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The Force Imperators were an ancient tradition of Force-Users dedicated to the preservation of the Balance of the Force. The Imperators were formed in the aftermath of a disaster on Tython in 25,793 BBY. Led by Sek'nos Rath, a contingent of 100 Je'dai departed the Je'daii Order on Tython in a sojourn for Had Abbadon, on which they established their citadel. The Imperators dedicated their lives to achieve mastery of their physical, mental, and spiritual abilities and as a result, they achieved a mythical status and were only spoken of in hushed whispers. To maintain balance, the Imperators often found it necessary to eliminate or remove certain individuals from positions where they could impair the balance and their works were often attributed to the GenoHaradan, an organization with emulated the modus operandi of the Imperators.

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