aackbarrah then concludes that the imprisonment of Starkiller by the Empire may have inflicted damage upon his memories. However slowly memories of his past start to flow back as he starts to remember certain adventures he had with Aackbarrah. Aackbarrah confirms the adventures he remembers, including hunting and playing friendly Huttball.

As they approach the Imperial outpost, Starkiller tells Aackbarrah and the three Wookies to make a distraction so that he can get in. By attacking two Imperial Rail Guns stationed outside, Starkiller manages to break into the outpost, being unseen by the Imperials. However inside, Starkiller is confronted by a squad of Stormtroopers lead by a golden armored Stormtrooper, codenamed EXO-12. To his surprise EXO-12 is capable of using the Force and therefore attacks Starkiller with Force Lightning. Dispatching the other Stormtroopers with ease, Starkiller has much more difficulty with EXO-12.

When the Wookies arrive as well, EXO-12 is overpowered and knocked out. Starkiller is to involved with fleeing the courtyard from incoming Imperial Forces to finish off EXO-12. Retreating into the jungles of Kashyyyk, Starkiller finds out that only he and Aackbarrah had survived the attack on the Imperial Outpost. Not wanting to attract the attention of the Empire on the outpost of the Wookie rebels, Aackbarrah agrees to join Starkiller at the Rogue Shadow and travel back to the Rebel fleet.

The Return to the Rebel Alliance Edit

With his old friend Aackbarrah at his side in the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller sets course for Malastare to pick up Rahm Kota. Aackbarrah starts to tell Starkiller about their youth and how his parents were the opposite of Galen Marek's parents. They were not only supporters of the Confederacy of Independent States, but also murderers. He sought refugee with the Mareks always when their clan would engage Republic forces in battle. Starkiller is happy to find out more about his genetic template's past and therefore his own past, while they set off for Malastare.

The Pick Up on Malastare Edit

Arriving on Mustafar later that night, Starkiller asks Aackbarrah to watch the Rogue Shadow. Aackbarrah agrees and Starkiller sets off to find Rahm Kota. Finding Rahm Kota is easy, Kota was waiting at the nearby spaceport for a ride to the Rebel fleet. Kota however informs Starkiller that the Empire is blockading the spaceport and therefore they cannot leave the spaceport for now. Starkiller starts to hatch a plan with Kota to escape the spaceport.

In the mean time the Rogue Shadow is visited by the Dark Apprentice. Aackbarrah at first does not see the dark side assailant and therefore is caught totally of guard by the fully Dark Side embraced Dark Apprentice. The Dark Apprentice knocks him unconsciously, having had orders from Darth Vader himself not to kill Starkiller or any of his companions. Placing a tracker on the Rogue Shadow, well hidden, the Dark Apprentice leaves the site again.

While waiting for a chance to escape, Starkiller is called on his com link by Aackbarrah from the Rogue Shadow, who informs him of the attack on the Rogue Shadow. The Rogue Shadow has not been damaged, but he was caught of guard. He had not seen who attacked him, but he was using Force Powers. Starkiller immediately thinks it is EXO-12, but Aackbarrah informs him that EXO-12 was unable to withstand the attacks of Wookies, this assailant was with ease. He fought with dual red-bladed lightsabers and Starkiller believes it must be a Sith Hunter of Darth Vader.

Rahm Kota thinks this can't be good for them. If a Dark Side using apprentice is tracking them, it will be difficult for them to stay hidden. If the assailant tracks them through the Force, they can hide, but physically will be more difficult. While attempting to go through as travelers, they make it out of the spaceport in time before the Imperials initiate a sweep of the spaceport. The sweep is commanded and controlled by a similar to EXO-12 looking Stormtrooper, named EXO-2.

Having finally arrived at the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller introduces Aackbarrah to Rahm Kota and Kota is pleased with the presence of a Wookie. He is less pleased though when Aackbarrah tells him on which side his family fought in the Clone Wars. Setting aside his doubts, he tells Starkiller to plot a course to the Ugredo System, where the Salvation and Juno are.

Return to the Salvation Edit

General Kota to the Salvation. We are landing in Docking Bay 12. And Juno ... you may want to come down and see this for yourself.
— General Rahm Kota to Juno Eclipse on the Command Deck

The Rogue Shadow came out of hyperspace in the assigned sector where they met up with the fleet under the command of the Salvation's captain, Juno Eclipse. Still unaware of the fact that Starkiller was aboard the Rogue Shadow, Juno was hesitant to allow the Rogue Shadow access to the hangar of the Salvation. She still doesn't open the hangar doors and deactivate the ray shield until General Kota comms her over the radio, telling her to let him in. She alerts security nevertheless, but she is intrigued by the final mention of Kota, telling her to come to the docking bay.

On the Rogue Shadow, before docking, Starkiller sounded relieved to hear Juno's voice and Kota says it has been a long time since she saw him. She mourned his death, she saw him die at the hands of the Emperor. Seeing Galen Marek back alive again, might be a big shock for her. Starkiller once more repeats that he is not Galen Marek, but Kota tells him he can't fool him. He knows a Jedi when he sees one. In one way or another, Galen Marek has survived. This starts to make Starkiller doubt his belief being a clone to falter.

The Rogue Shadow docks within Docking Bay 12. Rebel Fleet Security amasses around the Rogue Shadow and Kota is the first to exit the ship. However as Juno is approaching the docking bay, the ship's alarms go off and Fleet Security alerts Juno on approaching enemy vessels. Juno orders for a jump to hyperspace and Fleet Security says they are attempting to make the jump. A ship is approaching quick. Returning to the command deck, Starkiller and Kota are alerted on the warning signal as well.

Attack on the Salvation Edit

With Starkiller, Aackbarrah and Kota on board, they are alerted by Fleet Command that Imperial forces have boarded the Salvation. Kota deduces they must take care of the Imperial forces before they can make the jump to hyperspace. Starkiller insists he finds Juno first and Kota demands that he makes choices. Starkiller tells him to help out the Rebels, he will come later on after he found Juno. Grudgingly Kota agrees and leaves to help out the Rebel defenders. Starkiller also asks Aackbarrah to assist Kota with the battle against the Imperials, to which Aackbarrah agrees.

Juno's Kidnapping Edit

Starkiller starts making his way to the command deck, however using one of the trains within the Salvation turns out to be less comfortable then before. He is assaulted by swarms of Terror Droids, who have attacked and killed multiple Rebel troops already. While fighting them off, Starkiller wonders how the Empire could have found the fleet that soon. There was no way they could have tracked him knowingly. Finally getting rid of the Terror Droids for now, he makes his way to the engine deck to take the secure elevator to the Command Deck.

In the Engine Deck, Starkiller is confronted by groups of Stormtroopers and Terror Droids again and he has to use his full Force arsenal to take them all down. Starkiller alerts Kota on these dangerous droids and Kota tells him they have already lost much of the Rebel forces while fighting the Empire. Starkiller must make his way to the Command Deck and find Juno. They are about to jump into Hyperspace.

Finally arriving at the secure elevator, Starkiller prepares himself for meeting with Juno, but when he arrives at the Command Deck, he sees how Boba Fett takes away Juno. Juno is alerted by Starkiller's beeping communicator and is shocked to see Starkiller alive. Starkiller attempts to reach them, but Boba Fett activates ray shields trapping Starkiller within the Command Deck.

No ... no ... no. That can't be ... you were dead ... I saw you die.
— Juno's reaction after seeing Starkiller

With Boba Fett having trapped Starkiller on the Command Deck, Starkiller is forced to face two specialized Clone Troopers, EXO-4 and EXO-15, trained and armored like EXO-12. Only when he is about to defeat one of the two, the Deck is invaded by stealth troopers, Terror Troopers, who similarly to the EXO Stormtroopers wear more advanced armor then the usual Stormtroopers. They move extremely fast and Starkiller finds it hard to keep up with them.

Starkiller is informed by Kota that Juno was taken off the ship and that they have made the jump into Hyperspace. This enraged Starkiller, making him decapitate EXO-15. EXO-4 disappears while the Terror Troopers keep Starkiller occupied. Finally dispatching the advanced forces, Starkiller deactivates the ray shields and gets down to the Flight Deck, trying to catch up with Kota and Aackbarrah.

Hyperspace Rumble Edit

Being unable to prevent Boba Fett from escaping with Juno, Starkiller orders the General Kota to make the jump to Hyperspace, which Kota already initiated and Starkiller tells him they are going to make the attack against Kamino happen. While proceeding through the hallways of the Salvation Starkiller is informed by Fleet Command that Imperial forces have breached the Reactor Chamber. Kota informs that once the Reactor Core is unstable, the ship will implode and there is no chance of survival.

Starkiller tells Kota to make his way to the Command Deck, he will take care of the Imperial forces at the Reactor Chamber. Reaching the Reactor Chamber pretty easily, he is forced to fight a group of Terror Troopers and the more powerful versions the Terror Sentinels. Finally getting rid of them, Starkiller proceeded to cut open the door to the Reactor Chamber, informing Kota of his entrance. He noticed the sole Terror Walker attacking the Reactor Core and Kota tells him he must obliterate the Terror Walker and stabilize the Reactor Core.

Attacking the Terror Walker, Starkiller is unable to deal any damage to it, because the walker is defended by a ray shield. Kota informs him that the way to break through the shield is to destroy the energy generators in the Reactor Chamber. Starkiller proceeds to do so, overloading the shield of the Terror Walker. At that moment Aackbarrah enters the core chamber as well, closely followed by a group of Rebel Troopers. Aackbarrah distracts the Terror Walker, long enough for Starkiller to jump onto it and control it to destroy the remaining Terror units.

Returning to his friend, Starkiller thanks him and together they move back to the bridge, when Starkiller is informed by Kota that the ion cannon responsible for holding back the Star Destroyers, is under attack. Starkiller must set the cannon free before he can come to the bridge. Starkiller agrees and proceeds to move to the lower decks where the Ion Cannon is situated. Killing the Terror Troopers guarding the doors to the hangar bay with the Ion Cannon, Starkiller proceeds to the control panel. There he was confronted by EXO-10

EXO-10 tells him on how he and Starkiller used to train together on Kamino. Starkiller tells him he has no recollection of their training together. Activating his lightsabers, Starkiller proceeds to attempt and attack EXO-10, however EXO-10's story triggers memories from his time on Kamino. EXO-10 however has taken the oppurtunity to attack Starkiller, however Aackbarrah intervenes, attacking EXO-10 knocking him back against control panel of the Ion Cannon. Aackbarrah lets him know whatever his history was, he doesn't care, they are friends. He is happy to be reunited with his friend. 

Having freed the Ion Cannon from the Imperial Occupation, Starkiller uses it to blast apart the nearby Star Destroyer and a support ship. Rahm Kota informs him they are freed from the occupation force and tells Starkiller to get back to the bridge, the situation has gotten heated up and out of hand. Before Aackbarrah and Starkiller return to the bridge, Starkiller expresses his concern of the memories he recieved and the fact that Rahm Kota told him it is impossible to clone a Jedi. Aackbarrah is unsure of what to tell him, but Starkiller tells him he is happy someone is with him that knows him or Galen Marek. 

Attack on KaminoEdit

Suicide RunEdit

Starkiller and Aackbarrah return to the bridge, where Rahm Kota orders to evacuate ship. The ship is to heavily damaged to fully attack Kamino. Wedge Antilles tells him over comlink to retreat, the Imperial defenses are to heavy. Rahm Kota counter-orders to attack the shield generators. Wedge tells him it can't be done when Starkiller arrives. Starkiller oversees the situation and tells Kota to take the Rogue Shadow and get down to Kamino. He'll fly the damaged Salvation into the planetary shield, taking it out allowing the Rebel Fleet a full attack. Kota sees it is the only possibility and leaves for the Rogue Shadow. Starkiller tells Aackbarrah to go with Kota, as Starkiller can't protect Aackbarrah from the impact as well. Aackbarrah agrees and the Wookie arrives at the Rogue Shadow. 

Starkiller turns the Salvation in to ram speed down to the surface of the planet. While he keeps the ship steady and blast apart any rocks or debris in front of him, he recieves a series of visions, most of them including Juno and him or her at the feet of Vader and a hooded shrouded figure on Kamino. While keeping the ship steady Starkiller has to abandon ship in the end falling behind but shattering multiple TIE Fighters. When the Salvation crashes through the shield and into the facilities of Timira City, Starkiller follows suit, preparing for battle, hiding first within the ruins of the ship before attacking.

Assault on Timira CityEdit

Starkiller would use his incredible force powers to push through a reinforced door seperating him from the rest of the Imperial cloning complex. Behind this door however a batallion of Stormtroopers and Terror Troopers had gathered, ordered by Imperial Batallion Commander Cody to stop Starkiller from reaching the other Rebel forces. Starkiller was driven into a corner but thanks to a powerful Force Repulse Starkiller manages to repel and destroy all Imperial forces. Making his way to the next chambers, Starkiller is contacted by Kota to take out the snipers stationed on the platforms above him, to prevent them from taking out to many of Kota's men. 

Still set on finding and rescueing Juno, Starkiller dispatches all snipers he comes across, but when he encounters a set of Carbonite-freezer Droids, he cannot reach the final set of snipers that take out half of the men Kota took with him. Slicing and dicing the two droids, Starkiller manages to kill the snipers before they do any more damage and contacts Kota, telling him he will proceed to the main cloning chamber and Kota warns him the mission comes first, not Juno. Starkiller tells him he is here for Juno. Kota tries to convince him by telling him he is the entire reason the Rebel Alliance exists and that they need him. Starkiller promises him he will take down as much of the Imperials as he can find, but Juno is his primary objective.

Proceeding to the level of the cloning chambers, Starkiller is contacted by PROXY, who is aboard the Rogue Shadow, who tells him Juno's tracker signal comes from the other side of Timira City and additionally tells Starkiller the fastest way is to get to the roof of the Cloning Chamber he is in now. Starkiller looks up and sees it is a long way to go. Using Cloning Tanks and Health Droids to jump across platforms, Starkiller is attacked by multiple Imperial Jettroopers. He takes care of them, even using one of the Jettroopers to get to a higher ground before disposing of him.

Arriving at a higher level, nearer to the roof, Starkiller encounters EXO-12 again. EXO-12, along with three Imperial Saberguards inform Starkiller they have strict orders from Darth Vader to stop him, subdue him and bring him for Vader himself. Engaging all four of them, Starkiller manages to push the three Saberguard over the edge, sending them to their demise. EXO-12 and Starkiller are evenly matched, EXO-12 reveals he was part of the detail to bring the body of Galen Marek here, he knows Starkiller is a clone. Starkiller expresses his doubts while fighting, getting distracted. Starkiller tells him Jedi cannot be cloned, therefore he is the real deal, but he doesn't know. EXO-12 laughs at his comment and they continue fighting, until Starkiller disarms him and knocks him over the edge.

EXO-12 manages to hold on to the edge, informing Starkiller he was grown into a vath just like Starkiller. He has seen the cloning chambers, he has seen the vaths the clones from Galen Marek came from, he has seen the vath Starkiller came from. Starkiller attempts to grab his hand, but EXO-12 smirks and loosens his grip, falling down to his demise. Starkiller overgoes his memories and experiences and decides to take the elevator up. Arriving on top of the elevator, Starkiller is contacted by Kota once more, saying their position is being overrun and attacked by the bounty hunter and two Genesis-class gunships. Starkiller sees the gunships and decides to see what he can do about it.

Starkiller oversees the battle below and then the Genesis-class gunships take note of him. They start firing on him, Starkiller manages to hide behind the debris and use telekinesis to grab TIE Fighters from the air and launch them against the gunships, taking one out very quickly. The remains of the gunship crashes into the platform and takes out a bunch of Imperials. Starkiller manages to influence the pilot of the second Genesis-class gunship and leads him away from the battle below. He then traps the gunship under a spire and then grabs another TIE Fighter from the sky and destroys the second gunship. Kota thanks him over the comlink and says he is rounding up the remaining Imperial forces on that level. Starkiller heads over to the elevator at the far end of the platform where Starkiller is.

A Doubted TruthEdit

Starkiller arrives at the top floor and according to the layouts PROXY had given him, he knows he has to pass a few more corridors to get to the Main Cloning Chamber where all the clones of Galen Marek are stored. However Kaminoan scientists have filled the chambers leading up to the Main Cloning Chamber with a gass, slowing Starkiller down. Unable to focus much, Starkiller is assaulted by various PROXY Assault Droids acting as Darth Vader. Starkiller manages to defeat those and Kota and PROXY acts as his sane guide through the blurred vision he has. As he continues he reaches a row with clone vaths. Examining it, Starkiller realizes every single clone inside, has his face.

Starkiller relays this information to General Kota and Kota remains confident that Starkiller is more then just a clone from Galen Marek. Starkiller remains unconvinced and he continues, still being held back by the gass spreading through the chambers. Kota informs him to go straight on, however Starkiller finds a secondary door at the left and forces it open. Inside the chamber behind the door there is one single body. Kota feels Starkiller's anxiety rising and tells him not to go in there, there may be things to hard to handle for Starkiller now. Starkiller disconnects from the comlink and proceeds to the middle, finding one single body suspended in virtual restraints. Starkiller recognizes it as Galen Marek's body.

Above the chamber Darth Vader appears, the real Darth Vader, and he welcomes Starkiller back on his birth planet. Starkiller watches the body of Galen Marek and Darth Vader tells him he is just another failed experiment from a lost apprentice he once had. Starkiller however recieves visions of him fighting Vader aboard the Death Star. Visions of memories of the original Galen Marek. He sees how he defeated Darth Vader, instead choosing not to kill him. He sees how the Emperor threatens General Kota and the senators. He sees how Kota engages the Emperor and loses, he sees how he intervenes in the fight and takes on the Emperor on his own. He sees how he gripped the Force Lightning from the Emperor and was killed in the attack. Starkiller shakes off these visions, however the last vision of the senators leaving in the Rogue Shadow makes him shed a tear. 

Darth Vader calls him weak, he is a clone and will always be a clone. Nothing, no vision at all can change that. Starkiller is unsure what to make of what he saw. He believes there is truth in both Darth Vader's tale and Kota's explanation. Darth Vader blows up the chamber floor, making Starkiller drop down endlessly. Starkiller manages to land on a seperate platform and Darth Vader comes after him, preparing for a final showdown.

The showdown with VaderEdit

I am not Starkiller ... I am Galen Marek and I am a Jedi, a Jedi like my father.
—Starkiller to Darth Vader

Wielding all the power he can muster, Starkiller directs many of the Force attacks of Vader back at Vader. Vader continuously activates hidden cloning chambers, unleashing imperfect clones of Galen Marek to fight Starkiller. While fighting them, Starkiller recieves more visions from events he does not remember, events that he could barely know if he truely was Galen Marek. Continueing the fighting, he has to ward off laser blasts from Imperial Jettroopers as well. Darth Vader makes use of his superior Force Powers to start disassembling the cloning tower around them, dropping them onto the platforms Starkiller was on, but he barely makes it out alive every time. Finally able to make it to the high ground above Vader, Starkiller unleashes a tremendous Force Lightning onto his former master, additionally knocking over the final cloning tanks on the platform with Galen Marek's clones in them. 

Finally arriving on the roof of the cloning facility, Starkiller finds Vader weakened from their fight, but Vader is determined to turn his old apprentice back to the Dark Side or else to kill him. Vader starts lunging objects at both Starkiller and Kota, but both Kota and Starkiller manage to dodge and destroy them. Then finally, three Terror Troopers show up with Juno. Starkiller relents and Vader demands him to pledge his allegiance to him or Juno Eclipse will die. Kota encourages him not to give up, there is another way out. Starkiller recieves another vision, of Galen Marek standing on the ramp of the Rogue Shadow giving a final kiss to Juno before falling into the Death Star and falls into a Force Rage, easily killing all three the Terror Troopers and dispatching Vader's hold over Juno.

Forcing Vader onto his knees, Vader says he is but a clone of the original Galen Marek, Juno knows that, Kota knows that. Starkiller will never be as good as Galen Marek. Starkiller refuses and tells him he has seen it. He has seen how Galen Marek gave up his life for the cause to save Juno and Kota. He protected them, but he believes his life has means again. He may not be Galen Marek's original flesh, but he sure is in mind. He is not Starkiller, he is Galen Marek and he is a Jedi, like his father was before him. Letting go of his Force Rage, Starkiller turns around and deactivates his lightsabers. Kota comes to them, raising his own lightsaber to Vader, declaring him to be under arrest. More Republic Troopers arrive, taking out the Imperial forces on the roof. 


As long as she lives, I will always have a hold over you
—Darth Vader against Galen Marek

With Darth Vader in custody of General Kota, Starkiller (or Galen Marek as he refers to himself now) rushes to the side of the unconscious Juno, embracing her. He kisses her and she wakes up, seeing his face, telling him he looks exactly like him. Starkiller tells her he is back and she widens her eyes, realizing Starkiller has finally come to terms with the fact that he is Galen Marek reborn. They kiss again and Starkiller and Juno join General Kota and PROXY, who has taken the form of Princess Leia Organa. Leia Organa congratulates Starkiller and Juno on their cooperation on taking down Vader and tells them he will be prosecuted for the Rebel Alliance Tribunal on a remote hidden facility. Many ships will fly out to cover the capture of Vader, but she suggests Starkiller, Juno, Kota and Aackbarrah take Vader themselves to the location. Starkiller agrees to do so.

Preparing to jump to hyperspace, Starkiller visits Vader in his holding chamber. Starkiller, who now refers to himself as Galen Marek, says he has finally broken the hold of Vader and the Emperor over him. He is finally free and he will spent every ounce of his power to make sure Vader will never see the light of day anymore. Justice has prevailed. Before leaving Vader states that as long as Starkiller holds Juno dear, he will always have a hold over him. Returning to the cockpit, Starkiller takes his rightful seat next to Juno and tells her to set course for Dantooine, unaware that their move is watched by Boba Fett and the Dark Apprentice in their respective ships. 

Vader's TrialsEdit

Ambush in the Lorranth systemEdit

On their way to the secret base on Dantooine, they made a long route, through the Lorranth system. The Slave I and the Dark Apprentice were on their tail, but far enough to not be noticed by the scanners or Starkiller's Force imbued senses. When passing through the nearest asteroid field, the Rogue Shadow was ambushed by pirate vessels. Forced to defend themselves and the cargo they held, Starkiller, Aackbarrah and Juno fought off the pirate intruders, while Kota stuck with Vader. Eventually one of the pirates managed to sabotage the hyperdrive of the Rogue Shadow, despite being killed minutes later by Starkiller. Driving the pirates off the Rogue Shadow was left drifting in space and an easy target for Boba Fett, who swooped in with the Dark Apprentice watching from afar. 

Boba Fett managed to quickly overpower Juno and Kota, the latter still wounded from the battle, however timely interference by Starkiller cause Boba Fett to abandon ship without Vader. Activating the distress beacon of the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller grabbed a space breather and engaged Boba Fett in outer space. Due to his limited ability to stay in outer space, Boba Fett is forced back into the Slave I and retreats into the asteroid field. Starkiller manages to close the hatches but unfortunately for him, the Rogue Shadow is leaking power fast and another pirate vessel is incoming. Vader taunts him with the Dark Side, but Starkiller manages to telekinetically shut the door on the chamber, leaving Vader inside alone.

The approaching pirate vessel attacks the Rogue Shadow, but in time a detachment of the Rebel Alliance fleet arrives, shooting down the pirate vessel. The leader of the Alliance detachment is ordered by Starkiller to leave them, to not attract more attention to them as they already have due to the failed capture attempt by Fett. Starkiller, Aackbarrah and Juno salvage the vessel's remains and find a barely surviving young girl inside. Juno presses on taking her with them as she will not stand killing a young innocent girl, even if she belonged to the pirates. Aackbarrah informs Starkiller he found enough parts to fix the hyperdrive to at least bring them to Dantooine and Starkiller tells him to get to work on it. They return to the ship and Starkiller notices how much Juno starts to care for the young girl. 

The New RepublicEdit

The final showdown aboard the Death Star IIEdit

Seperate BriefingEdit

With all the important Rebel Alliance personell gathering at Home One, Galen, Juno and Aackbarrah travelled there too in 4 ABY. Here they meet with General Kota and Li'lia, who had been temporarily been guarded by Princess Leia and her personal guard. While the reunion between Li'lia and her saviors is brief, Kota informs them they cannot be present with the briefing on the attack against the Death Star II, however they can listen in as Kota will be present there. As the briefing starts, Galen and Juno are surprised the Rebel Alliance is going to mount a massive attack against the second Death Star. Galen feels they must coverly join the strike team who will take out the shield generator on Endor and to be wanting to do this.

Mon Mathma and General Kota enter the chamber. Kota explains they have a seperate mission. There is one more objective on the second Death Star, the Dark Apprentice, the one succesfull Clone of Galen. He has become a serious threat and must be neutralized. With him and Vader down the Emperor will be left defenseless. However Luke Skywalker may never know that they were there. General Kota explains he has foreseen Luke Skywalker will enter the Death Star and that he will engage the Emperor and Vader one final time. Galen asks whether he can now see the future, but Kota says it wasn't him who knew that, it was his master. They need to leave on the Rogue Shadow before the fleet takes his way.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Galen Marek was an extremely powerfull Force User in his time. Having access to both the abilities of the Dark Side and the Light Side, his preferred combat moves were Force Lightning, Force Choke and Saber Throw. He was also proficient in using two lightsabers during combat.

The real extent of his powers is unknown, as Galen Marek somehow has been able to survive the death blow of Darth Sidious. He seems to be able to transfer his Force Essence into another being as Palpatine did, this may be unknown by himself as he had no idea he was actually Galen Marek and not just the clone Darth Vader claims him to be. 

Equipment Edit

Personality Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

Thanks to the use of the Stormhammer weapon, Galen Marek, Juno Eclipse and the alligned characters are considered part of the Skygardia Legacy. Also their involvement with the wife of the late Jairo Skye meant they were directly connected to this Legacy. 

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