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Famill was a Dathomiri witch from the planet Dathomir. She was born in 57 BBY She was raised as any other girl from Dathomir and was trained in the witch arts from her mother. In 33 BBY, Famill killed a sister in an argument and was banished into the desert. In desperation, she joined the Nightsisters for food and water, but was sucked into the Dark Side. Hunting for a mate, she found an opportunity to escape off the planet in Fath Corlaso, whom she captured as a mate and stole his ship, the Rose Diamond. She had a son, Matteo with him, and killed Fath in 32 BBY.

She met the newly turned Count Dooku, who betrayed her to the Jedi Order, who imprisoned her until she escaped during Operation Knightfall. She found and nursed her son Matteo back to health after he had been in a coma during the attack. While rehabilitating him, Darth Vader killed her while Matteo escaped. In her last breath, she renounced the Dark Side.

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