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The E-12 "Raptor" blaster rife, favored by the New Galactic Alliance, was a durable, powerful and compact weapon.

An advanced version of the E-11 blaster rifle used by the Imperial stormtrooper, the E-12 was a formidable sight on the battlefield.


The revolutionary E-12 design was instantly gobbled up they NGA the day they were released. The ones that weren't taken by the government were either bought by rich businessmen looking to protect themselves or stolen by bounty hunters.

The same basic structure for the E-11 was used for the E-12. The compact but powerful design was very popular with bounty hunters and pirates. The E-12 was fitted with a state-of-the-art gas chamber and a super coolant system in the barrel which allowed for more powerful bolts without the added size.

The standard E-12 used by the NGA was roughly 440mm long and weighed about 2.6 kilograms. The power cell was kept on the back tip of the weapon allowing for easy access. The E-12 also had a secondary trigger located on the handle for quick shots. The E-12s most advanced modification was its omega setting. The omega setting distributed the blaster gas through two separate tubes and focused them into a super powered rapid firing beam. This setting increased the range of the bolt, its firing rate and its power.

Bounty hunters who were able to get their hands on the E-12 usually utilized its compact design to heavily modify it. They usually added grenade launchers, laser precision pointers and extra power packs. These modifications made the E-12 a must for quick kills and assassinations.

Not many variations of the E-12 were made since it was already a well-rounded weapon. Only the E-12 scoped made it on the market.

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