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The Galactic Commonwealth was a pro-Jedi government formed in the wake of the Sith Order of Decreto's victory over the Galactic Alliance in the Sith Crusade of 74 ABY. Headquartered on Hapes, the Commonwealth was established as a safe heaven for the Jedi from the pursuing Sith.

The Commonwealth's first Chief of State was Tenel Ka, whose first action as the head of the new government declared the Jedi a federally protected group, effectively eliminating the threat of internal power play against the Jedi. The Commonwealth continued to exist for over one-hundred years, totally surrounded but cut off from the Sith thanks to the Transitory Mists. Eventually, the stagnation of development and the inability of the Commonwealth to reach beyond the Hapes Cluster led to its dissolution in 189 ABY, when it was replaced by the militaristic Jedi Autocracy.



Following the issue of Presidential Order 0139/D just after the fall of Coruscant in 74 ABY, many in the Jedi Order fled what little remained of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and made their way towards the Hapes Consortium, in the hope that their ruler, Tenel Ka, would be sympathetic enough to their plight that she might shelter them. Coming from all directions, many Jedi were shocked to discover the presence of several Sith fleets between them and the Consortium and many were killed in their attempts to pass the blockades; but those who did survive were welcomed with open arms by Tenel Ka and her followers.

Although many Jedi Masters did not survive the retreat, enough made it through to reform the Jedi Council under the leadership of Jedi Master Kyp Durron, who acted as head of the Council in Luke Skywalker's absence, who had been gone missing since before the fall of Coruscant. Together with Tenel Ka, Kyp Durron and the Jedi would work together to help consolidate the Consortium's holdings in the face of Sith incursions into the cluster, eventually defeating them.

Shortly before their victory over the incurring Sith, Tenel Ka and Kyp Durron officially formed the Galactic Commonwealth, declaring it a safe haven for anyone who opposed the Sith Order of Decreto and/or supported the Jedi Order. In doing so, she, along with a handful of Jedi, was able to convince Nathaniel Kenobi Solo and his cohorts to join the Commonwealth, and eventually take part in their campaign to stop the incursions once and for all, at Ruusan. Following what was acknowledged by all participants as a relatively brutal battle, the Galactic Commonwealth's surprise arrival at Ruusan would be a pivotal victory for the Commonwealth.

Arriving in the midst of an already fully fledged battle between Darth Abeonis, his strongest warrior, Darth Micail, and the rebel Sith Lord Darth Dimicatio, the Jedi assault was quick and efficient, with the Commonwealth fleet and army slipping in quietly and striking hard. The battle was a stark shock to the Dark Lord, who saw the fall of Ruusan to the Commonwealth, albeit temporarily, and the death of his next choice for an apprentice, Darth Micail. The presence of Mandalorian forces on the Commonwealth side also led many Mandalorians within the Sith Empire to flee to the Commonwealth.

The victory, although costly, solidified the Commonwealth's position within the sector and convinced the Sith that the threat posed by the Jedi was still great. Another benefit gained from the victory was the sudden arrival of many Jedi and former Galactic Alliance soldiers taking advantage of the temporary gap in the Sith net. With their victory behind them, the Commonwealth began exploring alternative plans for the hopeful rebuilding of the Galactic Alliance, however with the Vancita Alliance in hiding, and the Third Republic itself struggling against the Decreton Order, the Commonwealth had no allies whom it could rely on, leaving only the Hutts as a viable candidate.

Troubles with the SithEdit

Following the defeat of Nathaniel Kenobi Solo and his cohorts at Almania, the Fallanassi and the Scourges of Those Bad Guy People united to combat the Sith, officially joining the Commonwealth. This however, was as much a pain as it was a help in Tenel Ka's eyes, though they would finally prove their usefulness in an upcoming battle between the Commonwealth and Hutts.

Having been conducting secret diplomatic talks with the Hutts since before Ruusan, the Commonwealth and Hutts were slowly edging towards a form of alliance. When the Sith finally learned of these discussions, they strengthened their forces on the border, leaving on the Fallanassi to assist the Hutts. Banding together with the Hutts, the Fallanassi and Hutt fleet succeeded in tricking the Sith fleet in orbit of Nal Hutta to pursue a phantom enemy, giving the Hutts the time to escape. However, it was not so successful elsewhere, and the vast majority of the species were wiped out by the Sith, leaving only a few crime lords and traders alive.

In 77 ABY, not long after the victory at Ruusan, the Galactic Commonwealth began receiving cries of help from hundreds of planets and sectors. Although efficient at first, it was not long before the Commonwealth insurgent groups begun to disappear from the radar. It was soon learned that the resistance cells were being wiped out by a mercenary named Crie Krobos. Three Jedi Masters were sent to eliminate Krobos—Zossk Sadeet, Raynar Thul and Zeferi—but only Zeferi survived.

Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, unwilling to accept the survival of Krobos, departed from the Commonwealth in order to track down and kill him, although it took many years for him to finally succeed.

Campaign on KashyyykEdit

From the very beginning, the Commonwealth had sought to expand their territory as much as possible whilst aiding the oppressed citizens of the galaxy; possibly the hardest of these missions was fought on the planet Kashyyyk. Jedi Master Lowbacca had begun an insurgent ring in 75 ABY, and spent the next few years working to liberate the world from its Sith leader; Darth Vindicar.

Jedi siblings Ani Kenobi Solo, Mariz Kenobi Solo, and Jacen Kenobi Solo were assigned to help Lowbacca complete the liberation of Kashyyyk, by obtaining information from Lowbacca that would help in a Commonwealth attack to provide the Wookiees a means of escape. ON the way however, they were trapped by Vindicar and detained.

Nathaniel Kenobi Solo learned of this during one of his sporadic returns to Commonwealth space, and was soon on his way to Kashyyyk. Meeting with Lowbacca, the two proceeded to Vindicar's headquarters expecting the worse, although was glad to see his family alive. Vindicar attacked, disabling Lowbacca and engaging Nathaniel, and before long the history between the two was unveiled.

During their battle, Nathan had noticed that Vindicar had been talking to himself, and it soon became apparent that the ghostly figure of Vindicar's father was spurring the Sith Lord on. Knowing he could not victor whilst Vindicar was strengthened by the spirit, Nathaniel worked to defeat the ghostly apparition, eventually achieving victory; but only serving to enrage Vindicar more. Vindicar attacked with a renewed ferocity, and forced Nathaniel to kill him, although he could not celebrate his victory long, and was forced to flee with his family after Krobos' arrival.

Eventual collapseEdit

The history of the Galactic Commonwealth following the campaign on Kashyyyk is murky at best, thanks mainly to the Sith blockade of the cluster. What is known however is that by 100 ABY Kyp Durron had been killed in combat against the Sith, and was replaced, temporarily, by Nathaniel Kenobi Solo. Solo's reign was short lived however, when, midway through the Successors War, he was killed by the aspiring Sith Knight Darth Krayt.

In the wake of Solo's death, the Jedi Council unanimously decided to elect Zeferi as the new Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and following Tenel Ka's death, the Commonwealth whole. Under Zeferi, the Commonwealth adopted a more isolationist policy, hoping to gradually rebuild their strength as the Sith had before the Sith Crusade, ignoring the possibility of military expansion during the Successors War and immediate period after. By 189 ABY however, the changing face of politics and war in the galaxy forced the out-dated Commonwealth to fold under the might of the Jedi Order, who in turn adopted a more militaristic standing against the Sith; forming the Jedi Autocracy.

Commonwealth associated worldsEdit