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Galactic Republic
Political information
Type of government

Federal Democratic-Republic

Founding document

Galactic Constitution


Galactic Constitution

Head of State

Supreme Chancellor

Head of Government

Supreme Chancellor


Supreme Chancellor
Jedi Grand Master
Supreme Commander

Executive branch

Supreme Chancellor

Legislative branch

Supreme Chancellor
Galactic Senate

Judicial branch

Supreme Chancellor
Supreme Court

Societal information
Official language

Galactic Basic Standard


Galactic Credit Standard

National holiday
  • Republic Day
  • Chancellor's Day

All Stars Burn As One

Historical information
Formed from

Galactic Coalition of Planets

Date of establishment

25,000 BBY

Date of reorganization

The Galactic Republic, sometimes called the Republic of Man and also Republica Galactica in Ashlan, was the name of the galactic government founded out of the Galactic Coalition of Planets after the Unification War. The Republic, led by a Supreme Chancellor, was a democratic-republican government that was able to sustain itself for over twenty-five thousand years. It was said that its complete history would fill over one thousand libraries. In its final years, it was a benevolent though ineffective government that was tied up in layers of bureaucracy.


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