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The Galactic Droid Republic was a large organization of droids that was a successor to the Droid Republic, which was only a system large. It was led by DT-Unit-8813. They ruled half of the Galaxy, and had bases and battlefleets spread out across the parts that they didn't own.

Known DroidsEdit

Combat droidsEdit

B1 Battle Droids

B2 Super Battle Droids

B3 Ultra Battle Droids


Dark Trooper Phase Is

Dark Trooper Phase IIs

Dark Trooper Phase III (One only)


Viper Probe Droids

Droid Troopers

Snow Droids

IG-88 series droids

Ariel Droids and ShipsEdit

Vulture Droids

Vulture Droid Bombers

TIE Droid fighters

Tri Fighters

Star Destroyers

Venator Star Destroyers

Super Star Destroyers

Eclipse Dreadnoughts

Death Stars

Ground Droid VehiclesEdit

Corporate Alliance Tank droids

Droid AT-ATs

C-9 crab droids

A-12 spider droids

Non Combat DroidsEdit

General Droids

Astromech droids

Protocall droids


Viper Probe Droids

Construction Droid

My Toaster


The Galactic Droid Republic was formed before the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. At the time, only the military was founded, thus meaning that there were no civilian droid cities like there were after the Invasion. After the Invasion, more droids left the Galactic Droid Empire and the Galactic Droid Alliance and joined the Droid Republic.

Later on, the Droids allied themselves with the Imperial Remnant, Catpire, Katpire, New Republic, and other organizations and also had a senator.

During the time that the New Jedi Order was betrayed by the Galactic Alliance, the Galactic Droid Republic stayed neutral and many Jedi settled on Droid Republic occupied planets, knowing that because the Droid Republic wanted to stay out of the conflict, Galactic Alliance troops were not allowed in Droid Space.

Afterwards, the Galactic Droid Republic clashed with the Fel Empire, the former Galactic Droid Sith Empire, and defeated them. Most of the Fel Empire's droids joined the GDR.

Shortly after, the GDR prepared for an invasion of the galaxy. They constructed four Death Stars using old Imperial blueprints, rebuilt and found old CIS droid factories, and had the Catpire's and the Katpire's shipyards make more Star Destroyers, Venators, CIS Frigates, and TIE droid fighters. Also, the two empire's fleets and armies joined the GDR in the Invasion plan.

They began by seizing the Imperial Remnant capital, Bastion. Later, GDR and Katperial troops moved in to the Core and Deep Core worlds, using Catperial garrison troops on Centax 2 to clear the way for the other units and besieged Coruscant and taking Ryloth in the Outer Rim. More and more planets fell to the GDR. Eventually, the Catpire and the Katpire occupied Sithed, the Sith home planet.



Droid Republic Capital


Rebuilt Anaxes



Uninhabited Moon





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