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Fune Haako was the son of Rune Haako. At one point, he was Rune's aide on the New CIS council.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Fune Haako was born on Neimoidia from the Haako family. Unlike most Neimoidian grubs, Fune showed great hostility in the nurseries. His father's, Rune Haako, was very pleased with this, and hence he was going to be his father's aide during meetings.

When Fune Haako eventually matured into a young adult, he at first intended to simply join a trading business, but when his father insisted for him to join the New CIS he decided to join his father. Troyb was pleased to hear that the son of his third in command was about to join the cause, he decided to have him as a member of the council, Rune made him his aide. Fune was pleased to hear that he could assist his father at his meetings, Fune also made a friendship with Troyb.

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