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I was a fan of the Old Republic, but they turned into people that don't share my ideas. I never got into the Rebellion. The New Republic doesn't really share my views. That leaves making my own group.
—General Grham on creating the League of General Grham.

General Firmus Grham formed the League of General Grham. He was part of the Old Republic but decided to leave when they formed the Empire. After that he decided to create his own group. He then formed the League of General Grham. After years of hard work, he joined with the New Confederacy.




I can't support something that doesn't support me. The Empire stands for everything that I'm against. I suppose I could help the Rebels, but I don't think that they would support my views, either.
—General Grham.

Since the Clone Wars began Grham was a Republic supporter and he became a bounty hunter mainly working for the Republic. After Order 66, he rebelled because he "couldn't support something that doesn't support him."

The LeagueEdit

In 4 ABY General Grham decided to form a rebellion against the New Republic. This was called the League of General Grham. He led this on Korriban and had everything a government should have. He was the leader with none in second.

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