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Sir Frederick Gray was a human male who acted as the Minister of Defense on Coruscant in connection with the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, MI5.


Not much was known about Frederick Gray's background, other than the fact that he was a long time friend to M, the head of MI5. And the rules of his position state that he, the Minister of Defense, was to take over as acting head of MI5 should something happen to M.

In fact, something did happen to M during the CarbonEye mission in 42 BBY. When an attack by Draco Gant incapacitated M, Frederick Gray stepped in to take over. Some of the agents were reluctant to follow his orders, but they eventually did and were able to finish the mission successfully.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sir Frederick Gray was entirely based on the James Bond film character Sir Frederick Gray. In January 2006, a few months after actor Geoffrey Keen's death (the actor to play Sir Frederick Gray in the Bond films), Star Wars... 007 Style series creator Dubya Scott said that this characters appearance in the story was an "homage to his role in the James Bond franchise." [1]


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