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Fhedghey Jurtk'i was a Human Coruscanti Grand Jedi Master. When he was 9, he wandered out to the Jedi Tmple, and was found to have a high midichlorian count and an unnamed male took it upon himself to train Fhedghey in the ways of the Force.


Fhedghey Jurtk'i was born on Coruscant in the slums. He died on an unknown planet while on an away mission with an unnamed Jedi. He was slaughtered by Darth Sidious.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fhedghey Jurtk'i was created by Vezz801 for the upcoming Star Wars: The Other fanon 2008 comic. Not many details have been released about this character, therefore, being the creator and writer AND artist for SW: TO, Vezz801 will release more info every month, but for now this is the way it is, and MUST not be changed by anyone.