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Ema (pronounced 'æma) was an Admiral in the Galactic Alliance Military and a keen tactician. He was the youngest person ever to attain the rank of Admiral after being thrust into the position at the beginning of the Sith invasion when his predecessor was killed at the Battle of Belkadan.

He quickly became popular among his command and among the peoples of the Alliance for his quick thinking, witty attitude; and his willingness to "lead the assault" when he was drawn into battle with the Sith. This lead many to believe that granting Ema the position of Supreme Commander would win the war for the Alliance, however Cal Omas refused, fearing his close relationship with the Jedi Order.

Following the Ssi-ruuvi xenocide Ema was away ordered away from the frontline to defend the Corellian Trade Spine from Sith attack. During the Trade Spine campaign Ema met his match in the form of Admiral Strasbourg.

Admiral Strasbourg and Admiral Ema were both well aware of the others reputation and both wanted to engage each other in open combat; believing a victory would cement their reputation. But after months of skirmishes along the Trade Spine both Admirals realized that the battle was pointless, and withdrew.

Ema later lead the defense of the Cron Drift but was swiftly defeated by the Dark Lord Darth Abeonis, and was forced to retreat while his fleet was repaired.

Once his fleet was repaired he received orders to jump to Dac which had come under attack from Sith forces. By the time of his arrival however it was too late. Not only had the 4th Fleet been captured, but the Dac Shipyards had also been destroyed.

Ema later commanded the Galactic Alliance fleet at Praesitlyn, but served mainly a secondary role to Luke Skywalker.


74 ABYEdit

In the year 74 ABY Ema lead the defense of Coruscant against the final Sith advance. Although the defense was a lost cause from the start Ema fought with everything he could, and in doing so he gained the personal attention of Darth Abeonis.

After the battle, Ema, Supreme Commander of all Alliance Forces was brought before Darth Abeonis, the new overlord of Coruscant. This was the first, and last time the two had meet.

Although the meeting was brief, the repercussions it had on the galaxy were enormous. Ema was allowed to live and placed in command of Coruscant. He was granted the title of Commander of the Home Fleet (no-one had held the title since the death of Darth Adsec during the Sith crusade) and ordered to "defend the Empire" with his life.