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Dyan Habilidad
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Exodo II


13 BBY

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2.0 Meters

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Known masters
  • Kaga Yahg
  • Metellos
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Dyan Habilidad was a Kashi warrior of the Royale Machetero, alongside his brother Kyrieus, born in 13 BBY on Exodo II. He was the older of the two, and the more skilled of the duo as well. After a betrayal from within the Macheteros which left both his brother and him scarred and the Kashi Mer Matriai dead, the two brothers became free-lance mercenaries.

Hunted by their own Kashi peoples for a crime they didn't commit, the two brothers defected from the Macheteros and struck out as mercenaries under their own company, Habilidad Co., in 5 ABY. Highly sought after for their unique skill sets, the two brothers would garner a elite reputation in the Galaxy abroad, particularly within the criminal underworld.

The two would come into conflict with one another as Dyan endeavored to retire from the mercenary profession just six years after they began the profession while Kyrieus felt that they should expand their operations. Their conflict would culminate in a Duel on Phaeda from which Dyan emerged victorious despite being shot with Kyrieus' Blaster. Following the duel, the duo reformed to rescue Kashi Princess Hanava Otamin and later operated together to discover who'd betrayed and framed them for the assassination of the Matriai, Ulthramid Otamin.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Born to Elsamnor , a female servant of the Kashi Mer Remnant, and Korbander Habilidad, a male warrior of the Royale Machetero in 13 BBY, Dyan was said to be destined for a life in service to the Monarchy. While neither of his parents were notable in any way, Dyan was singled out for training by the legendary Kashi Blademaster Kaga Yahg, who only accepted infants who met his rigorous specifications for training. Taken from his family at infancy yet allowed to occasionally visit, Dyan developed a detached relationships with his parents with the only rapport between him and his father being their ambitions within the Royale Machetero, the elite bodyguards of the Kashi Mer Remnant monarch, the Matriai.

The Matriai at the time of Dyan's birth, Uthramid Otamin, took a liking to the young Dyan as his strove to master his harsh training. Being personally invested in his training, the Matriai had high expectations for Dyan and eventually, he became the only person whom the young Kashi Dyan loved and respected. Having to endure harsh training under the preternaturally skilled warrior Kaga Yahg, Dyan only grew to hate the man as well as hating his parents for delivering him into the brutal taskmaster's hands. After training under Yahg for 16 years, Dyan was officially inducted into the Royal Macheteros, historically their youngest member. Given the opportunity to protect one of the two people whom he cared for, the other being his younger brother Kyrieus, (who was born five years after Dyan), the young Kashi enthusiastically entered the service of the Matriai.

After foiling numerous attempts on the Matriai's life after two years of faithful service, Dyan welcomed his brother into the ranks of the Macheteros shortly after he was promoted as the Matriai's personal bodyguard.

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