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A Force Rift was a tear in the Force. The Force bound the galaxy together but occasionally it drifted apart in places. That was where a rift appeared. A Force Rift was a hole that was beyond time and space. If someone went into a Force Rift, they could have seen people who have been dead. In a rift, people who had previously existed are incarnated. Even the younger forms of people who were still alive were incarnated there. If someone crossed the rift they may find themselves in any time, place or galaxy.

Known Force RiftsEdit

  • Dexter's Diner (It was built directly on top of a Force Rift and is known to attract late customers)
  • Mos Eisely Cantina (It was also built on top of a rift, but late customers are usually not noticed, due to the roughness of the locals)

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