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Welcome to the Fanon Cantina, our wiki's most wretched hive of—scratch that, that's not true! The Fanon Cantina is actually our most casual discussion area! This forum is for casual discussions and opinions about articles, fan fics, and other types of Star Wars Fanon-related works that don't belong in the consensus track, the Senate Hall, or any other forum. Because this is for casual discussion, we have only a few requests for you:

  1. Keep your discussion civil and friendly. This is meant to be a calm environment where anyone can post their opinion, so you should not be bossy, derogatory, or obnoxious to anyone.
  2. Keep it casual. Serious topics such as administrative-related discussions, bannings, policy proposals, etc. should be placed into the appropriate forums.
  3. Don't spam the forums or create multiple posts of very similar topic. An example would be a forum called "<insert name here> – good or bad author?" and one called "<insert name here>'s articles"

If you have a discussion you would like to start, enter in a topic title in the box next to "Add new topic." Once you are ready to begin typing up your topic, click the "Add new topic" button and add your content. Fanon Cantina topics will be archived archived when appropriate.

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Fanon Cantina
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FC:Technical issue00:24, July 22, 2014 (hist)LadyVader
FC:Which "side" of the Force are you on?06:04, July 18, 2014 (hist)LadyVader
FC:The Third Legion theory. Fan fic19:57, July 10, 2014 (hist)CatapractofOrder
FC:Café Fanfic XXXVI19:07, July 9, 2014 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XXXV16:54, June 11, 2014 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XXXIV16:36, May 16, 2014 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:New Page, need help10:01, May 2, 2014 (hist)Krakhim
FC:Happy Easter!04:05, April 21, 2014 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XXXIII19:41, April 7, 2014 (hist)Grand General
FC:Café Fanfic XXXII14:14, March 17, 2014 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Russian Star Wars Fanon wiki17:40, February 22, 2014 (hist)Konstantes
FC:Café Fanfic XXXI22:02, February 6, 2014 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Need Ideas02:43, February 5, 2014 (hist)Krakhim
FC:Café Fanfic XXIX17:53, December 2, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:okay since senate hall hasn't responded in a few days, im asking my question here09:08, November 30, 2013 (hist)Hataca
FC:Café Fanfic XXIV02:37, July 7, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Join the Collaborative Writing Project!18:52, May 28, 2013 (hist)Matt Hadick
FC:Newbie questions17:36, April 15, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XXI17:37, April 2, 2013 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic XVII17:28, April 2, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XVIII17:28, April 2, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XIX17:28, April 2, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XX17:27, April 2, 2013 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Offering my drawing services10:19, January 12, 2013 (hist)NemethBooshi
FC:Who Would Be Interested In This?19:08, December 6, 2012 (hist)TK-999
FC:Café Fanfic VII21:14, October 13, 2012 (hist)Solus
FC:What's the Story - Alternative Saga style10:52, October 13, 2012 (hist)I'm the Chosen One
FC:Café Fanfic XVI02:32, September 20, 2012 (hist)Trak Nar
FC:weapon names06:56, September 9, 2012 (hist)Trak Nar
FC:CivPal06:48, September 6, 2012 (hist)IG-44
FC:Best starting layout for an organization or group??01:40, September 5, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic XV23:40, September 4, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:How do I add a short story...or can I even do that?23:18, September 4, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Opinions Needed!01:09, August 28, 2012 (hist)Canuck2012
FC:Café Fanfic XIV15:38, July 16, 2012 (hist)Atarumaster88
FC:Café Fanfic XIII23:31, June 21, 2012 (hist)Nightmare975
FC:Café Fanfic XII03:39, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic XI03:39, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic X03:39, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic IX03:39, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic VIII03:39, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic VI03:38, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic V03:38, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic IV03:38, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic III03:38, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic II03:38, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Café Fanfic I03:38, June 21, 2012 (hist)Brandon Rhea
FC:Star Wars Episode 722:29, May 20, 2012 (hist)Darth Kermit
FC:Random FanFic Talk20:50, May 19, 2012 (hist)JediForJesus
FC:Darth Names14:36, January 17, 2012 (hist)TK-999

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