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The Emancipator-class warship was the first Zacklan military vessel designed specifically to fight Maldorian forces. Equipped with shields and weapons made for a war with them. These ships were the first to carry Jump fighters. They were usually referred to as Emancipators. The reason they were called emancipators was because during the development most Zacklans were slaves of the Maldorians. These ship were designed to carry off as many Zackla as possible. They were very large a could only land on oceans or plains because of the large area they required to land. However using repulsorlift technology the Zacklans found that by using 30% of the total power for anti-grav systems they could hover for days at a time. They used this at the Battle of Rayac using the ship as a weapons platform and firing from the turrets at incoming enemies.


The Zacklan shields were the best they could build using alternators and ZEC technology they could handle Death Star superlaser strikes when at maximum power. They were forced to do so when Nayol Canae built a superlaser in an attempt to destroy Zacmar. The chief engineer had to remove the power buffer and create a direct current to the shield generator. The extra power was enough to refract the laser at another ship. The laser could only be used once per stop as the laser required hypermatter to power itself. The ensuing battle resulted in the lost of three emancipators and the destruction of the Forth death star. The shields were one of the empires main goals over the years to acquire. Once the Empire was destroyed however no one knew of the Zacklans except for a handful of groups and few knew of their location.


The laser cannons consisted of Liquid uranium power cannons used to take out the enemy shields the ship would then switch to remotely operated rockets to disable the ships engines, hyperdrive, and weapons. The reason they did this was because generally Maldorians kept Zackla aboard the ships reloading cannons and repairing systems. The Zacklans did not want to hurt any of their kind if there were other ways that could be used that would not result in death. A single cannon was capable of destroying a standard size YT-1400 with full shields with a single shot at minimal power. These were one of the few weapons known to destroy planetary shields.

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