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Height of average adult

2.7 meters or about 8'9

Never underestimate the cunning creature that is the Etrenak. Such a foolish mindset has been the death of many a Jedi.
—Yukal Boltho

Etrenaks were powerful, cunning creatures, that were consumed by the Dark Side of the the Force. Etrenaks were particularly lethal because of the fact that they were both impervious to the Force, and could not be detected through the use of it. Their thick hide was also highly resistant to blaster fire. The Etrenak fed primarily on Jedi and Sith, and they were drawn with an insatiable hunger to Force-sensitives.

Many members, of both cultures have fallen prey to the sly, crafty Etrenak. Etrenaks were indigenous to Harron'ge'Gorsha, but there were several, isolated, reports of sightings on Korriban.

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