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The Shadow Council run blind, we're the ones who see the Emperor's will done across the galaxy and soon the Emperor will complete his lifes goal and then our ruler will be unstoppable.
Hand One talking to Darth Prion

The Emperor's Hand was a secret organization present in the hierarchy of the Sith Empire. These individuals all served the will of the Lord Emperor and worked to ensure their master's goals. Only few members of the Shadow Council were even aware of the existence of the Hand and knew that they were another layer of power between themselves and the Emperor. These agents consisted of both men and women that carried out their master's most secret of orders. They worked very closely with the Emperor's Echo.

Out of all the agents of the Emperor, only the Hand were in constant contact with the supreme master of the Sith and knew of his true goals as well as purpose. This was achieved through the Emperor's command of the dark side of the Force that allowed his thoughts to be shared with them and their will becoming an extension of his own command. The Hand did not involve themselves with the running of the Empire but instead worked to achieve their master's grandest of designs where they struck a decisive blow against their master's enemies.