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Durz (born Namaan Julei) was a human from Corellia who helped found the Confederate Alliance of Unified Systems.

As the Chief of State in the Confederate Alliance, he was very happy. Until one day, an unknown alien entity took control of him, giving him Force sensitivity and unspeakable power. He became evil, also, and planned to take over the Confederate Alliance. He eventually did, after many years of conspiring. In that time that he was President, he tore the Galaxy apart at the core. He almost achieved his ultimate goal of controlling the Universe, for he had planned on sending armies to all the nearest Galaxies. But he was foiled by Alliance scouts; when he sent out his armies that he created through raw power, Alliance troops annihilated them with an ultra-power bomb. Durz was then thrown off the seat of power quite literally, and cast into a void of space. After many thousands of years, He eventually got out, though, and tried to take over the Vaigai people. In his conquest, he was confronted by Sadious' father, who blasted Durz with a rocket launcher, rendering his legs destroyed and having to got cybernetic legs. Afterward, He was foiled yet again, this time by Sadious, whom he turned to the dark side after he sent A-13 after him, replaced his burnt body(which A-13 had wounded), and trained him in the dark side.

While Sadious was on a mission one day, Durz planned to use his power to kill the entire population of a planet. But Farren found out what his plans, and stopped him in his tracks. Farren was forced to kill Durz in the attack.

Durz came back yet again; he was immortal. When he did, he came looking for Sadious, who was fighting with Jorana. Durz made quick use of her. He then convinced Sadious to be his apprentice again. But when Farren found them in their hidden fortress, he ordered it to be bombed out while he killed them personally. Farren dueled Durz for a minute, but killed him again. Sadious, in his rage, killed Farren also. But when he got surrounded by Alliance troops, he used a Galaxy-wide Force crush and destroyed the Galaxy.

Not much is known about what happened after Durz's final death.