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A G.L.E. officer.

The Galactic Law Enforcement, or G.L.E, was a specialist group of trained agents how guarded and defended the Reformed Galactic Empire.


The G.L.E was created almost immediately after the Galactic Empire was reformed. Kyle Tarnage wanted an agency that would keep the peace at home.


Taking on a more old-fashion and classical uniform, the G.L.E. was set apart from the other branches of the military. There primary objective was to keep law and order and protect the Empire from within. Likewise they helped prevent rebellions and insurrection.


There were a couple forms of the G.L.E. Usually each world had its own variation uniform and dress. There were also specialized units, which were trained to preform specific tasks.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Galactic Law Enforcement was based after the Global Law Enforcement (also abbreviated G.L.E) from Master of Miracles.

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