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Evis Odé was a female Chiss Imperial agent, specially trained as a Sniper, who operated during the beginning of the {{Sw|Second Great Galactic War}, reporting directly to the Sith Emperor. It is unknown how Evis became so close to the Emperor, but all those who encountered her and survived noted her cold, calculating attitude and her clear—some would say misguided—loyalty to the Emperor above all else. During the latter years of the Cold War, Evis was deployed extensively by the Emperor to ensure worlds such as Corellia and Alderaan were in constant chaos, primarily by eliminating key figures who could potentially end the conflict.

In the first month of the Second Great Galactic War, Evis was ambushed and injured by bounty hunter Despina Patek, who captured her and was preparing to turn her in to the Republic military until starship captain Kellith Odé happened across the pair. After checking whether Kellith was worth anything- which he was- Patek attempted to capture him as well, only to find the smooth conman was also quick with a blaster. In the confusion, Evis escaped onto Odé's ship, agreeing to work with him shortly afterwards.

It was after meeting Patek and the Ysalamiri she carried across her shoulders that Evis found her connection to the Emperor broken, somehow interrupted by the lizard and finally allowing her to think for herself for the first time in years.

Biography Edit

Early career Edit

Sergeant Evis Carson reporting for assignment as ordered, sir.—Evis, while serving as a Sergeant during the Cold War.

Absolutely nothing was known about Evis Odé that wasn't clear from meeting her. With her records deleted by Imperial Intelligence, Evis never officially existed, a factor which made her tasks of espionage, assassination and infiltration all the easier. Evis openly admitted, to the rare few who dared to ask, to killing her own family to ensure her position with Imperial Intelligence wasn't compromised and killed her fiancé shortly after their engagement party, ruthlessly severing his windpipe while he slept.

Prior to becoming an Imperial Intelligence agent, Evis served as an Imperial soldier, where she was revealed to be an incredibly talented Sniper. After a series of promotions and successful missions, Evis was contacted by Imperial Intelligence, leaving to join their hidden ranks soon after. Due to her specific skills, Evis was trained as an assassin, using a sniper rifle and a wide range of gadgets and knives to kill her targets. Even by Intelligence standards, Evis was exceptionally skilled at making impossible shots and causing massive damage to enemy forces when ordered to due so.

While on Balmorra, Evis was able to destroy a small arms factory held by the rebels near Sobrik. Using thermal imaging technology, Evis was able to shoot through the structure, hitting one of the generators and destroying the entire facility. It was after this achievement that Evis was contacted by a group known as the Emperor's Hand and told to report to a space station 'to better serve her Emperor'.

Once aboard the hidden station, Evis was escorted to the Sith Emperor himself. While she was honored at first, the Emperor soon revealed his intention to use her as his personal tool of destruction. Evis began to grow wary of what was meant, believing the Emperor wasn't just promoting her. The truth became apparent far too late however; Evis had her mind overpowered by the Emperor's will, forcing her to serve him with fanatical devotion while her own thoughts were suppressed.

Thrall Edit

Evis: “I am a servant of the Emperor himself. You dare restrain me?
Despina Patek: “You Imperials are real quick aren't you?
―Evis and bounty hunter Despina Patek, after Evis was captured.

Evis was quick to deploy, using various aliases and disguises to move across the Galaxy undetected. In the last week of the Cold War, Evis had been responsible for over two-hundred Republic deaths, on worlds as remote as Tatooine and as close to the Core as Corellia. Though Evis couldn't question her Master's commands, what little of her own personality was allowed to filter through was curious as to why she was killing off the targets; Senators, Jedi and even a child on one occasion.

Despite her secrecy, Evis was ultimately discovered, and the Republic hired a seasoned professional from Onderon to deal with her.

During a mission to assassinate a Jedi Knight on Hoth, Evis was ambushed by the hunter, a Human named Despina Patek. Well-trained though she was, her specialty was not a fair fight, and when it came to hand-to-hand fighting, even her concealed vibroknives couldn't help her. Evis was captured, but when she was placed aboard Patek's ship she found all her senses rushing back to her- the Emperor's control was gone.

As they spoke on the way to Coruscant, Patek revealed that her lizard pet was an almost unheard of creature called a Ysalamiri, a creature able to create a Force-neutral bubble, repelling any Force-techniques used against it.

Realizing the lizard was the reason for her freedom, Evis now had a more pressing issue; how to escape. Unfortunately, Patek was an experienced mercenary- Evis tried a dozen different tricks during the course of the journey, all of which were thwarted and laughed at by Patek. When they arrived outside the Senate Tower, however, her luck changed.

A smuggler and starship captain named Kellith Odé happened to pick Patek as the target of theft, though Evis couldn't fathom why he'd chosen a heavily armed bounty hunter. He managed to steal one of her pistols before running off, Patek firing after him with her remaining weapon. The smuggler took a shot to the back of his leg, bringing him to the ground and leaving him at the mercy of Patek. Evis took her chance, pulling one of the vibroknives from Patek's armor and stabbing her with it, though it seemed to do little to distract her.

With all the strength she could muster, Evis kicked hard against Patek, shoving her over the railing near the taxi stop and dropping her down into the speeder traffic below.

Knowing the authorities would soon arrive, Evis and Kellith went into hiding. After Kellith got Evis out of the shock cuffs, she patched up the wound on his leg and began asking him various questions about his inexplicable theft. Kellith remained wary, Evis could tell, though he gave an answer; apparently beautiful women in distress upset him greatly. While his lie was annoying, Evis found him strangely charming, purely for not being. Unsure of her future with the Empire, Evis decided to tag along with him for the time being.

Behind the scenes Edit

Evis Odé is one of the characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Saberlight, an upcoming fan-fiction based loosely on the stories featured in Star Wars: The Old Republic. She will represent the Imperial agent class, specifically the Sniper advanced class, in Saberlight and is 25 years old at the beginning of the novel.

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