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The First Jedi Bendu Schism was the first of three major schisms within the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi. During the conflict, a group of Dark Jedi Bendu led by a former Jedi Bendu Priestess named Eden fled from Ashla Prime and the Jedi Bendu Temple and established a village, also called Eden. Over time, the village grew and the majority of those that lived within it had embraced the dark side and took radical views on the beliefs of the Jedi Bendu. These Dark Jedi Bendu also planned on overthrowing the Jedi Bendu. In order to make an example out of the Dark Jedi Bendu, Yahweh was said to have leveled the city and destroyed the Dark Jedi Bendu in order to firmly establish that the members of the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi were his chosen people.

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