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This creature I've become, it sickens me. I watch every second, remember every face, and try to stop this. But I can't. Whatever he's done, whatever he rebuilt me with, it controls me. That's why I want you to destroy me, to free me from my living tomb.
—General Vojek to Talia Sunraider

Ea Sunraider was a Jedi Knight, born 505 years after the battle of Yavin. Though human, he was born on the Twi'lek homeworld, and has adopted a trust with them. His mother was a Jedi knight, and his father was one of the richest men on Coruscant.


Early years Edit

Ea's mother, Miyu, gave birth to a son while on a diplomatic mission with the Twi'lek Jedi, Deia Nola. The mission took several years, and young Ea learned to speak Basic and Twi'leki, which would serve him later in life. At five years old, the three of them were to return home to Coruscant, but were attacked by Pirates en route. The battle resulted a forced laning on the planet Tattooine, and while searching for parts, Nola vanished. With no time to search for her companion, Ea an his mother boarded the ship and returned without her.

Padawan Edit

Ea was originally trained by his mother, but at age 13, the Jedi Council decided to place him with a new master, the newly knighted Tasha Kinn. Only a few years older than Sunraider, the two became close. At age 16, Sunraider senced a new life growing inside his master/lover's body, and prepared to be a father. But it was not to be. On a mission to investigate the destruction of a crystal mine, Kinn was killed by the Sith Apprentice Darth Sierra. Sierra moved to destroy her student, but in a move that would confuse and bother him for years to come, the Sith spared his life.

Jedi Knight Edit

Finally, Sunraider was given the title of Jedi Knight, and was given an apprentace, Sai-Do Klaan. Their first mission took them to Mandalore, Sai-Do's home planet. While there, Sunraider met and fell in love with Talia Klaan, Sai-Do's older sister. He kept this affair a secret from his Padawan and the Jedi Council. Soon after, they were forced to part, but would remain in contact.

Path of a Sunraider Edit

Episode I Ea and Sai-Do were on Coruscant when the council gave them instuctions to go undercover in a bank. Sai-Do believed the job was inappropriate for Jedi, but Ea disagreed, sensing there was more going on thn simple robbery. Their bank was indeed attacked, and Ea used his Jedi Mind control to stop three of the robbers. He also force grabbed two other's weapons, an Sai-Do killed the sixth with his lightsaber. Ea noted the unusual weapons, as many others noted his refusal to draw his lightsaber.

Ea took a weapon with him to Arkka the Hutt on Tattooine. After dismissing his bodyguards, Arkka revealed he too was an undercover Jedi, and had no new information. He was able to identify the weapon as a Tinio Cannon, made in an obscure region on the outer rim.

Before he left, however, he senced a disterbance in the Force nearby.

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