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Ein Fuu'trawrt was a Bothan intelligence agent that worked for the Rebel Alliance. He was an expert slicer who was skilled at sifting through data to find useful information.


While other Bothans usually aided the Alliance, Ein was one of the few that worked for it directly. Why is unclear, however his lack of social skills and preference for remote dealings probably factored into it. While aiding in Alliance intelligence he instead began to socialize with other members of the Alliance, pilots in particular. It was during these early years that he first met Joe and the colorfully-dressed X-Wing pilot, the three becoming firm friends.

In 9 ABY he helped to analyze information taken from R. Jones, an Imperial Agent that the rebels had captured. It was through his work that the Rebels were able to learn of the existence of the Nostril of Palpatine and Celie Namgadi's plans for it. Through this information, the alliance planned an attack. (At no point did Ein suspect that Jones was a Robot, however) During the attack, Ein was a part of the crew of the Bacchus III, providing additional support. It was his analyses of the design, along with Joe Espositio's information that allowed the Rebels to destroy the weapon.

Unfortunately, Ein's successes seemed to grate on a senior analyst, Nam Agem. over time, Nam became convinced that Bothans were trying to deliberately undercut or supplant him, and that Ein was just a part of a vast conspiracy. To this end, he launched his own plot to prove his superiority and value, by creating a potential attack and then "uncovering" it before anyone else could.

In a surprise twist for Nam, Ein accidentally discovered the news of the potential attack before he could and immediately reported it to the Republic's intelligence operations. This allowed them to plan an ambush that destroyed the invading Tof ship with minimal casualties. Ein was decorated by the Alliance leadership for his part in planning the operations, and was promoted to the rank of Senior Analyst.


Even by Bothan standards, Ein was rather short and slight. He had short, brown fur over most of his body, with white patches on his hands, feet, neck and belly. His most distinctive feature, however, was a white splash on the side of his nose. Ein had big brown eyes that made him seem younger than he actually was.

Despite his innocuous appearance, Ein had a very sharp mind. he was an expert in the operation of computer systems, especially in the fields slicing through security systems and obtaining data from them. He prided himself on the speed and efficiency of his operations, as well as his capability to get "in and out" without being detected. Unlike many slicers, Ein would rarely be malicious or destructive in his operations; instead he would concentrate more on data gathering. His greatest skill was his ability to sift through large amounts of data to find exactly what he needed at the time.

Unlike other Bothans, Ein was not terribly social. He preferred to gather information from computers, not from the usual Bothan "games" of manipulation, bribery and blackmail. He did, however, associate with a number of human pilots, most notably the Hawaiian shirt-wearing Rebel pilot and Joe Esposito. Unfortunately, the pair of them seemed to be able to easily string the Bothan operative along, easily talking him in to various misadventures.

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