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Fringlers were aquatic residents of the planet Ragnatss.

Physical descriptionEdit

Fringlers were vaguely Dug like in appearance and were believed to be distant relatives to them. They had Dug like faces, minus eyes, had grooves in their lips and had sharp teeth and unusually both gills and lungs. Fringlers suffered from a bizarre case of sexual dimorphism with the males being much smaller and simpler than the larger more domineering females. While males could only grow to be a mere one meter tall, females could grow to a staggering 3.5 meters tall. Additionally the females grew large filaments on their foreheads to attract unwitting fish and mates. Both of them had webbed appendages, which happened to be tentacle like, complete with suction cups. Females were the dominant gender on the planet with males serving under them. Males attached themselves to their mate's side and over time became part of the female, sucking scraps of leftover food that fell around the female.


Fringler society was based on gender, Females at top, males at bottom. Fringler females almost always became the leaders of towns and/or cities and even when a male became leader there was always his mate to pull the strings. They lived in vast domed cities under the seas of Ragnatss. They were very mistrusting of others and only allied themselves with the only species they thought they could relate to: The Dug. Because of their distant relationships vast amounts of Dugs often went to live on Ragnatss and its underwater cities to escape the Gran and others who would use the as labor. They were quite content to stay on their planet of origin and rarely felt the need to leave it, although an adventurous one would be born once in a while. Being somewhat wary creatures they had a moderately large military, and all cities had at least four turrets.


During the battle between the CIS and the Galactic Republic the majority of Fringlers stayed on Ragnatss and remained relatively safe with surprisingly few events. However during the rise of the Empire, Ragnatss was visited and almost captured by the Imperials. However the Fringlers proved to be powerful adversaries along with their Dug alliance, and the Empire backed off, for a time. The Fringlers were actually quite luck because the Death star was scheduled to visit Ragnatss after Yavin 4 was destroyed but was unexpectedly destroyed by the rebels. After the fall of the Empire the Fringlers were at first reluctant to join the New republic but eventually changed their minds and became very valuable allies in the war against the Vong. Being aquatic creatures represented a problem for the Vong but they eventually decided to attempt to destroy Ragnatss core thus rendering it uninhabitable. Once again the Fringlers survived by the skin of their teeth when they were aided by the New republic and its armies. After that it became very quiet for the Fringlers and nothing much larger happened.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Fringlers were based on Angler fish, where the female is the dominant one, while the male is pretty much worthless.

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