Duwingo was a male Yaka slave to Maka Jeth. He served on Maka's freighter, Maka's Delight.

As a side-effect of illegal genetics done to his species, Duwingo appeared to be dumb, and also had a knack for terrible jokes. Another part of his "condition", he spoke words with the letter O longer than others without.

He and Maka captured the renegade Jedi, Nathaniel Kenobi's wife, Abigaile Jade Kenobi, and her child Abigail Kenobi, on the planet Tatooine.

He later was employed by their grandson (Abigaile Kenobi's son) Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, as a double-agents in the Peace Brigade, during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Nathan did not know that they had--although not directly--killed his mother. Nathan got his revenge in the form of Yuuzhan Vong Sub-Commander Eatmo Chick'en, who killed the Peace Brigaders, after they intended to double-cross the Vong.


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