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Ecu'Mesh was a member of the Lash'jes empire.


Early lifeEdit

Ecu'Mesh was born on Tatooine during the final days of the 9th Republic. His mother sold him to slave traders when he was only 4 years old. He was made to work each day until his hands were bleeding and he was completely drained of energy.

Being taken as an apprenticeEdit

10 years later, when Ecu'Mesh was 14 years old a man named Lash'jes visited the station. When the man saw Ecu'Mesh he raised his left eyebrow and asked if he could talk to the traders. Ecu followed them and heard that he was something called a Force Sensitive, which was apparently something weird. Hours later he was taken away from his work group to talk with the traders and they told him that someone had bought him. It was Lash'jes. When they were off the station Lash'jes said that he was a Sith Lord. This was the time that Ecu became the apprentice of Lash.

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