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The Eloquian Alliance was the governmental system on Eloque. It was created in 412,657 BBY when the Eloquian made first contact with the Kaminoans. All of the borders of the planet were repealed, and the Eloquian joined forces, creating one governmental system, one planet.


Pre-Imperial EraEdit

When the Eloquian Alliance was founded, they were the only governmental system on the planet. In fact, it had stayed that way for the rest of Eloque's life. When Del'ar Quo came back from his Mission to the Core, he immediately wanted Eloque to create fleets of powerful warships. The Eloquian Alliance approved. By that time, they had join the Republic, so they created ships for themselves, and the Republic, to use.

Imperial EraEdit

When the Emperor ruled the Galaxy, the Eloquian Alliance voted to become neutral, and would turn their ships against Imperial Star Destroyers if they were attacked. After the First Death Star was destroyed, they aligned themselves with the Rebel Alliance, supplying them with a few warships. The Eloquian people did not participate in the Battle of Endor, nor did the Eloquian Alliance.

In 1 ABY, the Empire attacked the Eloquian Alliance and the planet Eloque from a staging area on Vish'tam. The Eloquian people and their warships were able to hold off the Empire well, and the Imperial ships retreated only a while after they arrived.

New Republic EraEdit

The Eloquian Alliance voted to join the New Republic soon after it was founded. They also offered them their powerful warships for use in battle. And when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked, the Eloquian Destroyers came in use. During several battles, including the Second Battle of Coruscant, Eloquian Destroyers fought the Yuuzhan Vong forces bravely. It was the most well-known appearance of Eloquian Destroyers during this era.

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