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Ethe Ertes was a male Korun, and member of the Ertes tribe. He was kidnapped as a young child and was being shipped to work at the spice mines of Kessel, when slavers raided the convoy and held all on board prisoner. He was later taken to Tatooine where he was sold to Gardulla the Hutt. He was a slave to her for some years before he was caught stealing food from the kitchen.

As a result, Ethe was cast into her rancor pit, where he proved himself and trapping the rancor inside the pit, while he remained safely within its barracks. Gardulla noticed this and granted him food and shelter if he would work for her as a mercenary. Ethe agreed and signed a life-long contract with her. From there, he learned the traits of becoming a successful bounty hunter and mercenary and eventually became one of Gardulla’s most prized possessions.

But that changed, in 44 BBY, when Chin Chaldak arrived in Gardulla’s palace asking for a favor. He hired Ethe to kidnap Hetur-an, Alura, and Zan to speed up the ongoing Pirate Wars located near Shadda-Bi-Boran. Ethe swept in unnoticed and kidnapped Hetur-an and Alura, but was unsuccessful at finding Zan. He handed Alura to Chin and took Hetur-an to an un-charted planet in the Unknown Region. He returned to known space and back to Gardulla’s palace, but with different intentions.

While with Chin, Ethe learned of his true identity as a force-sensitive being and used it to threaten Gardulla on many occasions. But he never sought out a master to fully train him in the art of force-wielding. When Gardulla died, in 32 BBY, Ethe went freelance and started his major career as a bounty hunter. His career ended in 18 BBY, when he was hunted down by Ryluk Shouja and brought back to the Liberators to help Tesh Vohore search for his wife, Hetur-an. Ethe directed them to Hjim, where Tesh found Hetur-an. But shortly after, Chin presented Ethe with an offer he could not refuse.

Chin agreed to search for someone to train Ethe in the art of force-wielding if Ethe would help him in return. Chin and Ethe left the Paryu system and returned to Known Space once again. While they were there, Chin signed up with an Imperial garrison and used Ethe as his “tool to do his dirty work”. Ethe did not mind it that much, but eventually got discouraged that Chin was forgetting his promise.

They returned to the Paryu system, after being once again hunted down, only this time by Tesh’s new apprentice, Tyrus Kalbec. They were captured and taken back for execution, but managed to escape, and in turn, convinced Tesh’s new son, Jate Vohore, to join them. It was here that Ethe learned Chin’s true intentions with him and began to distance himself. Ethe got his justice when Chin was in his last breath about to inform Tesh that he had defiled Alura. Instead, Ethe shot him through the chest, cutting off his last words. With that, Tesh lightened the sentence on Ethe, seeing the radical change in his spirit, to forty years in prison, instead of execution. However, Ethe died accidentally in prison during a fight between some fundamentalist Xians, in 21 ABY.

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