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Filose Naj was a powerful Falleen spy and mercenary during the late stages of the Great Sovereign Crusades. He had many jobs during this time period, many of which conflicted each other greatly, and he found himself on the most wanted list of nearly every faction. Eventually, Filose gave up his spy-work and attempted to work towards a life of good doing. He went to Dorin and assisted in the policing there, joining the Vaskar. He was later appointed the leader of the group and became the greatest that it had ever seen, leading the group to fame as well as galactic respect.

Filose had many positions during his life, including leader of the Vaskar, and head of defense for the Jedi and Prime Minister of Falleen. He later formed his own group in the outer-rim called the Fist of Naj, which became a lesser version of the Vaskar. After all of these successes, he was appointed the Minister of Defense for the Republic, and lead the it to many victories. He killed a great number of wrong doers in his life, including a Dark Lord of the Sith, a Mandalore and an evil Kel'Dor named Dorn Atun. Though he did not like killing those people, he knew it was necessary to preserve the peace on Coruscant and in the Republic.

Filose was married to a Falleen female named Shana Cech, who would become the Prime Minister of Falleen. They had a son together, Dak Naj, named after a great hero, Dak Grenlar. They lived on Falleen, and Filose returned to them anytime he got a break from his duties with the Republic. He died when invaders tried to kill his wife because of her leadership on Falleen. He protected her with his life and when the odds became too much, he blew up the secluded building he and the attackers were in, killing himself to save his wife's life.


A Tragic ChildhoodEdit

Filose Naj was born on the Falleen home world of the same name. His two parents were not noble of any sort, so he spent his entire life without many privileges. He lived in an area with lots of crime, as normal folk were always thinking of ways to make the noblemen angry. Then one day everything went wrong. A group of Falleen raiders came to his home while Filose was out and killed his parents, disposing of them in a nearby river.

When Filose came home later that day, he found his entire house trashed, many things stolen and nobody anywhere in site. Those criminals had taken everything he cared about and stolen everything he had to live by. He had to take his revenge, and bite back just the way he had been bitten. He went into the secret storage room behind his bed and grabbed his father's most prized possession, the Echani vibroblade hanging from his wall, which his father had taken from a dead Echani during the time of the Great War.

Striking BackEdit

Filose went outside, vibroblade in hand and walked into the forest, where he heard the raiders made their base camp. After a time of walking aimlessly, he came to a river, stockpiled with dead bodies floating at the top. He shook his head and stepped back, running and jumping across the river, right into the face of the perimeter guard. The guard grabbed Filose by the throat and held him up to eye level, glaring at him and holding up a blaster. Filose brought his vibroblade to waist level and shoved it into the stomach of the guard, then cutting it across, leaving a gaping wound on the side of his body, as he fell to the ground lifeless. Searching the body, he took the blaster and put it in his coat, then saw the very technical belt and figuring it could be very useful, took it off and put it on himself.

Continuing on with his new weaponry, he came across a tent and realized he must be at the encampment. He took out his vibroblade and cut a hole in the tent. Hoping nobody was inside, he walked through the hole and began searching the tent. He found a box, filled with various things. Grenades, computer spikes, security tunnelers, parts, the like. He took them all and shoved them into his pockets, taking out one large red grenade and looking out the door of the tent. It looked like all the raiders were sitting around a fire, give or take a few. He pressed a button to activate the grenade, then rolled it out to the fire. A large explosion of fire erupted, engulfing all the raiders in the flames. Most of them were knocked unconscious.


Filose's ship, Silence

He walked back out to the camp fire, scouring the bodies once again for anything he could find that would prove useful. He found a rather large sword on one of the bodies, and one powerful looking blaster rifle on another. He put them both into his armor and looked around. Nobody left, he had avenged the deaths of his parents, and it made him proud. Not only that, it was a bit fun tearing them all to pieces. He walked past the camp and found a ship, sitting near the river in a clearing. The ramp was open, so he walked in.

Leaving FalleenEdit

It was much less than luxurious, but he was much used to it by now, living in the small house he did. There looked to be a small washroom over to the left, a cargo hold to the right and a cockpit up front. Not much, but everything worked. There were two benches to either side of the entrance, surrounded by lockers and canisters. He stored all of the stuff he took off the bodies in the lockers, then went to the cockpit, checking the navigation chart. He didn't know many planets, so he picked the one he did know, Tatooine, and set a course on the autopilot. The ship took off as he sat on the bench and fell asleep.

Many hours later, a beeping sound was heard in the back of Filose's head and he awoke; the ship had arrived on Tatooine. He got up and grabbed his new gear, putting it back in his armor. He walked out and was surprised to see a man standing there, waiting for him to get out. His skin was dark, either naturally or from the suns constantly beating down. on him He was wearing normal torn rags as clothes, dirty brown and had his hands crossed across his chest. He said his name was Achmed El-Gibar, and he was waiting for this ship to arrive for a while now, but it was not Filose that was supposed to come.


Achmed El-Gibar, Filose's teacher

Achmed asked how Filose came across this ship, so he told him his story, about how he avenged his parents, then stole the ship from the raiders. Achmed nodded his head and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, telling him that he had plenty of potential to be just like he was and he would teach him everything he knew. Naturally, Filose was confused; he didn't know what Achmed was, but figured it would only be good to learn new things.

Training as a SpyEdit

Achmed took him pack to his penthouse. It was very large, filled with jewels, treasure, artifacts, anything beautiful you could think of... Strange that he would dress like such a bum when he had all these good things. That was when Achmed told Filose he was a spy and a thief, and that his dress was necessary to make it good in that living. Over the years, Achmed taught Filose everything about the business, hacking, slicing, breaking in, breaking out, repairing, stealing, everything you would need to think of. He taught him how to use all the things he had stolen from the bodies, the swords, vibroblades, blasters, most importantly, the belt. He learned it could grant him stealth ability, so he could not be seen.

His training went on for years, from the time he was 20, until when he was 50. It was then that he could not be taught much anymore, and Achmed was growing on in years. He would die later that year, but before he did, told Filose to carry on his legacy as a spy, and that he could use this penthouse whenever he wanted. He told him the password to get in, and gave him a violet cloak, one that he wore for good luck, as a charm. Achmed died, and Filose was sent on his way.

Getting his Name OutEdit

Good evening, you filthy worm."
"Hi chuba da naga?"
"You will make a public announcement for me, Vogga, because I know only you have the power to do so on the moon. You will tell the galaxy that Filose Naj is calling to all takers. Anyone who wants to hire me can, and I will work my best for them.

—Filose Naj and Vogga the Hutt

Filose left Tatooine for the moment, heading to Nar Shaddaa, to get out his name so that he would get work easier. The lead Hutt knew him and feared him, which was good and bad, but soon everyone would know that Filose Naj, the top Spy in the galaxy, was open for work.


Vogga the Hutt

He landed in the refugee sector of Nar Shaddaa, the area in which most of the crime dealings with the exchange and with the Hutts were done in. People on this planet had known him, apparently he was wanted for the death of Achmed El-Gibbar, his teacher, though that was a load. Filose made his way through the refugee sector over to the docks where the local Hutt, Vogga, had all of his ships.

Filose walked into the Hutt's palace, though was told that he would have to get an appointment to meet with the Hutt. Filose pulled out a blaster and held it to the receptionist's head, saying that he did have an appointment. Understandably, he was now admitted entrance into the mansion, though the first two guards knew him to be a wanted man and drew their vibroblades on him. Filose retaliated by drawing both his vibroblades and told them to take him to Vogga. When they turned around, Filose skewered them both, if only to make Vogga angry, and continued on his own.

Wandering around the palace for a little while, Filose realized that he was going to be in trouble. A security announcement came up in Huttese and from what he understood, they were all looking for him now. He activated his stealth field and continued onward, searching until he came to a room, which had nearly fifty guards in it.

Filose figured that the door behind them they were guarding was the door to Vogga's chamber. Knowing it would be nearly impossible to get through all those guards, Filose crept by them and into a separate room. Luckily, this was the room next to Vogga's treasury. He locked the door tight behind him and sealed by melting it shut with a blaster, then set a charge at the side of the room. The wall blew apart, letting Filose loose in Vogga's hoard. He took everything he could, deactivated the stealth shield and then went into Vogga's chambers.

The slimy Hutt was clearly shocked that Filose had gotten into his chambers, and even more chagrined at the fact that all his guards were locked out. The two had a discussion in which Vogga was at blaster-point the whole time and in the end, he agreed to let word out that Filose Naj, one of the greatest spies in the galaxy was now looking for work.

No Longer the SpyEdit

Sorry, Vogga, I can't do this thing anymore. Seeing the people suffer, I realized that I need to start helping people, not hurting them. Good doing business with you.
—The final words of the spy Filose Naj

Filose remained on Nar Shaddaa in a flophouse near to Vogga's palace. He was waiting in this housing unit in hopes that somebody would come to give him a job. They were, after all, in the beginning stages of a war between the Jedi and the Sith. He would have figured that either side, or even the Republic would be in need of the most skilled spy in the galaxy.

However, nobody ever came to get him. He had to turn to Vogga to get a job and he got the intention that Vogga just wanted him to be killed. The job was to eliminate the Exchange from the entire refugee sector on Nar Shaddaa to give Vogga complete control of the area and the crime.

Normally, Filose would not accept such a task as it seemed like suicide, though he had nothing else to do as the potential customers were not coming to get him. Disappointed, he would continue on to where the refugees lived, which was also where the presence of the Exchange was most powerful in the area.


The Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa

He activated his stealth field generator and began running through the sector, avoiding the Gammorrean guards that lined the halls and making his way to the exchange boss. He stood right in front of the man, a Trandoshan who was also a slave trader. The overseer offered Filose a counter deal, to eliminate Vogga and gain more work with the Exchange. When he refused, Filose was given an ultimatum, get rid of the refugee problem permanantly or be hunted down by the Exchange.

Filose figured killing a few refugees wouldn't be a problem, so he went down to the lower levels where they all lived. The massive number of people startled him, and it wasn't just men, but women and children too. There were families who feared for their lives, huddled together in cold and agony, no money or happiness in any of them. It was then that he realized that no greater good could be served but to eliminate the Exchange from this area and let the refugees live life a little better.

He reactivated his stealth belt and made his way back up to the Trandoshan overseer and stood right behind him. He told him that the deal was off, before stabbing him through the back of the head. The guards began going insane, firing blaster bolts in any direction that wasn't friendly. Filose ran away, dropping grenades behind him as he went and leaving a trail of destruction behind him. Once he had left the area, he went back in to make sure there was no more sign of the Exchange. He eliminated the few remaining guards with his blade, then returned to Vogga.

Once back at the palace, he informed Vogga of his new outlook on life and told him that he could no longer continue his work. He told Vogga to use his credit reward to give the refugees somewhere remotely livable on the moon. With his career in spying and mercenary work over, Filose left for Dantooine, hoping to live in peace and help others for a while.

The VaskarEdit

The Vaskar was a secret policing agency on the planet of Dorin, which cut the crime down to nearly nil on the planet thanks to their efforts. However, they wanted some off-worlder presence to come and settle the on world troubles, feeling that the Kel'Dor could not adequately defend their own planet due to their attachment with it.


The symbol of the Vaskar


Filose was enjoying his time on Dantooine, helping the settlers there recover their once great society. He made repairs to Khoonda and gave funding to any local farming locations that needed help. He eliminated the Kinrath problem from the fields, helped clear out the old Jedi academy and attempted to restore it so people could view it safely. He even went through the old crystal mines to make sure that it was safe to go in there.

He was happy for what seemed like the first time in his life. Then, a visitor by the name of Dorn Atun came to Dantooine, searching for recruits into the Vaskar, a group for which he was the current leader. Dorn was asking around when the administrator from Khoonda pointed him towards Filose, who grudgingly accepted the job, feeling he had helped the people on Dantooine enough. He felt as though helping another community would only make him feel better.

Filose traveled around with Dorn for a while, searching for more people to join the group. They arrived on Concord Dawn and recruited two humans, Aras Doplin and Dak Grenlar. With the new team assembled, they went back to Dorin to help out the situation there.

Loss of a LeaderEdit

He had such potential, such good will inside his heart. What could have gone wrong?"
"He was always a warrior, Skyu, maybe putting him in the Vaskar only strengthened that trait."
"But killing a Jedi Master?"
"Ridicule can do that to a person.

—Skyu Lon, Filose Naj, Err Lupe and Dak Grenlar

While Dorn had been away from Dorin for a while, the crime rate had risen back up. The group immediately got back into action, tracking down and eliminating criminals, be them killers, thieves or vandals. They set up a new HQ to get away from the Baran Do tower and fitted it with a prison and communications tower.


Dorn Atun, ex-leader of the Vaskar

The crime quickly fell and this got the attention of people around the galaxy. Shortly, Dorn was taken by the Jedi to become a Jedi Knight thanks to his efforts on Dorin. Skyu Lon, leader of the Baran Do, briefly took up the role of leader of the Vaskar to cope with the loss of Dorn.

A few months later, word reached the Vaskar that Dorn had fallen from the Jedi, killing a few Padawans as well as his own master. This left Skyu shaken and he no longer liked the idea of a Kel'Dor leading the Vaskar. He appointed Filose as head of the group.

Head of the VaskarEdit

You are this planet's only hope, Filose. Turns out I was right in making you head of the Vaskar.
—Skyu Lon to Filose

Filose was ecstatic with this new appointment and looked forward to bringing the Vaskar to a new light across the galaxy. However, it seemed as though the Baran Do Sage had only appointed him the leader because he needed Filose to do a job for him, to save Dorin.

There was a war coming to the planet, Skyu had sensed it, which would end up killing everyone except the Vaskar and the Baran Do. There was a way to stop it, though it involved Filose selling out the Jedi to the Sith, in order to make the Sith avoid Dorin. Though he did not want to do it, he left for Hoth to scout out the hidden Jedi base. Once he had found it for sure, he gave the information to the Sith and left for Dorin with guilt and continued leading the group.

Even though his leadership was apparently a farce, Filose made quite a name for himself and for the Vaskar. He appointed Aras to be head of recruitment and expansion and named Dak his assistant leader. With their help, the group expanded to many planets and recruited many new members. During his leadership, bases were made on Nar Shaddaa, Manaan and Kashyyyk and many new recruits such as Yi Liin, Lassavouu, Brianna Clark, Hishli and Taalbarr were brought into the fold. Equipment was also now being delivered from Eriadu, making the group very formidable.


You have been with me the whole time on this project, Dak. Now I gotta go, so its all yours. Run with it.
—Filose to Dak

Dak Grenlar, successor to Filose Naj

For the 29 years that Filose was the leader of the Vaskar, he made quite the name for himself and for the group. Funding was coming in from the Republic and more and more people were being recruited, more bases being constructed. The names of the leaders and top members were becoming galaxy renowned as being heroes for solving skirmishes that even the Jedi could not.

This however presented a problem. The Jedi began to get angry with the Vaskar for taking their thunder. They were afraid that the group would soon usurp them as the protectors of the galaxy. To stop this, they sent a message to Filose, asking him to be their protector and their head of defense. He felt that this would be an even better way to help people and took their offer.

The Vaskar did not necessarily lose, as Filose left Dak, a very capable leader in charge of the group. They would continue on strong for many years under Dak's leadership before the Battle of Manaan. Filose was worried about his group, but stayed on with the Jedi to serve and protect the Republic and the galaxy.

Helping the JediEdit

When you are with me you will forget everything you know about the Jedi. I will teach you to fight, to defend yourself and others. Your code can fly out the window, with your beliefs. All you will need are your skills with a weapon.
—Filose Naj to the Jedi

Filose made his way to Coruscant and to the Jedi temple. He had a feeling that the entire appointment was a farce, but that would not stop him from doing his business. The Jedi had named him their head of defense, and the only way that he knew to defend himself was through violence. Whether the Jedi liked it or not, that is what he planned on teaching them how to do.

The first thing the Falleen had to do was meet with the Jedi Council. He only knew one of them, the Kel'Dor Oro Tell, who had served with the Baran Do before. There were many more recognizable faces, such as the Nautolan Sen Helto and the humans Jar Todur, Xiantos Zosimus and Lirra Amad'Leq. There were many other filled seats, though Filose could not recognize any more of them.

They first asked him why he was there. A curious question in the least, considering they asked him to come, which was the reason he gave for coming. They then asked him what he planned to do and he told them bluntly that he was going to do what they couldn't. This aggravated the Council very much as Filose had called them out on not having the ability to act when they were needed. The Council discussed and still reluctantly approved the appointment of Filose as head of defense.

The Council itself did not participate in Filose's training sessions with the Jedi. Other masters, Knights, Padawans and even Hopefuls were more than eager to learn from him. They had heard of his exploits with the Vaskar and on Nar Shaddaa and wanted to learn how to defend themselves and others when the need arose.

Filose was able to instruct the Jedi more on how to use a lightsaber, demonstrating with his own vibroblades. He was able to teach the higher echelon of them how to use two blades at once very efficiently. He gave them all new equipment and during his spare time designed new robes, which had better capabilities than normal Jedi robes. The Council always neglected to use these, while many normal members did. These robes eventually became known as Najian Robes, named after Filose.

The training that Filose gave to the members of the Jedi would prove invaluable in a war soon to come against the Mandalorians and the Sith. Many members of the council would perish thanks to their inability to see their own faults, though the Jedi that remained with Filose would become great warriors and survive, later becomimg council members themselves.

Fighting the SithEdit

So you are the one who has caused us all the trouble? It is no matter any more, once I kill this last Master, the Jedi will be destroyed."
"If you think the Council is the highest point of the Jedi, you are blinded. I know a Jedi Knight who is more capable than them, but they are too stuborn to see it. Trust me, all you have done for the Jedi today is a favor, and what I give you in return is your death."
"We shall see, my large... green... friend.

—Darth Erebos and Filose Naj before their fight.

Filose had helped the Jedi greatly over the several years that he had been with them. He taught them all the skills he knew, making them fully capable spies if they ever chose to give up on their religion. The timing of Filose's lessons for the Jedi was impeccable as a new war was about to bring havoc upon the Jedi.

The Sith, who had recently been defeated in a past war, were now growing in strength once again. Their newest leader, Darth Erebos, had built up a large following and was planning to assault the Jedi worlds all at once, hoping to decimate the order completely. Dantooine, Coruscant, Baltimn, Ossus and Ilum were all targets of the Sith.


Darth Erebos, Dark Lord of the Sith

The Jedi would not have received word of this had it not been for the skill of Filose. As the defender of the Jedi, he would routinely go to planets renowned to hold Sith in the past to see if there was anything new going on. While on Yavin IV, he overheard the new Dark Lord planning his attacks with his generals in a Massassi Temple. When he attempted to leave, he was ambushed by a group of Sith and was able to fight his way out with scars about his body.

Returning to Coruscant, he requested his first meeting with the Jedi council since he had arrived on the job. They had changed since then, Sen Helto, Oro Tell, Xiantos Zosimus and Lirra Amad'Leq had all gone and Jar Todur was but an old man. There were new members now, though they did not seem capable anymore. He told them of this new threat, of the planets that were going to be attacked and about the massive numbers of Sith that the Dark Lord had managed to obtain. The council did not believe him and did not send additional troops to the academies on those planets, only reinforcing Coruscant in case something did happen. Filose had to call in some favors with the Vaskar to get their help defending the rest of the planets, even though he did not know the current leader.

However, during the next training session, Filose directly defied the Jedi council and told his students what was happening. He split the class into five groups and sent four of them off to the four other academies that were going to be attacked. Leading the groups were the students he felt were the greatest he had trained, three masters in Damarus Xen'Gai, Malcolm Polaris and Xeno Halthorn as well as the Jedi Knight Victoria Hart. He had hoped that the training he had given them would be enough to fortify those places. He would fortify the Coruscant academy himself, having no faith in the Jedi council's ability to protect.

The attacks came within a few months, during which time Filose had instructed the leaders to continue training the students. He felt as though they were ready for this challenge, but wasn't sure if the rest of the Jedi would be or not. Unsurprisingly, the Dark Lord spearheaded the assault on the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Erebos made his way directly to the council chambers with a couple Sith Lords by his side to deal with the council who were holed up, saving themselves.

Filose lead the Jedi into the fray against the Sith, wielding both his vibroblades with many more lightsabers flashing on behind him as he ran. He slashed his way through the Sith, most of them poorly trained, until he had made a line of bodies to the front door. Turning around, he could see his Jedi students making their way easily through the Sith troops, dicing anything in their way with their blue or green lightsabers.


A portion of the Jedi Council after the attacks

Feeling no need to stay watch over that battle, Filose ran through the fighting to get to the Jedi council, not liking their odds against the Dark Lord. When he ran into the room, he saw bodies littered all around, including the two Sith Lords that had accompanied Erebos. There was one visibly alive member, Jar Todur, still sitting in his chair speaking with the Sith Lord. Filose assumed Jar was now too old to fight and wanted to bide his time.

After a small exchange of words, Filose engaged in a fight with the Dark Lord of the Sith. Erebos, wanting a fair fight to test Filose, neglected to use the force to his advantage. The two slashed at each other, parrying blows and blocking strikes until eventually, Filose's mastery of wielding two blades caught up to the Dark Lord. While blocking one of Erebos' attacks, he forced the red lightsaber out of the way and then sliced off the Dark Lord's head with his off hand.

Following this battle, Filose got word that the attacks had not succeeded on any of the other worlds thanks to the efforts of the Jedi Filose had trained and the Vaskar. More than this, Jar Todur had realized his mistake and allowed Filose's council on who should be placed on the Jedi council after this debacle. Ten members that Filose had trained, including the generals of each world; Damarus, Malcolm, Xeno and Victoria were all placed on the council.

Now feeling that the Jedi were finally in capable hands, Filose left the Jedi to tend to matters on his home planet. Some Jedi left with him, feeling a sense of loyalty for him saving their lives, and they all traveled to Falleen to take care of business.

The Fist of NajEdit

In the name of The Fist of Falleen, you are under arrest, my lord."
"It's treason, then?"
"Your oppression will never return. You have lost!"
"No, no, no... YOU HAVE LOST!

—Filose Naj and Emporer Fisor during their final confrontation

Upon arriving on Falleen with the group of Jedi who had joined him, Filose quickly became disgusted with the state of affairs on the planet. The planet was apparently under the rule of a dictator who was also in cahoots with the Exchange and the Hutts. After discussing things with his Jedi friends, they agreed to stop the catastrophe.


The symbol of The Fist of Falleen and the Fist of Naj

To first destroy the enemy, however, one had to learn about him. The dictator was a Falleen by the name of Fisor. He had been voted into power from a legitimate election but then quickly used his power to eliminate all competition. Getting an alliance with the Exchange strengthened his strangle hold on the planet and supplied him with mercenaries to control the goings on planet wide.

Filose found out about a secret underground organization called The Fist of Falleen. This was a group of Falleen who were immensely unhappy with the current government, or lack there of. Filose and the Jedi met with the leader of the group and joined up. Together, they began forming a plan to conquer the demon that was Fisor.

The plan was very complicated and involved disabling to power and communications to Fisor's tower, as well as setting up a perimeter defense to ensure that nobody got in. The trouble with this was that there were not that many people in the group at the moment to be able to pull off such a plan. Naturally, the leader of the group sent out word that Filose had joined the group to help them and almost instantly new members began pouring into the group. Within a few days they had enough people to attempt the plan.

It turned out that this underground organization actually had some underground passages. They had been constructing them ever since the formation of the group and the most important one led under Fisor's tower and right behind it, past the defenses. The entire group went through this passageway and came out the back of the tower. Some scaled the tower with cables to disable communications, others ran out the back to find the power and the majority ran around the front to deal with the guards. Rather than killing them, the guards were stunned and tied up to a post near to the entrance. About 20 of the group stayed behind and looked out for any mercenaries, while Filose and the leader led a group of about 10 into the tower to deal with Fisor.

Oddly enough, the tower was not heavily guarded at all. A few rogue mercenaries and receptionists was all that they faced. No cameras, no turrets. It was as if the dictator did not expect anyone to ever get in. As they were making their way up to the top of the tower, they heard a slight buzz and all the lights went out. It would have been better later, so they would be able to take an elevator, but no matter. The group found the stairwell and began the rather long walk up to the top.

Once there, it became painfully obvious why there were no guards throughout the building. The number of mercenaries there outnumbered their own by almost two to one. These numbers were thinned out when a red ball rolled into the center of the mercenary pack from a window and blew half of them to death. More reinforcements for The Fist came in from the window, likely the group who had disabled the communications. The group ran into the fray with the mercenaries as Filose and the leader ran past to get to Fisor.


Fisor, Emperor of Falleen

Fisor was able to quickly pick off the leader of The Fist quickly, striking him in the forehead with a blaster bolt. After a small exchange between Filose and Fisor, the rather short-lived fight began. Fisor attempted to blast off Filose's head the same as he had the others, but Filose was able to block the bolt with one of his vibroblades, then used the other to cut off Fisor's head. The deed was done and Falleen was now free.

During the next legitimate election on the planet, Filose was appointed as Prime Minister of the planet without even being registered as a candidate. It seemed as though people had been writing his name down on the ballots and voting for him. Filose graciously accepted the position and led the government for a few years. Meanwhile, The Fist of Falleen would be renamed The Fist of Naj, after Filose and his heroics.

Cech MateEdit

During the years of Filose's leadership over Falleen, he made many improvements planet-wide. A base was set up for teaching the elder people how to protect their own people better, in case another dictator ever came around. He severed the ties that the previous "government" had to the Exchange and any other criminal activity and allowed the Jedi who had come with him to police the area to their will, feeling they would protect the peace that he wanted there.

With plenty of help dealing with things planet side, Filose mainly kept his focus on the Republic. He wanted to return Falleen to the list of Republic worlds and the Senate. The negotiations for such were not long at all, Filose easily able to bring the planet into the Republic due to his reputation as an outstanding citizen and ally of the Republic.


Shana Cech, Filose's future wife

When that little duty was out of his way, his focus came to his personal life and more importantly, the person who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister to serve along side him. Her name was Shana Cech, a Falleen woman much younger than himself. Over their continuous meetings throughout Filose's term, the two grew closely and a bond began forming between them. They would occasionally partake in leisure trips away from the office to get to know one another even more.

After the four years of Filose's term were over, another man was sworn in to the Prime Minister position, though Filose had paid no heed to the government anymore on that planet. He continued to grow his relationship with Shana, and within a year the two were married. In another couple years, they had a son named Dak, after Dak Grenlar who died valiantly after taking Filose's position as leader of the Vaskar.

Filose would stay on Falleen for a few more years, taking the spare time to get to know his wife and son better. When the time was right, he returned to what brought him back to Falleen and took up the position of leader of the Fist of Naj, a position that had been vacant since the groups change from the Fist of Falleen. He felt good back in a position of leadership, even if it meant leaving his family behind for a little while.

The Outer RimEdit

With Filose at the helm of the Fist of Naj, he began to protect other worlds with the strong core group that he had gained on Falleen. The Jedi that had followed him after the attack on Coruscant had stayed with him throughout the whole ordeal, and many Falleen who wished to be part of Filose's legacy joined with him as well. Together, they began going places where Filose knew the Vaskar would never go. The Fist of Naj would serve only to protect the Outer Rim planets, make them more appealing for the Republic, in hopes that they too could once be liberated.


An example of a new Republic recruit, an Esoomian, courtesy Filose

Filose's first priority was to get to the locations that had the least bit of Republic influence in them, and make that influence even stronger. The first planet on this list was Baltimn, a planet which housed a small number of Jedi Knights in the School of Hidden Wisdom. There, for about half a year, Filose taught the human population of the Republic and the good that it could do for the planet and the community should they join in the confederation of planets. He left the planet shortly after preaching the message, instructing the Jedi there to strengthen it while he was gone.

With very few planets that the Republic had any contact with, Filose went to planets whose potential for a high source of funding was appealing. His first stop on such a trip was Bespin. There, he met with the minister of an infant city in the clouds and began discussing the chances of a Republic allegiance to the city. The minister considered it, and would agree many years later, giving some portions of his income to the Republic to assist in their funding. This meeting would later serve well, as the Cloud City population was disloyal to the Empire after the Battle of Yavin.

The next planet of Filose's choice was that of Muunilinst, a planet with a wise species whose ability to handle money was nearly unparalleled. The leader of the Muun community was eager to help others in the galaxy and quickly agreed to supply the Republic with funds to increase their capabilities. With two economic powerhouses down, Filose wanted to find a military capable world to join the Republic.


Tre LeBlonde, new leader of the Fist of Naj

Knowing that Mandalore and Ordo were out of the question, Filose went to a less likely source of fighters. He found the lesser known planet of Esooma and met with their leader, a towering figure whose physical structure more than doubled Filose. The warriors there, grateful to join into something worth fighting for, overwhelmed the ruler and forced him to make the agreement. Hundreds of Esoomians made their way to Coruscant to be admitted into the Republic.

Filose's work was not alone in these four areas. Many more bases and seeds of the Republic were planted on other worlds, but these would have the greatest impact in the future. Filose left the Fist of Naj, leaving the group to one of the Jedi who had followed him, the human Tre LeBlonde. Filose went back to Falleen and spent several more years spending time with his wife and son, teaching his son to be the greatest he could be and loving his wife to the point that one could not love any more.

The RepublicEdit

Filose spent the next 13 years on Falleen with his family. During this time he taught his son everything he new, hoping that he would eventually take his place in the galaxy. He preached all of his values, life, respect, in hopes that Dak wouldn't waste the first 50 years of his life doing nothing but harming people. His wife continued on with her duties with the government, so her time at home was limited somewhat, though as a family they had never been more together.

Then one day, a Republic ambassador came to the planet seeking out Filose. There was, apparently, a new war breaking out. The ambassador was calling it the Great Unification War and explained that all the former galactic powerhouses were all joining together to fight the Republic. What remained of the Mandalorians and Sith teamed with the remains of the Exchange and Hutt forces to attack the Republic. The ambassador had come to ask for Filose to take the position of Republic Minister of Defense, to aid the Republic in its time of need. Filose accepted, not knowing how long the war would actually last.

Shana would have to resign her post as Deputy Prime Minister of Falleen in order to care for their son. Filose promised he would return quickly and that the war wouldn't be long, but he was very wrong. The family would grow rather separated during this time, though Filose's job was now to protect the galaxy from the war, and he intended on doing just that.

The Great Unification WarEdit

Filose accepted the job as Minister of Defense assuming it would be a job only for this war. He thought that if they defeated all of their enemies in one war, there would be no more attacks until they were able to regroup. But for the moment he was not worried about his longevity, but how he could help protect the galaxy with the Republic.

The first thing he had to do was have a meeting with the rest of the powers in the galaxy. The Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, the Jedi council, the head of the Vaskar and the leader of the Fist of Naj all met together in a room underneath the Senate. They discussed the possible locations of a strike against them, the most obvious location being Coruscant. They decided that Coruscant would be the most heavily defended location by both the Republic and the Jedi, and that every other Republic world would be reinforced with Republic, Vaskar and Fist troops. They would then adopt a wait and see approach to those locations and send reinforcements to the planets that were attacked.

Filose brought up the suggestion that since they would not be able to handle an attack from all four powers at once, they should attack an enemy stronghold to thin their numbers. Seeing as the Mandalorians had the military prowess out of all the groups, an attack on their main bases of Dxun, Mandalore and Ordo would eliminate them from the war and also take away any military strategy that they had.

Planning went on for a few years on both sides, as well as enforcing troops with new members and munitions. It was determined that Filose would lead all attacks against the Mandalorians before the attack on Coruscant had begun. The Chancellor, Jedi council and Grrwooken, head of the Vaskar, would stay on Coruscant to defend from the onslaught there. Jedi Masters were sent out to all other major Republic worlds to hold the lines as generals on those planets.


Mandalorians being forced back on Ordo

After another few years, the battles had finally begun. As suspected the main attack came to Coruscant, all four forces sending the majority of their troops to the capital. When word had come that the enemy was approaching, Filose gathered up his troops and began heading the long trip over to Mandalore, while the rest of the Republic fleet got into the skies as well to hold the line in space.

Unsurprisingly, the Mandalorians were prepared for a counter attack, though Mandalore himself did not stay behind. A general was left on the world, along with a throng of troops and Filose assumed the same would be encountered on Ordo and Dxun. He landed on the planet easily with no space resistance to speak of and began the raid of the Mandalorian base. His troops swept through the enemy ranks quickly with Filose leading the charge. The general was cowardly and stayed behind, forcing Filose to seek him out to end the raid on the world. A small fight ended in the death of the general and the surrender of Mandalore the planet to the Republic. Surviving Mandalorians were sent to Alzoc III to serve their time.

The next stop on his trip was the planet Ordo, in which the same kind of resistance was met. This time however, the general led the front lines, which made the fighting even easier. The opposing general was the first Mandalorian killed, though the rest did not surrender this time. Casualties were larger in this battle for the Republic, as these Mandalorians seemed like actual Mandalorians and did not surrender. After the battle, Filose found a surviving Mandalorian sending a message to Mandalore that the Republic had decimated their forces, and were heading for Dxun next. Filose knew now that he had to be quick on Dxun, he had no want to face Mandalore on his own.

The Republic troops under Filose's command swept through Ordo, making sure everything was destroyed before gathering up what they needed and heading for Dxun. During this trip, he got word that the defense of Coruscant was going well. The space battle there had just ended with many enemy forces taking shuttles down to the planet to avoid being destroyed in their ships. The fight was now located around the Jedi temple and the Senate.


Mandalore leads his troops on Dxun

When Filose arrived on Dxun, he saw that it was shockingly the least defended base of the three. However, that shortly changed as Mandalore soon arrived to take control of the situation, bringing with him most of the troops he had brought to Coruscant. The tide shifted almost immediately as Mandalore led his troops charging through Filose's soldiers. There were mines littered around the battlefield before the fight had started as a defensive measure. However, these mines wiped out more than their fair share of Mandalorians and evened the tide.

As the battle raged on, the two great warriors in Mandalore and Filose met in an old Mandalorian encampment. They both drew their weapons and began an epic duel with many troops just standing by and watching, wanting to see the outcome. Mandalore started off wielding a double bladed sword, though Filose put an end to that by pressing down on both sides with his twin blades, then kneeing the middle of the double blade to snap it in half. The playing field was even, two blades on two blades.

To be even more fair and respectful to his opponent, Mandalore removed his thick armor to fight where he could be killed. The fight was one for the ages, strikes and blows met with blocks and parries, many injuries to both fighters including a slash wound across Filose's stomach. Ultimately, the fight ended when Filose caught a lucky break. During one deadlock of the blades, Filose mustered up the strength to slide his blade down to cut off Mandalore's hand. With Mandalore now in shock, Filose stabbed him through the gut with one blade and cut his head off with the other, giving him a true warriors death.

At the end of this battle, Filose would have been named Mandalore had he not been loyal to the Republic. He sat down in the grass, badly wounded while his troops finished off the battle. He had just over 100 troops remaining after the fight with the Mandalorians and took them over to Coruscant where the battle was now raging inside the Jedi temple.


Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Axon

Filose dropped his remaining troops off in the middle of the two battles, the Jedi temple and the Senate, while he took his personal ship to the top of the Jedi council chambers. Once he landed on the top, he jumped down through one of the side windows to see Xeno Halthorn and Victoria Hart in a fierce duel with the newest Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Axon, surrounded by the beaten, but not dead, bodies of other Jedi Masters. Filose's enter was enough to draw Axon's attention away from the two Jedi, who took that opportunity to slice the Dark Lord's body in two different places. There was another Sith in the room, a youngling who looked afraid. Filose let him go, feeling no need right now to kill the boy.

The battle of Coruscant raged on for many days until the enemy troops were vanquished completely. There were still many battles being waged on other planets from the minor invasions the united enemies had organized, and these would continue for many, many years. Filose would remain on Coruscant, giving orders to the Republic troops, and they would eventually be the victors. His first term as Minister of Defense was an uproarious success, and he was asked to continue his work. He would accept, but needed to go see his family still.

Taking a BreakEdit

After the success of the Great Unification War, Filose saw an opportunity to finally return home to his family. All of the galaxy's opposing forces had been destroyed, at the cost of many of their own forces and the galaxy was now going to be safe for many years. However, upon returning home, he learned that his family was not very happy with what he did at all.

When he walked into the door of his home, he was immediately smacked across the face and yelled at many times by his wife. His son sat over in a corner alone, trying to ignore the situation, though he was also not pleased with his father's absence for almost 20 years. Filose tried calming down his wife, but she wouldn't listen to reason, she wouldn't believe that it was his duty to protect the galaxy. She made comparisons to the Jedi and how they tore families apart to serve and protect the galaxy, and that was what the Republic was doing to them.


Filose, ready for anything that comes his way

Throughout all this madness, Filose kept a calm head. He thought that she had been lonely; maybe Dak had been a trouble while he was gone and the two didn't get along without a father figure to help out. Maybe she was angry because she had to give up politics to be with Dak. The next thing he knew, though, he had offered her a position right beside him in the Republic when he went back. Seeing her expression, he realized that was the wrong thing to say, and then assured her that he would stay with them for a while.

For the next four years, Filose stayed with his family. Shana stayed home and neglected to return to politics and together they finally became a true family. Dak became integrated into society, making more friends and being educated by someone other than Filose. Filose and Shana made community outreach programs to assist the Fist of Naj while they were off planet. They were finally happy together again.

Then, the same Republic ambassador came to get him once more, saying that there was a rebellion taking place on Coruscant. Looking to his wife, she nodded her head, and Filose left once again. But this time, he knew it wouldn't be long. Rebellions are usually short-lived things.

Small RebellionEdit

You? You started this rebellion? Why?"
"The Republic and the Jedi, both of them, they hate us non-humans, they ridicule us and I have come to stop it!"
"The Jedi never ridiculed you Dorn! You were evil, you killed so many of them!"
"From my point of view the Jedi were evil!"
"Well then you are lost. I will do what I must."
"You will try...

—Filose and Dorn Atun before their final fight

The rebellion against the Republic on Coruscant came as a result of the small population that supported the enemies in the Unification War. There were very few humans in on the rebellion; it was mostly aliens who preached that the Republic did not care for anything other than humans. However few that there were, they were well trained somehow, and Filose was interested in finding out who they were trained by.

When Filose arrived on Coruscant, he was granted a welcome by the Supreme Chancellor himself, the only man higher than him in the pecking tree. The situation was explained into more detail and Filose was confused as to why the rebels would think that the Republic only cared for humans. If that were the case, Filose would surely not have the title that he had now, no matter how successful he was. He knew that somebody devious had to behind the whole thing.

Filose sent the Chancellor to his quarters, knowing he would be the main target. He then proceeded to fortify the perimeter defenses around any Republic building, including the Senate, Jedi Temple and a few other important buildings. He called in a favor with Tre LeBlonde, who brought in the forces of the Fist of Naj to assist in the defense.

Once the battle started, Filose went up to the Chancellor's office to protect him himself, should the defensive barriers be broken somehow. He was sure the Jedi Council, who still had the members he had appointed many years before, would be able to save the Jedi Temple and the Fist of Naj reinforcements could definitely hold the line.

Filose stood in the Chancellor's office, keeping watch over the battle in the streets. His forces were clearly winning, they were trained better than the aliens, though their mastery in combat was surprising. He then noticed something that caught his eye, a Kel'Dor running through his forces with ease. He wielded two purple lightsabers and cut through the Republic troops quickly, making his way into the building Filose was in.


Dorn Atun during a fight with Filose

He had a bad feeling about this, and his bad feeling was soon replaced by an aching back as the Kel'Dor came bursting through the door and shoved Filose into the wall with the force. When Filose got up he looked at the man who had just entered and realized why they were so well trained. It was Dorn Atun, an ex-leader of the Vaskar and murderer of many Jedi. With both his lightsabers ignited he ran towards Filose, who quickly drew his vibroblades.

A fierce battle ensued. Filose had the advantage of better swordsmanship, but Dorn had the power of the force to aid him, and unlike Darth Erebos before him, he actually did use it to his advantage. Many times during the fight, in between traded strike and blocks, Dorn would unleash lightning from his hands to stall Filose and it would somewhat work. Dorn had an opportunity after some lightning and sliced off a few of Filose's fingers.

This only enraged the giant Falleen, as they continued fighting, Filose now only able to wield one blade still outmatched Dorn's lightsabers. They made their way to the side window, which shattered when one of Dorn's lightsabers made contact with it. When the window was gone, Dorn force pushed Filose towards the edge of the window. He was teetering on the edge when the Chancellor came from behind Dorn and pulled Filose back in. Dorn, infuriated, spun around and was about to slice the Chancellor in half when Filose got back to his feet and did what Dorn was planning to do, and sliced the Kel'Dor in half with his vibroblade.

During this fight, the entire rebellion was quashed below, the forces of the Republic and the Fist of Naj proving to be too much for a renegade group of aliens. The Chancellor ordered a machine expert to construct new fingers for Filose, then ordered a funeral service for Dorn Atun on Dorin, for the good that he had done before he turned evil. All was once again well in the Republic.

Help from the Vaskar and the FistEdit

After the little rebellion that had come to attack the Republic, led by Dorn Atun, the Republic went into somewhat of a peaceful time. Small skirmishes were, as always, springing up all around the galaxy, though these were things that the Republic could not worry about. It was for this reason that Filose sent immediate funding towards both the Vaskar and the Fist of Naj.


Filose during his time off

With this extra funding, both organizations began expanding to more and more planets, and the rate of crime on these planets was going down rapidly. Planets like Alderaan and Tatooine were becoming stabilized thanks to the Vaskar, who were even able to lessen the Hutt influence out of their homeworld, Nal Hutta.

The Fist of Naj expanded deeper into the outer rim, spreading the word of the Republic more vigorously. Many more systems pledged allegiance to the Republic after seeing the efforts that both Filose and the Fist were putting into them. Filose watched as more and more recruits poured into the Republic, having more faith in them than ever before.

Filose took this time off to head back home, to Falleen, and spend more time with his family as the Vaskar and the Fist looked after the galaxy. He had the utmost confidence in the Supreme Chancellor to run things well in his absence, too, so he had no worries while with his family.

After seven years though, this moment of peace and small expansion would end. A united front of Exchange and Hutt forces were prepared to destroy the Vaskar, though the location was unknown. When they finally struck, it was a shock to everyone.

Battle of DantooineEdit

Several years after the Vaskar had assisted the Republic, Filose got word that the Vaskar was under attack on Dantooine. Their forces were being decimated by the Exchange and Hutt forces. Filose thought of the history of Dantooine and the tragedies that they had already been through. He realized that he had to bring Republic forces to help in the battle, not only to remain in good faith with the Vaskar, but to keep Dantooine in the Republic.


The aftermath of the Battle of Dantooine

When the Republic forces arrived on Dantooine, the situation was much worse than Filose could have imagined. The enemy had somehow gotten their hands on heavy artillery and machinery, equipment that was devastating the Vaskar. As the ships came in, Filose could make out the figures of the Wookiees Grrwooken and Tyrrok fighting in the madness. While descending, he saw a tank shell hitting Tyrrok as he was taking out a large group of Exchange forces, ending his life. Filose then rushed the troops to get to the ground and dropped down some of their own heavy artillery.

With the combined forces of the Republic and the Vaskar, the battle was won within the day, effectively ending the last Exchange and Hutt rebellion for a long time. Filose had stayed in his ship during the entire battle, raining hell down upon the enemy forces from the sky. After the battle, he met up with Grrwooken and congratulated him on a job well done.

With that latest disaster averted, Filose returned to Coruscant where he intended on expanding the Republic and helping the Vaskar and Fist of Naj spread the influence of the Republic. He took the time to also relocate his family to Coruscant for the time being, buying a large luxurious home, thanks to his enormous salary.


Following the Battle of Dantooine, the Republic yet again entered a time of peace. However, due to this latest insurgency, the faith that had just been instilled in the Republic was diminishing. They felt as though the only reason that the Battle of Dantooine was a success was because of Grrwooken and the Vaskar. Filose did not like this one bit.

He made it his personal duty, something he hadn't done in a long time, to visit worlds not in the Republic yet himself and get them to join in. The first order of business for him was to visit worlds under the rule of dictators, much like Falleen was before. Planets such as Tibrin, Corulag, Vinsoth, Derilyn, Romin and many others were all visited by Filose. The dictators who ruled these worlds with iron fists were eliminated one way or another and the worlds would join the Republic a short time after their government was actually restored.

Filose then continued listening to the influence of the Vaskar and the Fist, setting up bases of his own on the planets where they had bases. The Republic influence was beginning to spread more and more as the years wore on, thanks to Filose, and the confidence that was instilled in them after the rebellion was beginning to return.

After Filose felt his duty had been done, he left the expansion to the Supreme Chancellor and left for Falleen once again. He had been away from his family for quite some time now and hoped that they wouldn't be angry at him again.

A Time of PeaceEdit

Upon arriving back on his home planet, he came to bad news. It appeared that the influence of the Fist of Naj had decreased immensely and a new dictator was on the rise once again. Tre LeBlonde had been killed by the new government and the group now had no formal leader on Falleen to stop any problems. Filose really had to look into this.

He went back home and found his family was in good condition. His son was getting to be larger than him and was turning out to be a very imposing figure on his own. A thought crossed Filose's mind at that moment; if the Fist needed a leader and his own son was now larger than him, why not appoint his son as the leader? He would of course have to test his son first, see if he was capable before appointing him to such a position.

The two engaged in a fierce sparring match, one ceremonial between father and son, a passing of the torch in most cases. This time, it would be passed over a long period of time, as Filose had not led the Fist for some time. Filose lent Dak one of his vibroblades, and the two traded blows back and forth for close to half an hour. They were nearly evenly matched, with Filose ending up on top after a long period of fighting. Filose was impressed with his son's skill and appointed him the head of the Fist. With a new leader, Falleen went back to it's peaceful ways as Dak was able to quash the new dictator before he rose.


An aged and blushing Shana, new PM of Falleen

With no leader anymore for the planet, Filose shocked everyone when he nominated his wife, Shana, as a candidate for the Prime Minister of Falleen. She won in a landslide vote due to her abilities as the Deputy Prime Minister years before, and her connections to the Republic. Filose was again thrust into the public eye for his love for his family and his selflessness.

However, his time of peace would soon end, as he was again visited by the Republic ambassador. Apparently there was now a Sith uprising. During the last war that the Sith were involved in, they were not all destroyed, and a few remaining disciples had grown in power over the years and started a backlash against the Republic.

Sith UprisingEdit

You were a fool to leave me alive. The Republic is dying a death that should last millenia and I intend to be a catalyst in that reaction."
"You will not defeat us both!"
"And then the oppression of the Sith will never return!

—Darth Quantos, Filose Naj and Xeno Halthorn before their fight

With the new battle being waged against the Republic, the Jedi were once again eager to get involved to make sure they had the utmost influence in the galaxy. Filose once again had to make a return to his spying ways and infiltrated the Sith academy on Korriban. He needed to get information to the Republic about where they were attacking and with how many. The identity of the new Dark Lord would also help.

The first two were easy to find out. They would be attacking Coruscant, as a no-brainer, however they would be attacking the Jedi all out this time. They were apparently seeking the same thing the Jedi were, though in a different way. The numbers were not anything to worry about, maybe half the amount of Jedi and all of different species. However, they were all very well trained, and Filose found the source of this training to be very disturbing.

The new Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Quantos as he called himself, was the very same Sith that Filose had let go to redeem himself during the Great Unification War. He did not think that the boy would go on to lead the Sith into a war once again. When Filose found Quantos, he was standing in front of a newly made statue, one of a Kel'Dor, who Filose recognized as Dorn Atun. It would seem that Dorn had come to Korriban and led the Sith for a while, before uniting aliens to fight the Republic those many years ago.

Filose left with this new information and returned to the Republic, requesting a meeting with the Jedi council as well. He told the Chancellor and the council of this new threat, but also told them that the Republic was in no danger yet. They should, however as Filose explained, reinforce the Jedi temple with Republic troops, while Filose would take the Grandmaster of the council, Xeno Halthorn and make an attack on the Dark Lord himself.


Darth Quantos, Dark Lord of the Sith

A few months later, the plan was set into motion as the Sith attacked. As they had thought, Quantos had stayed in a ship above, commanding his troops and using battle meditation from his cruiser. Filose had been able to brief the troops and the Jedi on what must be done, then took Xeno and left to the cruiser in orbit in a Jedi starfighter. The Jedi Council took point in the Jedi temple, to stop any immediate threat.

Filose and Xeno were able to land easily in the cruiser, as a tractor beam pulled them in. It seemed as though all the troops on the ship had been sent down to the planet and there was only Quantos there to stop any attempts on his life. This made the pair rather happy, as they figured he would be easy pickings in a two on one fight.

They approached the bridge of the ship, where they found Quantos meditating and making his troops stronger. He stopped and rose to his feet, igniting two red lightsabers and turning to face the pair. After a small exchange, the fight began. Filose drew two blasters as was agreed upon, while Xeno drew his lightsaber. Xeno engaged the Dark Lord himself, the meeting of the two most powerful force users in the galaxy in one ship, lightsaber attacks ricocheting off of each other, with neither one being able to gain ground.

This was where Filose came in. He began firing his blasters like wild fire as soon as Xeno had gotten out of the way. The Dark Lord had to created a Force bubble around himself to stop the bolts. This would last for minutes, parries from the lightsabers and blaster attacks going nowhere until Quantos finally became fed up. He thrust Filose out of the way with the force, then jumped at him quickly, standing over him ready to slice him in half. At that moment, Quantos himself fell in half as Xeno had snuck up behind him and cut him in two with his own lightsaber. The plan had worked, they used the Dark Lord's temper to their advantage.

Returning to Coruscant, they found the Sith had already been defeated. All members of the Jedi council were still alive, though minor casualties of Republic soldiers and Jedi Knights were accounted for. After this skirmish, the Republic finally entered a sustained period of peace, one that would last until the end of Filose's life.


I would rather die than let you get to my family!
—Filose's last spoken words

After the Sith uprising, Filose again left to Falleen to be with his family. He was now getting on in years, nearing the end of his life regardless of anything that happened and he knew that he wanted to spend it with those that he loved. He had done enough service for the galaxy, he thought, to be able to live the rest of his life the way he wanted.

The house that he had lived in his entire life on Falleen was now gone, when he had returned. Shana had used her salary over the past ten years or so to have a larger building built, one where the Prime Minister and their family would live, no matter who that was. Filose was happy in this new home, no matter how large it was for his tastes.

He was pleased to learn of the success of the Fist of Naj since Dak had taken over leadership of it. There were very little criminals remaining on Falleen from what he had heard and the outer rim worlds were becoming more and more influenced with the Republic everyday. Shana had been doing a great job during her, rather long, term as Prime Minister. Her approval ratings were higher than his own during his reign.

However, soon enough, all would not be well. Apparently, there were people, mostly males, on the planet who did not approve of Shana's leadership of the entire planet. They were planning an assassination, but not the sniper, quick death kind. They were planning something slow and painful, something that could hurt in the worst way before death for her.


The explosion resulting in Filose's death

Unlike all the attacks that Filose had been involved in with the Republic, he had no idea that it would be coming when he did. He didn't even know that people were that upset with his wife to do such a thing. They were in a back room, separated from the rest of the house when the attack came. Five men, all wielding a blaster and a blade, ready to kill. Filose rose from where he was and drew his weapons before telling Shana to get to safety.

Filose was getting on in years and he knew that he would have to fight a perfect fight to stay alive now. He quickly fired off a couple of shots at the same man: one hit him in the chest and the other in the center of the head. With the death of one comrade, the other four ran an him. He pulled out a small flash grenade and threw it on the ground, then covered his eyes as it went off. The others were not ready and went temporarily blind, as Filose snuck around and stabbed two of them through the stomach at the same time like a shishkabob, then out to the side to leave them nearly detatched from themselves.

The last remaining two took no chances anymore and began opening fire on Filose like no tomorrow. With no time to activate his personal shield, he was bombarded with the bolts and was forced to the ground. The two men walked over and stood over him, vibroblades pointed at his head ready to kill. They said he would die if he didn't hand over Shana. With his last ounce of strength, he raised his hand with the blaster in it and fired a shot at the large tank of gas, causing it to explode and taking him, the back room and the two men with it.


And in the end, he died as he lived, saving the lives of others and making the galaxy a better place. We will never forget the greatest Falleen in the history of the Republic, Filose Naj.
—The Supreme Chancellor on Filose Naj

After Filose's death, he received the greatest of hero's farewells on Coruscant. Most of the population loyal to the Republic arrived to say their goodbyes, including all members of the Vaskar, Fist of Naj and almost every person on Falleen. He was given a great speech by the Supreme Chancellor of the time, who went over all of Filose's achievements over his life, a speech that lasted many hours.

He was buried amongst the greatest Republic heroes and friends, beside people like Dak Grenlar, Brianna Clark and the ex-Vaskar leader Grrwooken. Later on, these people would be sent into a cemetery that was orbiting Coruscant and would be called the Republic Heroes' Meadow. In this cemetery, Filose's grave would be the largest for many, many years before anyone of his importance died.

Filose was remembered as a man of incredible integrity and great values. He went down in history as the greatest and most vital Falleen in their history, though his power in the galaxy was rivaled by Prince Xizor several centuries later. Many structures were constructed for him on Coruscant, including the Filose Naj School of Defense. The Grandmaster of the Jedi, Xeno Halthorn, would have a great statue of Filose constructed in the Jedi archives to make sure he would be forever remembered by the Jedi.

Filose would live on for centuries through his Naj bloodline until the Battle of Yavin. There, the last member of the Naj bloodline, rightfully named Filose Naj III, would be killed by Darth Vader. Though the Naj family no longer existed, Filose was still remembered as one of the greatest heroes the galaxy had ever seen.


Filose was, as many people can attest to, a very intimidating presence. His massive size, especially for a Falleen can scare people out of fights without him even speaking a word and drawing a weapon. This works well for him, as later on in his life he had no more need to fight people.

He was a kind person, though his exterior didn't show it. He valued life and respect and treated others with those two qualities. He would only kill someone if they had first killed someone, feeling that death was only punishable by death. He helped people improve their lives through the Vaskar, Jedi and later the Republic and because of this he became on of the most influential Falleens ever. The things he valued most turned out to be what made him such a respectable figure in the galaxy.


Filose was very adept at any workings that were involved in infiltrating, fighting or spying. He was a master of stealth, hacking, repairing machines, as well as a brilliant combatant. He was a master of wielding two vibroblades at once and was also very keen with blasters and blaster rifles. He had many pieces of equipment that could help him in his occupation; powerful weapons and unique devices that made him the best in the business.

As shown later on in his life, Filose had a knack for leadership. He was arguably the greatest leader in the history of the Vaskar, the only exception being Grrwooken. His leadership qualities and strategizing abilities, as well as the abilities listed above, granted him the position of Minister of Defense within the Republic. During his life he had become one of the most influential people in the galaxy, possibly more so than future Falleen Xizor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Filose Naj was created and role played by Steve Young on The character was retired when the role player decided to take a six-month break from role playing, along with others. Of the characters retired, only Sen Helto made a return. An end to Filose's history is being written.

This character was one of Steve's favorites that he had created, however he never was able to fit in with the SWRP like his Jedi characters were. This is the main reason he was scrapped for that site, a lack of interest from others.

The line by Darth Erebos; "We shall see, my large... green... friend." is clearly a reference to the Emperor's line "My little, green, friend." when speaking to Yoda.

The entire exchange between Filose and Fisor is almost a mirror between the exchanges between Mace Windu and Emperor Palpatine. The exchange between Filose and Dorn during the rebellion on Coruscant is a copy between two separate conversations between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The first two lines were made up, the rest were copied.