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Commander Fuzz was born on the ice world of Hoth. Later, he founded the Penguin Alliance, a group of penguins equipped with P-15M Flamethrowers. Commander Fuzz led the Penguin Alliance off Hoth to aid the Galactic Republic in 21 BBY. The P-15M's were the key to the Alliance-Republic victory of the Battle of Geonosis. Later Fuzz led the penguins across the galaxy, fighting on the side of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The penguin commander led troops on Kashyyyk, Utapau, and many other worlds during the conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Going into hiding during the "dark times", Fuzz and the Penguin Alliance emerged from their exile during the Battle of Hoth, aiding the Alliance to Restore the Republic during its retreat, and continuing to fight the Empire on various fronts. The Fuzz-class Assault Frigate, a capital ship designed by Fuzz himself, aided the Millennium Falcon in its escape from Hoth. Serving for twenty years in the Rebellion, and later the New Republic, Fuzz was promoted to General by Admiral Ackbar himself, and designed starships, as well as aiding in the new government's strategic planning, for the rest of his career.


The Clone WarsEdit

The demolition expert of the Penguin Alliance, Commander Fuzz and his squad of penguins often infiltrated areas behind enemy lines to steal information and parts. Unfortunately, the penguin was light on armor, and only carried one weapon. After the Geonosis mission, Fuzz led the Alliance in an assault on Rhen Var, where the CIS had stationed an army of battle droids bigger than anything the penguins had imagined. They had to fight with everything they had. The droids would never stop fighting, and Fuzz barely managed to hold them off until clone troopers arrived as backup for the Alliance. After the victory on Rhen Var, the exhausted Alliance had no idea of what the war had in store for them. Fuzz completed many missions with ease, victorious on all fronts until he made landfall on Cato Neimoidia, a Separatist stronghold. For the Alliance of penguins, there were just too many battle droids to hold off. His squad could barely survive the onslaught of battle droids and spider walkers. Luckily, they had mobile laser turrets capable of defeating the walkers. The only way Fuzz could destroy the thousands of droidekas was with a particle disruptor cannon turret, capable of disintegrating droidekas in one blast. After Neimoidia, Commander Fuzz decided that they could take a small break from their missions. Little did they know, by the time their break ended, so had the Clone Wars.

The RebellionEdit

Emerging from hiding, the Penguin Alliance joined the Rebel Alliance to help defeat the Empire. The stormtroopers were more difficult to take down than the Battle Droids that they fought in the Clone Wars. But for Fuzz, all he needed was a flamethrower. When the Empire had found the Rebels secret base on Hoth they were the first to respond, the penguins hopped into the fighters and tried to stop the empire from landing troops. Fuzz went at them full blast to avoid their laser fire and to get within range of the main reactor quicker. Fuzz shot his torpedoes directly at the reactor just in time to pull up and avoid the blast of the Star Destroyer being blown up. He let a smile pass his face as he headed down at another Star Destroyer. This time fighters were deployed before he was in range, Fuzz immediately barrel rolled underneath the Star Destroyer confusing the fighters and once again, Fuzz headed for the reactor. With a sigh of relief he fired the torpedoes and having noted that the Imperials were landing troops he headed for the surface he quickly descended back down to the planet. By the time Fuzz had gotten back to his base the Imperial troops had already gotten inside the rebel base. Fuzz watched as the Millennium Falcon take off. Fuzz and the Penguin Alliance waited for the imperials to come out of the base. When the imperials strode out, the Penguin Alliance made a surprise attack on them. They were taken completely off guard as the Penguin Alliance made their quick attack. Later fuzz joined back up with the Rebel Alliance to make his report.

"This was the first time I'd ever seen Imperials fly without jetpacks." - Commander Fuzz

The Battle of Fuzzy RidgeEdit

Fuzz and his patrols spotted a group of Imerial scouts heading twords their position. Fuzz stationed his men on the nearby ridge (nicknamed Fuzzy Ridge) and waited for the Imperials to get within the penguins range. The Snowtroopers were taken by surprise as Fuzz and his men charged downward. The Imperials had established a line of fire to keep penguins away. Fuzz soon decided that there was only one way to take out the Snowtroopers. Fuzz drew a small detonator from his pocket and yelled: "Gernade!". The penguins were thrown back as Fuzz watched the scattered Imperials trying to retreat.

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