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Hundred-Day War

Extant War

2,103 ABY

Major battles

Destruction of Korriban



The Charon Dominion [...] believe themselves to be your saviors as much as they purpose themselves as your executioners. If defiance is your choice, you will only find that their terrible will is far more arduous to deny than you can possibly imagine.
—Savelle Ulesari

The Extant War, also known as the Charon Invasion, the Otherspace Incursion, the Fourth Great Galactic War, and the War of the Two Galaxies, was a major galactic conflict between the invading Charon Dominion and virtually every then-known sapient being in the realspace galaxy.

The conflict with the Charon Dominion had blighted the galaxy to such intensity that most of the largest galactic powers united themselves into a loose and frailly-maintained alliance through the Treaty of Korriban, known as the Galactic Emergency Coalition.

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