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Eradic-8 Squad was an elite Republic Commando squad, carrying out dozens of missions over the three long years of the war. They were found in Arca Barracks when not on a mission and were trained by Rav Bralor.

Members Edit

Plans, tactics... Wrecker, where's that Adumarian rocket launcher you keep around?

RC-6739 "Echo" - Echo, leader of Eradic-8 Squad, is a grim, uncomplicated man. He's a master tactician, but sometimes just prefers explosives and heavy weapons to planning. After discovering the Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon on his first mission, he took a liking to the weapon and kept it, rearming it with a technician's special fluid.

Wrecker, what would you do?
Thermal tape and a timed mine in the center.

RC-7424 "Wrecker" - Wrecker is a stealth/demolitions expert. Normally he's quiet and peaceful, and rarely ever talks over the squad channel. When he does, he's usually offering to blow something up. Often he carries a stealth field generator and flash-bang/haze grenades in his backpack.

Looks like nexu tracks. We need to find Irra trees and then one with very low branches.

RC-6114 "Shadow" - Shadow is the squad's sniper and tracking man. He can recognize the prints of dozens of animals and knows where the best spot to shoot them is. Sometimes his squad even says that he can track a ship across the galaxy. He prefers using the DC-17m sniper attachment or an Adumarian sniper rifle.

Hacking into the bank... Darian Aet's history... aha. Closing account.

RC-4028 "Watchman" - Watchman is the squad's medic and tech. He can trace a message or credit deposit back to it's sender and hack into their account without leaving any evidence of his being there. He knows the most lethal places to shoot fifty species and the best cures for twenty-five poisons. He created a thermal scanner/rangefinder device, mounted on his shoulder, that can interface with his HUD. Watchman prefers just a DC-17 blaster or his custom DC-17m spiker attachment.