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Captain Felix Ulysses was a Human who lived on the luxury world of Or'rac, and later joined the Wolatarian Colonial Navy.


Early life Edit

Felix Ulysses' family lived on the Wolatarian planet of Or'rac during the resettlement post-Vong war. His parents, owners of a shipping corporation, had been growing tired of increasing regulation and taxes in rest of the galaxy. They moved their business to Or'rac in 91 ABY, drawn in by the lack of income and export taxes. Felix was born their only child, five years later. Felix was a studious young man and graduated with honors in 112 ABY. He went to Sansu University on Or'rac, and obtained a three year degree in Business Administration. With the increasing strength of other Forces in the Galaxy, he and many other Wolatarians joined with the Armed Forces.

Military career Edit

Felix entered the Wolatarian Navy as a lieutenant and was assigned the the Destroyer Irrational. He served as a weapons supervisor aboard the Destroyer, before being transferred to the Battlecruiser Neo'vana. He initially was assigned a supervisor position over port torpedo tubes, then advanced taking over the position of "General Supervisor of Forward Weapon Nodes". After six years on the Neo'vana he was promoted to junior executive officer.

The Second Great War Edit

Felix was aboard the Neo'vana when the Empire attacked Or'rac. After the battle, he was unable to locate his family and much of his community from Or'rac. He stayed on board the Neo'vana after the exodus until he took command of the Torpedo Bomber Gamma Niner-seven (The Astral Queen]. When political tension caused the split of of the Wolatarian nomadic fleet, Felix took the Astral Queen and her crew to Alliance Space to serve with the Jedi against the Fel's Galactic Empire.

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