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Force Amplifier
Production information

The Ones


0 ABY, By Mara Jade, Rediscovery in 995 ABY by Kane

Known locations

Desparye, Mortis, Earth, New Alderaan, Saraleca

Physical and technical specifications



5 cm


5 cm


5 cm


"The Force will gather, then recede, but only true balance will bring peace"

Usage and history
  • Amplifies the Force
  • Is the Souce of Force-Sensitivity

New Republic Era, Post-Lagacy Era

The Force will gather, then recede, but only true balance will bring peace
—The inscription on the Force Amplifier

The Force Amplifier, also known simply as The Device, was a device that could amplify the Force to meet the user's need in every way. It was also the source of force-sensitivity itself. This meant that used properly, it could make people Force-sensitive. It also meant that, if destroyed, Force-sensitivity itself would be destroyed. However, this was made extremely unlikely, for it couldn't be harmed by lightsaber, or any other weapon, such as the Death Star superlaser. It could only be destroyed by the Dagger of Mortis.


  • Force Amplification: The Device could amplify The Force almost indefinitely.
  • Invulnerability: The Device could make a person invulnerable.
  • Force Sensitivity: The Device could harvest the Midi-Chlorians from the life around it, or generate new Midi-Chlorians, then redirect them into another person, giving that person Force abilities and Force-sensitivity. However, if it was used to generate new Midi-Chlorians, It would have a "cooldown" period of about a day before it could be used again.
  • Resurrection: Each user of the Device could bring one person back from the dead. However, A body had to be provided. It was preferable that this body be the body that the person died in. However, if that body was destroyed, as in the case of Palpatine, the Force Ghost of the dead individual was sufficient.


The effects of the Device could only turn out on one person. If you used the device to bring someone back from the dead, the two people would have an intimate connection, and if one end was severed, the other was weakened substantially.

Known UsersEdit