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You cannot be light handed with the Sith Tracyn, you will need to fight fire with fire. We need a new ship a Warship, one only the sick an twisted mind of a Sith Lord could conceive of... So I present to you, the Element of Treachery
Darth Alastor to Mandalore Tracyn Draconis after the destruction of Bastion

The Element of Treachery was a Massive Flagship of the Mandalorian Forces, that was commanded by Darth Alastor. At the time of her conception she was equipped with the most advanced Weapons technology, and Interactive A.I. systems in the galaxy. Despite her massive size she was Atmosphereic capable, though she could not land she was able to maintain lift in an atmosphere and could deploy troops and prefab structures from under the envelop of a Planets shields. All though she was the only one of her type she was nicknamed the Murder Class Star Destroyer


The Element of Treachery was the embodiment of Darth Alastor's Military and Technical Genius. Or as he put it:

Its the physical representation of every nightmare you had as a child, that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. It is Fear given a form.

The design of the ship came about when the Sith Empire, began its campaign against the Mandalorian Empire. The Sith though weakened by the loss of the Dark Lord to the Chiss ruler, Phage, was non the less still ruthless, and unmerciful. So it became Rather obvious in the beginning of the War that Mandalorian way of fighting, with honor and regard for innocent life, was obsolete. So Darth Alastor began to design a ship, one that would strike fear in the hearts of the Sith, and one that was armed to lay waste to any opposition.


The hull design of the Element of Treachery is in itself a weapon, its architecture in ways resembles, ancient religious structures, Cathedrals, Temples, Mausoleums. This is to give the enemy the thought that they are fighting a religion itself. This is just the first of the Element's psychological warfare attributes.

The next is its colour, the exact colour Alastor chose to have the Element painted is called 'Gore Red' and it is highlighted by the two colours 'Chaos Black' and 'Crimson Blood'. This colour combination makes the ship appear as if its covered in the blood and gore of countless souls who have fallen to its might. In fact on the day the ship was revealed a Chiss diplomat was so, 'struck' by its appearance he liberated his stomach of its contents.

Finally there are the psychological aspects of some of its weapons, the element is armed with two weapons systems who's turrets are half a kilometer long. The sight of weapons so massive can have caused ships to surrender on sight, rather than risk being on the receiving end of one of those turrets blasts. The Turrets are Advanced beam weapons, based on technology used by the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. The dorsal mounted turrets are tri barreled Extended Range Hyper-Velocity Beam Cannons, these cannons can sustain a beam for 15 seconds before requiring a 30 second cooling period, their range is about 100 kilometers. the Port and Starboard mounted turrets house quad barreled Hyper-Velocity Beam Cannons, these cannons have the same power as their E.R. brethren but have half the range, the upside to this is they have twice the amount of 'constant fire' and half the recharge time of the E.R. cannons.

Eclipse CannonEdit

The Element of Treachery's main weapon is called the Eclipse Cannon. The Eclipse Cannon is in the same field of weapon as a Superlaser however, it is Designed for pinpoint destruction, not wide-scale devastation. Where as the Eclipse Super Star Dreadnought's superlaser could devastate an entire continent the Eclipse Cannon was capable of destroying areas as small as 35 kilometers in diameter, or it could be fired in a 'wide-beam', capable of destroying thousands of kilometers of land.

Ironically the Eclipse Cannon was very adept at destroying its name sake, the Eclipse Super Star Dreadnought. When set to its pinpoint setting the cannon had a fire recharge rate of once every minute unlike the Eclipse's of the Kingdom and Sith Empire who's superlasers were highly inaccurate in space battles and required a 15 minute recharge time. This was do inpart to Alastor giving the Eclipse Cannon its own dedicated power generator, and heat sink system. With this power and firing rate the Eclipse Cannon can decimate a Eclipse SSD in a matter of minutes.

Eclipse Cannon Statistical InformationEdit

the Eclipse Cannon is an advancement on the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. MandalTech has developed a Particle Manipulation System, which by using electro magnetic fields, and photon manipulation, can produce Energized Photon/Particle Bundles of sufficient mass to be effected by a MAC's Magnetic Accelerator Coils. By mounting a P.M.S. where a MAC's reload chamber would normally be located, the Eclipse Cannon was born.

The Eclipse Cannon fires the Photon/Particle stream at Roughly the speed of light. The Beam is a deep red in hue and very easily distinguishable however, do to the nature of the beam after it leaves the barrel it starts losing coherency. At point blank range its capable of punching through capital ship shields after 1 burst, at 1000KM it can heavily damage or destroy a starfighter (chance of hitting a Starfighter at range is limited). After 10,000KM it looses nearly all its coherency and becomes a harmless beam of light.

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