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The Galactic Sith Purge was an intergalactic genocide of the Sith from 3,936 to 3,931. The Treaty of Coruscant formed the Grand Alliance which included the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order, and the Mandalorian Empire. The Galactic Coalition saw a Sith threat and knew the galaxy would be better off without it. They planned for an attack on the Sith stronghold of Korriban. Mandalore and the Republic thought it would be over then; the Jedi knew better.


The return of the SithEdit

The Sith, after being totally destroyed by civil war, had no leader or higher power to look up to. A large group of Sith, under their proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Kaidius, attacked the other largest group of Sith in the Valley of the Lords. Kaidius' aim was to take the Sith Academy and the Sith Empire that their enemies had declared their's. Kaidius and his army of 1,258 Sith troops and 680 Sith attacked an army three times their size. Despite being heavily outnumbered, they won the battle and all the other Sith clans and groups came under his rule. Some had to be forced but most willingly accepted him as the Dark Lord. His apprentice, Darth Taban, soon became the most important figure head in Kaidius' dynasty.

Galactic Coalition originsEdit

The formation of the Galactic Coalition had changed a lot. An embassy for the Mandalorians had arrived and a Republic base on Dxun had been built. The most impressive, however, was the growing alliance between the Mandalorians, Republic, and Jedi. They dubbed it the Galactic Coalition. A new age of peace had been brought and many turned their attentions to past threats. People were asking what happened to the Sith and where they were. The Republic responded with recon missions to Korriban and Thule. On Thule, the results were no Sith in site. On Korriban, though, the Sith had built a new empire.

Supreme Chancellor Jaiden Solis decided for action to be taken. A former Jedi Knight and Sith Lord, Solis invited Mandalore and Jedi Master Mortok Onli to his office. There, he hoped for action to be taken. The meeting went under way and in two hours, a decision had been made: the Galactic Coalition was going to fight and purge the Sith.