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The Galactic Astrographical Council (GAC) was the head organization that dealt with nomenclature of galactic entities, such as stars, planets, moons, asteroids, nebulae, and other bodies. It also released updated starmaps every few years detailing complex areas of the Galaxy, with indications for newly discovered objects.

Circa 4,600 BBY, L. Skariskicula Krushnavik discovered the Lightsaber Pulsar, around the time of the creation of the first modern lightsabers. Her studies warranted a movement to get her famous pulsar in the old Hullius system. After much controversy, the Galactic Astrographical Council agreed for the Lightsaber Pulsar to be classified as H250, the first of what would be several honorary reclassifications.

Behind the scenesEdit

The GAC is based on the real-world International Astronomical Union.

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