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The E-11 shock blaster was a weapon designed for the purpose of delivering a shock into the victim’s nerve system.


E-11 shock blasters were used by commando trainers in order to give their students a feel for battle. Even though, shock blasters simply shocked the nerve system, they could cause serious injury if the shot was taken to the head or spine. There were no records of any serious injuries when the shock blaster was used. However, there was a record of minor injury taken by Dearh Nue.

During training with squad 6 today, RC-1221 chose to face me instead of his brother RC-1082. I gave my student a shock blaster and took one myself. During training RC-1221 brought me down to were I was on the ground. He stood over me pridefully and then helped me up, but besides a little spine cramp the only thing seriously injured was my pride.
—Dearh Nue in historical records.

Advanced shock blastersEdit

Advanced E-11 shock blasters were used by the battle treatment troopers. These high powered shock blasters could paralyze a human body from over 300 meters and could destroy battle droids with a single boost of a blast.

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