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Form XLVI: Leas Cology, the way of Solo, or the excellence form was said to be the most powereful form that can be achieved by a Jedi. It was unorthidox and took time to learn it. Most who tried to, fell to the darkside because they did not have the patience to do it.

Position and LightsaberEdit

The starting position was a stance with the lightsaber straight up and the hands at the right. From this position the user can parie from every attacking point. In some cases the user can have a different stance, but it always starts low and is off to one side.

The lightsaber design is very simple and plain. The most detailed part of the design was the bottom that had parts sticking out. The top part had a curvish holder for the blade and was often black.


The offense in the form was often based on Sith teachings, but there was nothing evil about it. The form had many "moves," or more properly strategies that aimed towards certain body parts. The moves were named after different people in the Solo family.

Ka DjoEdit

Ka Djo was a strategie used to cut off the opponents limbs, specifically the arms or hands. It often used fast and hard motions with the lightsaber. The ending of the attack was when the two lightsabers would push on each other, and then the user would slide theirs down to cut the opponents hands or arms off.


A palptric was the act of aiming towards the stomach area. it often involved spins and hurles. It used much energy just like a Ka Djo, but a palptric was more "all-over" like the style of Ataru.


A haleia was focoused on pushing the opponent back with their lightsaber. It was often done by hitting the opponents lightsaber when they are not expecting it. The move took great power and it did not take the quickness of the other moves, but rather patience.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This article was made by SoloLegacy.
  • Haleia stands for Han and Leia.
  • Palptric means Palpatine and Triclops. Triclops had a child with Tenel Ka, making him the half-father of Allana.
  • Ka Djo simply stands for Tenel Ka Djo who married Jacen Solo, the son of Han.

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