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The Eloquian were a race of peoples whose homeworld was Eloque, a planet in the Outer Rim. They were one of the first species to achieve space travel, and were starship mechanics. A famous member of this species was Del'ar Quo, who was the first of his species to travel to the Core.

History Edit

Achieving space travel Edit

This species was well known for its starships. They first achieved space travel in 500,254 BBY, when an unknown Eloquian professor launched himself into space from his shipyard. Only a few thousand years later, they began creating space yachts for their people to buy and use. By the year 492,057 BBY, they had already set up five space stations around their planet, and only years after that, had an operational defense grid ready to repel invaders.

First encounterEdit

The Eloquians first encountered another sentient species on a routine patrol around the planet. The year was 412,657 BBY. An unidentified starship entered the system, and a ship that was currently on patrol around the planet went to meet it. When they docked with the ship, blasters at their sides, they discovered they had made first contact with the Kaminoans.

Notable Eloquian Edit

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