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The EnHar Droid was an efficient model whose programming was broad and variable. They were used on Mustafar to maintain facilities on the planet before and after its transformation. EnHar was an abbreviated form of “Energy Harvester,” and eventually was made reminiscent in their numbers. (Example: NR-110112GA-8)


The EnHar Droids were the backbone of post-Battle of Yavin Mustafarian society. A standard EnHar Droid was about fifteen meters tall and similarly wide. They were painted green and gray to distinguish from the lava where they roamed.

An EnHar Droid had four lower limbs, each partially a hard heat-resistant metal that could repel lightsaber blades for a short time. They were equipped with various sensors and were able to blunt themselves and make fine movements, performing delicate operations within the Mustafarian cities. The beginnings of the lower limbs were equipped with repulsorlift mechanisms.

The droids were heavily shielded at their torso, which was perpendicular to their lower limbs. The “shoulders” supported arms that ended in blades similar to those on the lower limbs, but also cooperated with a secondary blade that served as a clamp. The head on top was equipped with various sensors and chips. The EnHar Droid’s sophisticated design made electric signals travel to a source nearer than the head, which gave the droid reflexes nearly as tuned as a Jedi’s.


The EnHar Droids were mass-produced to operate on Mustafar’s dangerous colonies. EnHar Droids were equipped with disc launchers that could fire various projectiles for certain reasons.

Disc VariantsEdit

  • Explosive disc: used to detonate rocks to create a mine shaft. Could also be used on invading ships if and EnHar Droid was policing the planet during an invasion
  • Carbonite disc: applied a supercold material to a target. The primary function of this tool was to create a clog in a lava flow by freezing a chunk of lava into solid rock.
  • Heat disc: loaded with a common isotope of a heavy element on Mustafar, this was used to melt rocks so that lava could continually flow through a designated area.

Repair CapabilitiesEdit

The EnHar Droids on Mustafar are like a huge system of astromech droids for the planet, and much more.
—Lando Calrissian

An EnHar Droid’s functions included the ability to recognize and repair faults, damages, and anomalies in the Energy Harvesting systems on the volcanic planet. Their motors were able to lift many thousands of times their weight, and were also able to make the finest movements. Retractable and extendable tools such as hydrospanners branched from the blades of an EnHar Droid’s arms to allow many types of operations.


An EnHar Droid was assigned to almost any part of a public commute on Mustafar, as the planet was a hostile environment and accidents could always happen. Therefore, the backbone of Mustafarian colony technology was assigned an additional role as escort and supervisor. When the Second Clone War initiated, the governor of Mustafar instituted a spy program within the droids as well to eavesdrop. If any person in a commute or transit were unfortunate enough to make any common accident, the EnHar Droid, with its quick reflexes, immediately offered rescue.


A secondary function of the Energy Harvester Droid was to act as a police droid. Crime fighting was found in every standard EnHar Droid’s programming. Usually, if a threat was large, the EnHar Droid sensing the trouble would call on reinforcements via a telecommunication that networked the planet’s EnHar system. When a massive invasion happened, the EnHar Droids could initiate combat with the enemy by launching explosive discs or using the blades of their arms and legs. When laser cannon fire was shot at a distance, an EnHar Droid was capable of deflecting the blasts with its reflective and shielded arm blades.


Every Mustafarian Energy Harvester Droid possessed a number code which identified it. Communication frequencies were customized between each individual droid, then groups of ten droids, then groups of a hundred droids, and so on.

The standard model of the EnHar Droid was known as the NR- line of droids. The NR code was succeeded by the date of its construction. (Example: NR-110112 means it was built on the eleventh day of the first month of the twelfth year ABY) This was followed by the initials of its assigned area to cover on the planetary grid. (Example: NR-110112GA means it is assigned to the G latitude and A longitude on Mustafar) The following digits represented the groups it belonged to. (Example: NR-110112GA-8 means it belongs to the 8th group of ten droids in the area) With this coding system, the EnHar sysem was organized and efficient with communication.

EnHar VariantsEdit

When the Second Separatist movement took over Mustafar, several variants of these droids were made, usually for combat functions.


This was a quadruped droid known as the EnBug that resembled an insect that stood one meter high and two meters long. These were mainly used for combat, as they stayed low to the ground and were armed with a blaster between their pincers, but they could also perform low-maintenance functions in areas they could not reach. They were also very heat-resistant and could retrieve resources from below several meters of flowing lava.


This was a four-legged tank that slightly resembled an AT-AT, though its cargo compartment was square, and the legs were only long enough to bring the tank’s body a meter and a half off the ground. The front “head” resembled an AT-AT cockpit, though it was piloted by a droid brain and nothing else. Four NR-A01 units were chained to the tank and were used as antipersonnel backup and as motor assistance. The NR-AT’s main armament were two laser cannons below its “head” and an energy bomb launcher atop its cargo area. The NR-AT was also equipped with four antipersonnel cannons and a missile tube.


This was a biped NR unit that resembled a humanoid form. It stood twenty meters high and was equipped with six rapidfire blaster cannons on its right arm and an extended arm-blade in its left, which it used as a sword. Its “head” supported two small blaster cannons and a ground-to-air missile launcher. Its sensors are placed at random parts throughout the unit and is therefore impossible to blind.


This was a more common ten-meter version of the humanoid warrior EnHar units that were known informally as BladeMasters. This droid had two arms that were mainly long heat-resistant blades that could resist lava, lightsaber blades, and blaster bolts more sufficiently than even a standard EnHar’s. The servomotors that moved the droid were very quick and easily started or stopped rapidly, and the reflexes of the droid were tuned even more, which had to be compensated for a large droid brain, so the droid was infamous for being able to easily defeat Jedi groups single-handedly. These were painted blood-red to blend in with the hellish environment.


This was an EnHar Variant designed by the CIS II to battle Jedi hand-to-hand. They stood about the height of an average full-grown human male and wielded many sorts of modified vibro-weaponry. Because their weapons were made to resist heat and the droids were built to act flexibly and immediately, these were also formidable opponents for commandos as well with their weapons being able to deflect blaster fire.


The EnHar Droid was occasionally used on other worlds than Mustafar. Some subvariants of the original NR unit were equipped with hyperdrives and were capable of travelling through interplanetary space. Some neighboring systems used the NR units as planetary defense, as their enormous size and powerful discs could easily be adapted to battle. However, due to the limited amount of discs an EnHar Droid could carry, the droid was mostly capable of using its arms and legs as a primary weapon, which resulted in some disadvantages. EnHar Droids were experimentally used on water-covered planets within 1,000 lightyears of Mustafar to harness the energy of oceans, which proved efficient, though not nearly as beneficial as their uses on volcanic planets.

Behind the scenesEdit

The EnHar Droid and its variants are based on slightly/heavily modified BIONICLE models. The EnHar Droid was created by C3PO the Dragon Slayer

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