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Forjj's Contest

36 ABY


An arena on Desevro


All maimed and killed


Thirteen assorted force-users

One mercenary


Siske Guylos



Forjj's Contest was a duel between thirteen force users and Siske Guylos.


By the mid 30s ABY, Forjj Blackblade had begun to realize that, in order to claim the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, he would need to find a suitable apprentice to pass his knowledge and skills to. However, he didn't personally know of any other Dark Force users, and certainly not any that would have been a suitable replacement.

To overcome this situation, he decided to take a leaf out of Darth Tyrranus' book and hold a contest to find his next apprentice. The idea was simple; Darksiders would be drawn to him and fight each other for the privilege of becoming his apprentice. Only the strongest and most capable would survive and be worthy to become his pupil.

Using remaining contacts from his Imperial days, he put out feelers into the underworld. Knowing that he had provided irresistible bait, he simply sat back and waited to see what would emerge.

The ContestantsEdit

Over the next few months, the contestants appeared. Having investigated their claims, he found at least a dozen individuals who would proceed to the next stage of the competition. Each of them was invited to Desevro to meet at a time and place to be announced later.

As expected, fighting broke out between the various contestants. In true Sith style, they sought to eliminate their rivals to further their own cause, just as he had planned. While he didn't witness any of the conflicts directly, he was pleased to find that half of the contestants were already dead, apparently at each other's hand.

Having had the field weeded out, he felt that it was time for the next stage of the contest to begin.

Into the ArenaEdit

Forjj summoned the remaining six contestants into an arena in the ruins of an ancient city. There he reviewed each of them, liking what he saw; in addition to a trio of Force-Sensitive Warriors, there was a Dathomiri Nightsister, a force-using Falleen conman and a Warrior-king from a primitive race. He then announced the next stage of the contest - the six would fight to the death, with the last one standing becoming his apprentice.

The battle broke out immediately, with the contestants turning on each other in an instant. Only Xizzii and Hizzarg were not fighting; the Falleen attempting to control the alien and suffering an unexpected side effect, with Hizzarg instead trying to mate with him. The others appeared to be evenly matched, or at least they were until Dalthos and Lucille teamed up to kill Chu'unda.

Xizzii, realizing that his tactic had backfired, tried to repel Hizzarg with his abilities. This succeeded instead in enraging the beast, who turned on him and crushed him with his massive fists. Turning back, the warrior king engaged the other contestants, apparently deciding to crush them all at once.

Taking advantage of the situation, Dalthos and Lucille turned on Oomalaat white she was distracted, cutting her down. The pair of them then confronted Hizzarg, but made the mistake of underestimating his fists. The massive alien almost overwhelmed the pair of them, before they were able to recover and turn on him. Eventually, they were able to wear him down with a battery of contestant attacks, before finishing him off.

The pair then sheathed their weapons, turning to face Forjj.

Unexpected FinaleEdit

Descending into the arena, Forjj congratulated the pair of them on their victory. However, the pair of them were suddenly attacked from behind by an assassin, and run through. Pleased with this result, Forjj then congratulated the assassin, offering her the position of his apprentice.

She replied by cutting him down.

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