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Freyalise was a Planeswalker, an immortal, extraordinarily powerful type of Force-user capable of wielding all five colors of mana (Force energy). She could also read people's mana essences (auras), and glean information about them from such readings. She helped the New Jedi Order fight the Phyrexians, and taught the Jedi many things about how the Force was viewed (and used) in her home dimension. After she destroyed Leshrac, the Planeswalker who served as leader of the Phyrexians, at the Valley of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker conferred upon her the rank of honorary Jedi Master. However, shortly after helping to end the Phyrexian threat she disappeared, leaving the galaxy for more than twenty years.


Freyalise traveled back to the galaxy to help the Jedi again during the Sith Crusade. She served as a member of the Jedi Council, and fought valiantly at the Battle of Ossus. Unfortunately, she was killed during the battle.


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