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The First Battle of Mtgeeto was a skirmish that occurred during the Clone Wars.


When the Separatists wanted to attack the Felucia Medical Center, they saw the planet had a huge forcefield around it, so they needed codes to deactivate it. When they detected a unusually big Republic force at Mygeeto, they attacked it in search of the plans.


The Seps commenced their attack on Mygeeto. Fortunately, Jedi Master Plo Koon was on the surface at the beginning of the battle, so him and Clone commanders Gree and Ponds advanced to Little Half Circle before the attackers can stop them. A horrid battle commenced, and many reinforcements on both sides were lost. During the early-mid battle, Koon received a distress call from nearby Dantooine saying that the clones there need help, so Ponds headed there with some men. However, after this, the Republic began to fall back, and Gree was wounded. But, Plo was able to destroy the Separatist artillery. However, his men were all depleted, and there was no transportation off. Luckily, Ponds came back from Dantooine with four clone pilots, so they picked up a better Gree first. Then, they headed to the Republic rendezvous point to pick up the Jedi Master.


Since the Separatists captured the Republic base, they deactivated the forcefield around Felucia and attacked the medical center there too.

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