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Eloque - One glance just ain't enough.
—Human tourist

Eloque, or The People's World in Eloquian was a planet in the Zhyrus system that was the homeworld of the Eloquian. It was located in the Outer Rim Territories, not far from Kamino. It was the fourth planet in the Zhyrus System, and was considered beautiful by local tourist and Eloquians. The planet was involved in every major conflict throughout the Galaxy, up until its destruction. The planet was also well-known for making starships, and for its beautiful oceans.

At its height around 100 ABY, Eloque was a very wealthy planet. Its capital city was Eloque City, formerly known as Hibaddet City until the formation of the Eloquian Alliance. Eloque was a very popular planet, and was a member of the Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Galactic Alliance, and for a short time was taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Eloque entered a depression in 207 ABY, when pirates bombed the capital city, but were shortly thereafter fought off by the turbolaser installations stationed around the planet. Over one million people died in this attack, but many of those who did live developed many ailments and illnesses. The depression lasted two years, and then life on Eloque turned back to normal, almost.

The planet Eloque had one moon, Idonel, and one sun, Selus.


The planet Eloque was an average-sized planet, and 83 percent was covered in water. The rest of the planet was mostly mountainous, with a few grassland areas, the largest being the Del'ar Grasslands, named after the famous member of the Eloquian species that made the Mission to the Core. Streams and rivers also covered the land areas of the planet.

Earthquakes were common in the large ocean Tuismia, and some tsunamis hit the land. But mostly, the giant waves died out before they reach the shore.

Tourism & Cash FlowEdit

At the bottom of Eloque's oceans, there were beautiful treasures. Gems and Crystals were commonly found at the deepest parts of the oceans, and many Eloquian people went into the crystal mining business. Expeditions to the deepest parts of the ocean were tough, but possible.

Another one of the wonders was the beautiful waterfall found at the top of Mount Yurago. The 300 meter tall waterfall would collide with the river below, spraying water everywhere. Tourists flocked from many planets to come and see the waterfall, and this was the main income of Eloque's tourist cashflow.

Many of these tourist attractions paid for the many starships that Eloque created. Eloque's crystals fetched high prices, and many people would do anything for a riverside cabin near Mount Yurago.

Eloque gained enough income per year to build two or three Eloquian Destroyers. During the Golden Age, it could sometimes produce up to five of them. The citizens of Eloque were very rich, many were wealthy business owners, others had gone on crystal expeditions, and many just had the normal jobs, which still gave a very high paycheck.


Pre-Republic EraEdit

Two billion years before the Eloquians roamed the planet, Eloque was a volcanic mess. In every hundred square miles, volcanoes could be found. One billion years later, Eloque no longer had as many volcanoes. Small plants had begun growing on the planet, and insects began evolving. In the year 1 million BBY, Larger animals began evolving on the planet, and only 400,000 years later, Eloquians began to evolve, as well.

The Eloquian peoples advanced quickly. Their knowledge led to them discovering how to build seafaring vessels very early on. They made tribes and small villages, and hunted animals and gathered plants. They were mostly hunter-gatherers before their great civilization really began to advance quickly.

Eloquian Civil WarEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Eloquian Civil War

The Eloquian Civil War was a war between the three main powers on the planet, Hetrais, Feyr, and Gusevy, which joined later than the other two nations. Almost every part of the planet had allied with one side or the other, and it was an all out war.

During the war, over 10,000,000 Eloquians died, 4,000,000 of them being Feyr allied troops, 3,000,000 of them being Hetrais allied troops, 2,500,000 of them being Gusevy allied troops, and the last 500,000 were civilians. It was the worst war in Eloquian history.

30,000 BBY - 25,000 BBYEdit

Eloque was not a well-known planet. Although beautfiul, no one could reach it without a hyperdrive, unless they were willing to travel for extremely long periods of time.

Because of its remoteness, Eloque was quiet for a long time, only having relations with the Kaminoans and very few other species. They had not travelled or discovered all too much - they had only been able to map about 21% of the entire Galaxy.

Old Republic EraEdit

After the Eloquians developed hyperdrive, they were venturing further and further towards the core, and only years later, they joined the Galactic Republic. The planet housed a Republic Training Academy, and also hundreds of turbolaser installations, and became a stronghold for the Republic. Although far off and not all too well-known by many people of the Galaxy, Eloque supplied the Republic with many ships in the years to come.

Expedition to PikaEdit

In 89 BBY, the Republic sent the first official envoy of diplomats to the planet Pika, to open official diplomatic communication with them. The envoy consisted of seven human diplomats, two Eloquian diplomats, three Rodian diplomats, and one Ishitib diplomat.

When the envoy reached the planet, the two Eloquian were surprised at the planet's extremely small size. They also noticed how there were tree villages, lake villages, forest villages, and some large cities. At first, they began to think that the native Pikachu were primitive. Later, the Pikachu explained to them that they were fairly sentient beings, and did have some more modern weapons, but they just chose to live in the huts.

Clone WarsEdit

At the beginning of the Clone Wars, Eloque was sent 3,000 clone troopers. They would put the clones through more training every day. When battle came, Eloque Ground Forces and clones would fight together to repel the enemy.

By 20 BBY, Eloque housed over 10,000 clone troopers. And they would need them. They had had no idea at the time, but they were just about to get attacked.

CIS AttackEdit

In 20 BBY, the CIS attacked Eloque, and it was a marvelous attack. The CIS wanted Eloque for its starships, which they would be able to use against the Republic. Eloque also had a few droid factories, which the Confederacy would use to produce their battle droids.

The CIS ships jumped out of hyperspace close to Eloque. This was of advantage to both sides, first, the CIS, because they could almost immediately send out landing craft, and could attack Eloque's defenses. It was also good for Eloque, because their ground to space ion and turbolaser cannons would have a clear shot.

The CIS ships launched their invasion craft, all fully stocked with droids. In the meantime, ground to space weapons were beginning to fire away at the appearing ships.

When droids landed on the planet, they were met by clones and Eloquian. It wasn't a long fight, it took under an hour to destroy all of the 10,000 or more droids.

The space battle was quick as well. The Eloquian Destroyers easily pounded the CIS ships out of existence. Only one was left when they retreated.

Imperial EraEdit

When Emperor Palaptine gave his Declaration of a New Order, the Eloquians were immediately angered. After the Rebel Alliance destroyed the First Death Star, Eloque became a Rebel planet, housing Rebel troops, and turning its old Republic Training Academy into a Rebel Training Academy. They also turned all of their planetary turbolaser batteries and ion cannons on any Imperial ships that entered the system.

Colonization of RakhonEdit

7 years BBY, one hundred people flocked to the sixth planet in the Zhyrus System, Rakhon. These were mostly people who spoke out against the Empire, and also some mercenaries and smugglers. They came in three Alpha-class Colony Ships. The ships were small, and the people were fleeing from the Core Worlds, so it was a long journey.

When the Eloquian Alliance found out about the colonization, they did not let it leak out to the public. There were many bounties placed on the colonists, and many people believed the greedy members of the public would let it leak out there were colonists on Rakhon. Eventually, though, an Eloquian running spice went close to the system, and, detecting colonies of life forms, landed, trying to find out who it was. He never came back to Eloque.

Somehow, though, people did find out and told the Empire of how there were rebels on Rakhon, around 5 BBY. Eloquian ships patrolled the area, but the Imperials never did come.

Imperials AttackEdit

In 1 ABY, the Empire attacked the planet Eloque from a staging area on Vish'tam. The Empire wanted to gain control of the planet because of its shipyards, along with the Eloquians' knowledge of starships.

During the battle, Imperial star destroyers and cruisers battered the planet with turbolaser fire, although they did not hit any critical parts of the planet. Alliance II-class Eloquian Destroyers, hovering around the planet, engaged the star destroyers first, with reinforcements arriving only a few minutes later.

Around the end of the battle, the Imperial ships were by far outmatched. The Eloquian Alliance defeated the Imperial attack, and Eloque was safe.

New Republic EraEdit

When Coruscant was liberated by the New Republic, the Eloquians were some of the first to join. They were prepared to help the New Republic destroy the rest of the Imperial Remnant with their fleets of starships, their largest ships being Eloquian Destroyers, which were produced in Zeth Shipyards.

Re-colonization of RakhonEdit

A year after the New Republic was established, the colonists of Rakhon opened up communication to the outside, and stories of the planet spread over the HoloNet. Eventually, thousands flew to the small planet. The planet did have a cold climate, but many people liked it that way. Many, though, still had to live in specially designed heat domes.

Several cities had sprung up over Rakhon by 12 ABY. The population was over two million at its peak, and was increasing, although extremely slowly. It was estimated that every day, another few families moved to the planet.

Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the Galaxy, Eloque was an immediate target. It was considered one of the largest abomination planets in the Galaxy. The Eloquians did not hunt Jedi. They did not believe the Yuuzhan Vong.

When the Yuuzhan Vong did plan an attack on the Eloquians, an Eloquian who was posing as a member of the Peace Brigade warned them. The Eloquian Alliance launched over twenty five warships to counter the attack.

The First BattleEdit

I cannot believe that animals like these could capture planets.
—Eloquian Fleet Commander

The Yuuzhan Vong jumped out of hyperspace right where their spy had told them they would. The Eloquians had already stationed ten of their twelve Alliance II-class Eloquian Destroyers there. The Yuuzhan Vong came out of hyperspace slowly, and that gave the Eloquians time to make the first strike.

The Yuuzhan Vong came out of hyperspace under heavy fire, and were immediately confused. Eloquian ships had already taken down a Yuuzhan Vong Matalok and a frigate analog, and were already destroying another Yuuzhan Vong frigate.

The Yuuzhan Vong were quick to react. All of the other Yuuzhan Vong ships had begun detatching coralskippers, and the Eloquian Alliance dispatched their fighters as well.

After destroying most of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, the Yuuzhan Vong still would not admit defeat. Coralskippers were being blown up every second, and the Vong ships were coming down quickly.

Finally, almost every Yuuzhan Vong ship was destroyed, and they were forced into a shameful retreat. The Eloquian ships patrolled for another few hours, then returned to Eloque. But their spies were unable to find out about a second attack that had already been in the planning stages. The Yuuzhan Vong's decoy fleet had done its job, and now it was time to really attack.

Eloque FallsEdit

Yuuzhan Vong ships coming out of hyperspace in Sector II... We're under attack!
—Eloquian Space Station Commander, shortly before his death

Only months after their first attack on the planet, the Yuuzhan Vong were ready to strike again, using over four times the ships they used to attack Eloque the first time. No one on Eloque knew they were coming until it was too late.

The Yuuzhan Vong ships attacked the heavy space station orbiting Eloque, first. They were successful, destroying the space station only fifteen minutes after jumping into Eloquian Space.

Eloquian ships were launched immediately from Moon Bases 1-AA & 1-AB, and the capital ships from Zeth Shipyards arrived twenty minutes later.

Yuuzhan Vong Push ForwardEdit

After several hours of fighting, the Eloquian fleet was horribly damaged. With many of their best warships gone, they wouldn't be able to hold off the Yuuzhan Vong forces much longer. They knew that they couldn't win. But they kept trying.

A Punishment-class Eloquian Destroyer along with two other Eloquian Destroyers arrived soon after, and they were able to hold off the Yuuzhan Vong forces. But in the end, the great Punishment-class was destroyed. The rest of the ships were easy targets.

Yuuzhan Vong Forces LandEdit

This is the planet Eloque sending out a distress call to the New Republic, we're under attack, we're under attack!
—An Eloquian sending out a distress transmission

After the Yuuzhan Vong broke through the main fleet group's defenses, they could finally attack the planet. They sent down slaveships and several smaller escort ships to the planet, and also landed troops. Once everyone saw the alien ships preapring to land, they ran for their lives.

Yuuzhan Vong forces landed in the Del'ar Grasslands shortly after the Eloquian ships retreated. Attacking Eloque City, they killed over 100,000 Eloquians, enslaved 20,000 others, and caused over 14 million Eloquian creditsworth of damage in the initial atack. But they would end up doing much more damage than that in the end.

Eloquian Defense forces were only able to hold the Yuuzhan Vong off for so long, before fleeing into escape ships. When the Eloquian forces retreated, everyone else knew it was over. Thousands of Eloquians fled into the forests and rivers.

Reinforcements ArriveEdit

The New Republic was able to send over several ships to help the Eloquians, and they arrived six days later. The forces included three Alliance II-class Eloquian Destroyers, as well. They needed Eloque to create capital ships for them. The New Republic forces arrived directly behind the Yuuzhan Vong ships that were still in orbit, and leading the way was an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Destroying the orbiting Yuuzhan Vong with ease, the Star Destroyer began bombarding the Yuuzhan Vong ships on the ground with turbolaser fire. Quickly and effectively, two of the Eloquians' Alliance II-classes attacked remaining Yuuzhan Vong forces on the planet, their staging area being Jhu'istar.

The Yuuzhan Vong only occupied Eloque for six days, but they caused over a billion creditsworth of damage, and took six million lives.

Aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

At the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, most of the Eloquian Alliance fleet had been sent to the New Republic to help out there. They had few ships left, and were vulnerable to attack. Nobody dared attack the Eloquians, though, and it was able to slowly rebuild its military.

After fifteen years, the military was slowly becoming what it was several years ago. It finally finished rebuilding its military around 55 ABY. And thus, the Golden Ages began.

Golden AgesEdit

From around 55 ABY to 207 ABY, Eloque was a center of trade and commerce. A ship landed at one of its starports every five seconds, making Eloque City's starport the twenty-ninth busiest starport in the entire Galaxy, Coruscant's being the first, Corellia's being the second, and Naboo's being third.

It was at this point that everyone could get a job, and new companies opened up every day. The economy flourished, and so did salaries and cash flow. Eloque City became the ninety-first wealthiest city in the Galaxy.

Although these times would come to an end. Around 210 ABY, a group of pirates bombarded Eloque City's outskirts from the atmosphere. It is likely they were going to land troops to rob people of their money, but the defense grid kept them away.

A lot of Eloque's money was used to rebuild Eloque City. Many people became scared of the planet. Almost a million people died. One of the starports had been hit, as well. It shut down, and no one flew into Eloque city any more. The Golden Ages had ended, and a Depression followed, and lasted for two years.

Save the PlanetEdit

About 100,000,000 years before Eloque's sun, Selus would go supernova, there was a huge debate over whether or not they should move the planet. This era became known as the Era of Alliance Edge.

Era of Alliance EdgeEdit

I never thought we would get through it. But we did.
Alliance President Ssok Vujahi

Alliance members were angry at each other. They all had a different view on what to do, and they had no idea how to do it. They had never moved an entire planet before, and most of them did not want to upset the balance of nature.

The Alliance President at that time, Ssok Vujahi, kept them together, barely. He was able to stop the fighting, normally, and when fights did break out, the guards would stun the fighters.

Everyone believed that the planet Eloque would erupt into Civil War. There were two main ideas on what to do with the planet, move it, or have the Eloquians move.

Many fights broke out in the streets of Eloque City, and many other cities as well. Many Eloquians died every year, the death total per year because of the fights was up to 300 at one point. The road to decision would be a long, rocky one.

Decision TimeEdit

Finally, mostly everyone agreed it was best not to disrupt the forces of nature. Almost everyone, in the end, agreed with them, that it was wrong to disrupt nature's ways. Planets live and die.

They waited another 1,000 years to abandon Eloque. But in the end, everyone felt bad for their doomed planet. People began making sure they kept their atmosphere clean. This became known in Eloque's history, as the Era of Sorrow.

Eloque DiesEdit

Many people did not abandon their planet. They stayed and died with it. But that was 100,000,000 years after the decision to abandon the planet. Almost everyone had gone by that time. And most people whose families had stayed there that long also left. Some people placed holocams on Eloque to watch the star go supernova.

Some of the people who did watch the star go supernova on holocams commited suicide afterwards.

There was a search for a "New Eloque," but nobody ever found it. Most Eloquians flocked to planets like Naboo or Corellia, but only a few decided to head to Coruscant.

Remnants of EloqueEdit

The Remnants of Eloque, or more commonly referred to by Eloquians, the Remnants, is a large field of what appear to be asteroids. These are actually chunks of the planet Eloque, and are worth hundreds of thousands of credits per square meter. The Remnants is a common racing area for smugglers and pilots alike, to test their skills. Many Eloquian pilots head to the Remnants to test themselves.